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Biznis-on line: IDENTIFY hemorrhoids, CAUSE &; AVOID

Biznis-on line: IDENTIFY hemorrhoids, CAUSE &; AVOID: "Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoid or haemorhoid no longer be defined simply varicose veins that occur in the anal region, but the concept is the r..."

IDENTIFY hemorrhoids, CAUSE &; AVOID

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoid or haemorhoid no longer be defined simply varicose veins that occur in the anal region, but the concept is the reduction of bearing the anus (anal cushion) due to various reasons. Anal cushin consists mucosa, intestinal smooth muscle tissue, loose connective tissue and vascular tissue.

The cause of hemorrhoid, among others, interruption of blood flow back from the anal cushion, for example there is a pregnancy, tumors, severe straining, and often such difficult defecation, hard stools, diets that tend to heat such as spicy, pepper and other content.

To prevent this, do some efforts such as drinking should be much, much eating fruits and vegetables, avoid foods that make us hard dirt like cheese.

Among these fruits, apples (especially the green) and orange (acid), which should be avoided. But among all the efforts to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoid, drink lots of fluids is the best effort, cheap and easy. Because by drinking a lot, we will tend to soft stool, if there are foods that should be avoided by drinking lots will be neutralized so that its concentration will be reduced.

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Biznis-on line: Breast Cancer or Inflammation

Biznis-on line: Breast Cancer or Inflammation: "Breast cancer remains a scourge of its own for most women. But it was 42 percent of breast cancers could be prevented by making lifestyle ..."

Breast Cancer or Inflammation

Breast cancer remains a scourge of its own for most women. But it was 42 percent of breast cancers could be prevented by making lifestyle changes.

A new report says the development of a potentially fatal disease each year, can be prevented if a person doing regular exercise, reducing alcohol consumption and have a better diet.

World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) recommends people to do half an hour of physical exercise every day, limiting alcohol consumption and to reduce excess weight.

"This shows that we must raise awareness about what can be done by a woman to prevent breast cancer," said Dr. Rachel Thompson, as deputy head of science WCRF, as quoted from the Telegraph.

Some evidence suggests that people who rarely do physical activity, excessive alcohol consumption and obesity can increase the risk of breast cancer.

The latest figures show there are 47,600 women with breast cancer in 2008, with a quarter of people who have died in this cancer. But WCRF estimates that about 20,000 or 42 percent of these cases could be prevented by developing a healthy lifestyle.

Recommendations that can be done to prevent cancer, including maintaining the body stay fit, to limit consumption of fatty, salty foods and foods containing sugar, eating fruit, vegetables, beans, reduce the intake of red meat and processed as well as choose a balanced diet.

"The choice of a women's lifestyle can reduce the risk of breast cancer, because there are other factors contributing as well as genetic and environmental factors," said Dr. Rachel Greig, Senior Policy Officer of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Breast inflammation, could be from pain that is not addressed seriously.

Just like other body parts, breasts also can become inflamed, mostly caused by infection. Apart from infections by bacteria because the nipple problems, inflamed breast can also be due to the use of silicone that leaked or hormonal changes.

Infection of the breast is the most common disorders in women between the ages of 18-50 years. These infections are divided into two groups namely infections in women who are breastfeeding and infection spontaneously (non-lactating).

The inflammation that occurs in normal breast tissue called mastitis which is usually very painful. Although more common in lactating women, but women who are healthy can also experience it, especially if you have diabetes, chronic disease, AIDS or immune system disorders that become more vulnerable.

Some things are known to lead to inflammation in the breast, as quoted by WebMD and mayoclinic, namely:

1. Bacterial infections
Usually comes from the mouth of the baby or the nipple into the milk ducts due to small cracks in the skin of the nipple and breed. Usually caused by streptococcal bacteria and cause inflammation in the area.

2. Leakage of silicone gel
If the rupture of silicone gel or damaged there will be a leakage that causes inflammation of the fibrous capsule which is accompanied by the onset of pain and discomfort.

3. Hormonal changes
This condition can cause the milk ducts become blocked by dead skin cells that make breast more susceptible to bacterial infections. Usually this infection get treatment with antibiotics.

4. The presence of chronic inflammation in the ducts under the nipple before.

Symptoms of inflammatory breast are: pain, breast redness,
breasts feel hagat, swelling, fever or increased body temperature, chills, fatigue, sometimes accompanied by a small lump in the breast.

If the pain is shown continuously, accompanied by discharge from the nipple and the lack of improvement within 48-72 hours, then immediately consult in order to immediately get treatment.

If treated promptly, the majority of infections in the breast can recover quickly and do not cause serious complications. But if it can not be treated with antibiotics, surgery is sometimes necessary to use small incisions to remove the cause of the infection until it is completely clean to avoid further infection.

Always consult with your doctor so as not ill to continue and change to a healthier lifestyle (see above).

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Biznis-on line: Dangers of alcohol: Diabetes-Hypertension

Biznis-on line: Dangers of alcohol: Diabetes-Hypertension: "Diabetes mellitus and hypertension that are not managed properly can lead to kidney disorders. In fact, the trend of more patients with ki..."

Dangers of alcohol: Diabetes-Hypertension

Diabetes mellitus and hypertension that are not managed properly can lead to kidney disorders. In fact, the trend of more patients with kidney disorder that stems from both the disease rather than due to bladder stones.

"As many as 35 percent of patients undergoing hemodialysis (dialysis) in Dr Soetomo, derived from patients with diabetes and hypertension, the next new from kidney stone patients. In the past, patients with kidney stones has the most," said Head Installation Hemodialysis Dr Soetomo dr Pranawa SpPD-KGH.

As for pediatric patients undergoing dialysis is generally due to glomerulonephritis. This congenital disease resulting in kidney function as a blood filter is not optimal.

According to the staff of Kidney and Hypertension Division of Medicine Dr Soetomo, dr Nunuk Mardiana SpPD-KGH, kidney disorders in patients with diabetes mellitus and hypertension is not because drugs are consumed. However, blood sugar levels are often not controlled in chronic kidney damage blood vessels.

In patients with hypertension, high blood pressure risk not only disrupt the heart's blood vessels and cause strokes. High blood pressure also damages the kidney functional units called nephrons. In fact, the nephron is the smallest part of the kidney that filters out impurities in the blood.

Kidney disorders, according to dr Pranawa, can be prevented as early as possible. For that, everyone must recognize the risk factors for kidney disorders.

If there are biological relatives who suffer from hypertension, diabetes mellitus, or kidney stones, a man who feels healthy still have to check the complete urine. This is to monitor the possible leakage as early as possible mikroalbumin (protein) in urine.

Also, avoid the use of drugs belonging antinyeri nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are haphazard. In addition, drinking water is also recommended 1.5 to 2 liters per day and run a healthy lifestyle.

People who drink alcohol too much is potentially ill renal failure, because most people who drink alcohol often drink water, so that the kidneys work harder to filter incoming toxin, renal function over time will drop and drop, so when the kidneys stop working, one-one only with dialysis.
So from now on leave to drink alcohol for their quality of life for the better.

Biznis-on line: Beware: Hypertension

Biznis-on line: Beware: Hypertension: "High blood pressure is a condition in which a person's blood pressure above normal limits, ie above 120 mmHg for systolic (blood pressure ..."

Beware: Hypertension

High blood pressure is a condition in which a person's blood pressure above normal limits, ie above 120 mmHg for systolic (blood pressure when the heart pumps blood into the arteries), and 80 mmHg diastolic (blood pressure when the heart expands or relaxation).

Prolonged increase in blood pressure can damage blood vessels in most of the body. In several organs such as heart, kidney, brain, and eyes will be damaged. Damage to a number of organs that can cause cardiovascular problems (a series of disorders that attack the heart and blood vessels), including heart attack and stroke.

The older person, the risk for hypertension is also higher because the more rigid blood vessels so the pressure is high sistoliknya. However, hypertension also affects many young people. Usually the main risk factor is diet.

Too much salt intake increases the risk of hypertension. Actually not taste salty to be avoided but the sodium content. The recommended sodium intake is less than 6 grams, equivalent to one teaspoon per day.

According to Susan from Nutrifood Fendy Research Center, not just sodium contained in salt as a spice in cooking but is also found in fast food, processed food such as sausages, instant noodles, tomato sauce and soy sauce. "Sodium can also be found in foods such as donuts or sweet soy sauce," he said.

To create savory taste in cuisine, we can get around the use of salt with spices or choose low-sodium food products.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a disease that is common with age. However, this disease now affects more and more young people. In America, about 1 in 5 people aged less than 35 years of suffering from hypertension.

Because not cause symptoms, many people ignore hypertension. In fact, this disease is closely related to heart disease, heart failure, stroke, and kidney failure.

Research conducted the National Institutes of Health America of 14,000 people aged 24-32 years found 19 percent of respondents suffered from high blood pressure.

The cause of hypertension is generally difficult to determine and this situation associated with a history of hypertension in the family. That is why habits blood pressure checked regularly is a good habit for health.

Although hypertension drugs advancing, primary hypertension therapy always begins with lifestyle modifications that include dining arrangements, avoiding excessive salt intake, and exercising regularly. If efforts are not successful nonfarmakologis, used new hypertension drug.

Currently there are estimated 76 percent of hypertension cases in people who have not been diagnosed. This is because people do not realize they have hypertension.

Hypertension or commonly known as high blood disease is an abnormal increase in blood pressure, both systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. Under normal circumstances, systolic blood pressure (when the heart pumps blood) of less than 120 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure (when the heart breaks) is less than 80 mmHg.

Indonesian Society of Hypertension (Perhi) make restrictions that called hypertension is a condition in which systolic blood pressure above 140 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure above 85 mmHg. Blood pressure is called optimal if in the range of 120 mmHg/70 mmHg.

World Hypertension Day this year themed "Know Your Numbers, Your Target Blood Pressure" which in its Indonesian version reads "Know Your Blood Pressure and Control". The theme was very appropriate for Indonesian conditions because at this time hypertension has emerged as a serious problem of public health.

High prevalence

Health Research Association (Riskesdas) in 2007, held the Ministry of Health indicates, the prevalence of hypertension in Indonesia (by measuring blood pressure) is very high, namely 31.7 percent of the total adult population. This prevalence is much higher compared with Singapore (27.3 percent), Thailand (22.7 percent), and Malaysia (20 percent).

Hypertension can indeed be regarded as the silent killer or the silent killer. Hypertension usually occurs without symptoms (asymptomatic). Most people do not feel anything, although his blood pressure was well above normal. This can take many years until finally the patient (who do not feel suffering) falls into a state of emergency and heart disease, stroke, or kidney damage. This complication led to death of so many who are listed as the cause of death was complications.

In this case, the following developments should be listened to. Coronary heart disease, for example-that are closely related to hypertension-was slowly but surely creeping up as the main cause of death in Indonesia. In Household Health Survey (SKRT) held the Ministry of Health in 1972, he still was ranked 11th.

In the 1986 Household Health Survey surprisingly rose hypertension ranked 3rd. Since the Household Health Survey 1992, then 1995, then 2001, its position has been reached to-1 sequence. Within 20 years, from sequence to sequence-11 bolted to the first and lasted until now.

Thus, the silent killer is really like a terrorist. Hypertension many years attacking our bodies in secret and sudden in a heartbeat cause death or at least dysfunction (motion, speech, memory, and so on).

We have an alarming tendency. Some twenty years ago hypertension and various complications of weight known as a disease which only attacks the elderly people (aged 50 years and over). However, in recent years, many common cases of sudden death, paralysis, or stroke who attack young people (under 50 years).

Thus, "the terrorists" began to invade the productive age group is the backbone of the economy. If this is allowed, it could be all the productive age group of us will have hypertension. How horrible!

Lifestyle factors

Indeed, many risk factors for the rising cases of hypertension. However, experts generally agree that the main risk factor is the behavior or lifestyle (life style). That is why the 5th Scientific Meeting on Hypertension, held by Perhi on 26-27 February 2011 entitled "Hypertension and Risk Factors Interaction: Preventing Cardiovascular Complications by Life Style Modification."

We used to eat a lot pecel, gado-gado, lotek, Karedok, and the like that is rich in vegetables. However, in recent decades, we, especially children, are no longer fond of the food because it is more fond of hamburgers, donuts, pizza, meatballs, and instant noodles as well.

Riskesdas 2007 showed that 93.6 percent of Indonesia's population eating less fruit and vegetables. Potato chips (potato chips) and the like which is a hawker high salinity is also a favorite of children.

Riskesdas 2007 report, nearly a quarter (24.5 percent) of Indonesia's population aged over 10 years of eating salty foods every day. Thus, consumption of salt in our society is relatively high at 15 grams per person per day. This figure is far from the recommended maximum limit, which is 6 grams, or about 1 teaspoon per person per day. Salt is one ingredient that must be reduced if a person wants to avoid hypertension.

Lack of movement is also a risk factor is quite prominent at this time. Advances in technology which penetrated even to the villages has been very spoiled people. Walking or biking is replaced by a motorcycle taxi or public transportation. Stairs replaced with an elevator or escalator. The kids who used to play rounders or hide and seek that much more fun to run now or online play Playstation games that only require movement of the fingers.

Riskesdas 2007 showed that 48.2 percent of Indonesia's population of less physical activity. Overweight (obesity) will trigger the occurrence of hypertension in people who have a sensitivity derivative. These are compounded by other bad habits, like smoking, consuming alcohol, and stress. From Riskesdas 2007 note that 23.7 percent of population aged 10 years and over smoked daily.

Therefore, people's lifestyle should be changed immediately. It is not easy because it also means changes to the system of values ​​and norms, in addition to improving knowledge and attitudes. Actually this time the seeds into the direction of change was beginning to look, for example by increasing the number of people who like walking or cycling. However, it still needs to institutionalization to the system that can accelerate changes in the seeds that became the nation's culture as a whole.

Back to nature, drink plenty of water, eating fruits and vegetables, avoid eating meat and that would avoid all foods that are too salty and savory, this is the most secure solution and inexpensive to get to a better life.

(Various sources)

Biznis-on line: Google Wallet: New Product From Google

Biznis-on line: Google Wallet: New Product From Google: "Google Inc. launched a mobile payment service called Google Wallet, Thursday (26/05/2011). These services will be available on phones from..."

Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

Google Wallet: New Product From Google

Google Inc. launched a mobile payment service called Google Wallet, Thursday (26/05/2011). These services will be available on phones from Sprint Nextel Corp.. This service allows phone owners to pay and the dilute coupons via mobile phone with Android operating system.

The technology was available in the Nexus S Android phone from Sprint, the third largest wireless operator in the United States. Google uses a technology called short-range communication or near field communication (NFC). This technology allows users to pay via mobile phone at the cash register equipped with NFC.

Google will launch this service in five cities, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington DC.

Borrell Associates Inc. estimates that spending in the U.S. through mobile coupons will rise to be 6.53 billion U.S. dollars in 2014 compared to last year's 370 million U.S. dollars.

Google uses hardware and software from several companies, such as Systems Inc. VeriFone and ViVOtech Inc., to run the service.
Google sources.

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Biznis-on line: Drink grape juice it can reduce and even restore...

Biznis-on line:

Drink grape juice it can reduce and even restore...
: "Drink grape juice it can reduce and even restore memory in the brain that have been lost. The experts also make grape juice as an alternat..."

Drink grape juice it can reduce and even restore memory in the brain that have been lost. The experts also make grape juice as an alternative treatment to prevent dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

As quoted from Dailymail, psychiatric researchers from the University of Cincinnati believes that the antioxidant content found on the skin and flesh of grapes is the key. Therefore, conducted a study involving 12 people who had lost his memory.

They are divided into two groups, namely the group that got a drink grape juice and the group that received a placebo drink (pseudo / without content of wine). Over the last 3 months of study, participants were given memory tests on a regular basis to determine the ability of the brain, especially the ability to remember.

Memory test results showed a significant effect on participants who were given grape juice. "Those who drank grape juice showed a better memory tests than those who did not drink grape juice, both verbal and non verbal tests," said Dr. Robert Krikorian.

These findings are discussed in The International Polyphenols and Health Conference in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and it is recommended to help people with Alzheimer's or dementia. This study also confirms the theory that antioxidants may help reduce the deterioration of brain function.

Another experiment was performed on participants aged 75 to 80 years who already have memory disorders. As a result, grape juice is believed to reduce the memory disorders and even improve the ability to remember.

Researchers found the risk reduction of memory disorders and 76 percent for those who like to drink juice 3 times a week than those who rarely drink juice or drink only once a week.

With diligent at least 2x a week, eat or drink grape juice a healthy weight, avoid disease senile.

Biznis-on line: Want a smart and healthy: Be a vegetarian

Biznis-on line: Want a smart and healthy: Be a vegetarian: "Did you know that scientists, philosophers, and inventors such as Albert Einstein, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Confucius, Isaac Newton, an..."

Want a smart and healthy: Be a vegetarian

Did you know that scientists, philosophers, and inventors such as Albert Einstein, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Confucius, Isaac Newton, and Thomas Edison were all vegetarians? This led the researchers tried to find a relationship between the propensity to consume non-meat food and intelligence.

British Medical Journal published the results of the study, in which researchers measured the IQ of a number of respondents at the age of 10 years and then follow their progress until the age of 30 years. Existing data show that those who become vegetarian when children have an IQ of about five points higher than the average adult who is not vegetarian.

Those who are vegetarians are also more likely to have jobs and a higher degree. This is due, according to the researchers, a diet rich in vegetables and fruits can improve the ability of the brain among other health benefits to improve intelligence.

"Studies have also shown that vegetarian kids grow taller and have higher IQ than his school friends. The risk for heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other diseases also declined for the long term," commented People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an institution that campaigning for animal rights.

However, the results of this research still raises questions. Are smart kids who decided to become vegetarian as adults later, or did they become vegetarians in order to become more intelligent? Those with higher intelligence may be more to consider ethical issues, such as about animal welfare, as well as health benefits from eating lots of vegetables.

It would not hurt us to be vegetarians, if allowed to eat again bored, so at least one week so vegetarians can maintain good health in order to avoid the deadly effects of cholesterol, much less so, certainly healthier body.Amiin.



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Biznis-on line: INTESTINAL CANCER: "ABOUT IS : INTESTINAL CANCER Patients with colon cancer can be cured if the malignancy was detected early. Conventional examinati..."

Biznis-on line: King of Vegetables :SPINACH

Biznis-on line: King of Vegetables :SPINACH: "BENEFITS OF SPINACH Popeye's favorite vegetable, cartoon sailor was indeed delicious vegetables made clear. In addition to eliminating sl..."



Patients with colon cancer can be cured if the malignancy was detected early. Conventional examinations, such as blood tests and digital rectal cryptic, but it can detect cancer at an advanced stage. Now the technique introduced examinations that can detect this cancer early.

Colon cancer (colorectal carcinoma) is a malignancy that occurs in the colon to the rectum. Time is slowly growing cancer, 15-20 years old.

"When detected early, patients recover very big possibility," said the expert oncology hematology Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (Faculty of medicine), Aru W Sudoyo, the gathering of colon cancer patients in Jakarta.

According to him, as much as 95 percent of colon cancer cases can be treated if found early through testing and detailed inspection. Unfortunately, this has not happened in Indonesia. The majority of patients diagnosed with colon cancer came for a treatment when it was advanced stage. More than 50 percent of cancer patients are unconscious and too late to know the disease.

According to Ibrahim Basir, abdominal surgeon from the Faculty of medicine, there are early symptoms that can be used to detect early colon cancer, among other weight loss accompanied by a change in bowel habits or bowel movements and bleeding.

Other symptoms of diarrhea or constipation without obvious cause for more than six weeks, feel pain in the back of the abdomen, feeling of bloating, or stomach still felt full even have a bowel movement.

"Most people who experience symptoms that are reluctant to see her doctor. They also do not want digital rectal examination is considered shameful, "he said.

In fact, the simplest way to diagnose colon cancer.

Early detection

Digital rectal examination conducted to determine the presence of polyps in the hole at the same time expenditure to determine abnormalities in the prostate. Blood tests conducted in laboratory vague on stool samples of patients to detect blood from polyps.

Two ways it can help give an idea of ??better treatment and more effective. In addition to non-invasive way-before observation intestine (colonoscopy) performed two-introduced in other ways, namely biomolecular detection and examination with barium radioisotopes.

Barium enema examination, namely inserting liquid barium into the colon through the rectum and then identified by x-rays. This examination can detect cancer and polyps of the magnitude exceeding 1 cm.

Recently introduced biomolecular examination for colon cancer in stool samples of patients, the test of tumor M2-PK (M2 pyruvates kinase), which is a marker (biomarker) metabolic tumors.

This marker gene was found E Eigenbrodt of Germany in 1992, then developed Schebo Biotech. On examination measured the metabolic activity of colon tumors at an early stage.

"This method can detect polyps or adenoma that was not bleeding," said Adityawati Ganggaiswari, biomedical experts from Indonesia Cancer Foundation.

DNA testing clinics will be open YKI in Lebak Bulus, Jakarta. Fare is Rp 200,000. Examination of M2-PK in stool samples of patients will be conducted in a laboratory owned by Kalbe Farma, said Adityawati.

YKI addition, there are two hospitals in Jakarta that provides the service.

In the world, colon cancer resulted in the deaths of around 608,000 people. This amount is more than 8 percent of all cancer deaths and ranked fourth type of cancer that causes death. Nearly 60 percent of cases are found in developing countries, including Indonesia.

Related diets

In Indonesia, said Handoko Santoso, Director of Medical and Regulatory Sanofi-Aventis Group of Indonesia, even among young people at high risk for colon cancer. In fact, it was found in children 13 years old.

"This is closely related to changes in diet and lifestyle westernized, especially in urban areas," said Aru.

How wrong diet and unhealthy, that too many foods high in fat and low in fiber, are often exposed to food preservatives and dyes that are not for food. In addition, lifestyle is at risk of colon cancer is smoking, less exercise, and lots of sitting / lack of movement.

To suppress colon cancer cases in developed countries, including the United States, issued under the condition that those aged above 50 years undergoing endoscopy-based detection, such as colonoscopy. With this method, without any symptoms of colon cancer can be found.

King of Vegetables :SPINACH


Popeye's favorite vegetable, cartoon sailor was indeed delicious vegetables made clear. In addition to eliminating sluggish, spinach juice made useful to overcome various kinds of digestive disease, one of which peptic ulcers.

Spinach, vegetable plants known by the scientific name Amaranthus spp (in Greek, means eternal Amaranth) was originally known as an ornamental plant. However, once known to contain various nutrients, this plant is then promoted as a food source as well.

Plants of the Amaranthaceae family has about 60 genera that are divided into approximately 800 species of spinach. However, of the many types of it, divided into two kinds of spinach, wild spinach and spinach that is cultivation.

There are two types of wild spinach, namely land spinach (A. blitum L.) and spiny amaranth (A. spinosus L.). The main characteristic of wild spinach are colored red stalks and leaves are stiff (Java: coarse).

Type spinach cultivation can be divided into two kinds, namely pull spinach, spinach sekul, white or spinach (A. tricolor L.) and spinach or spinach-year snapper. The characteristics of spinach pull is to have colored stems reddish or whitish green, and flowers out of the axillary branches. Spinach pull the red stalks called red spinach, while the stem is white and white is called spinach. Spinach or spinach-year snapper (A. hybridus L.), broadleaf characteristics. Spinach is divided into two kinds of species, namely A. hybridus and A. caudatus L. hibridus paniculatus L.

A. Characteristics hybridus L. caudatus leafy rather long with pointed tip, reddish-green or dark red, the flowers are arranged in a long series collected at the end of the rod. A. hibridus paniculatus L. has a very broad base of leaves, green, long wreaths arranged regularly and in large axillary panicles.

King of Vegetables

Nutrient content of spinach so much. According to Drs. Seno Sastroamidjojo, in 100 grams of spinach contained 21.0 Kcal, 92.9 grams water, 2.1 grams protein, 0.2 grams fat, 2.7 g carbohydrates, 0.7 g fiber, 1.4 g ash , 90.0 mg calcium, phosphorus 29.0 mg, iron 3.8 mg, sodium 131.0 mg, potassium 385.0 mg, 4080.0 mcg beta-carotene, 0.08 mg vitamin B1, vitamin B2 0.15 mg , niacin 0.7 mg, and vitamin C 76.7 mg. Because of this high nutritional content, spinach is often referred to as the 'King of vegetables' or 'King of Vegetables'.

The content of folic acid and oxalic acid to make spinach can be used to help solve various problems. For example, lower cholesterol, prevent gum disease, treat eczema, asthma, skin care for face, scalp, and hair. The most famous is treating passionate feeling lethargic and less as a sign of lack of blood.

Moreover, the higher the fiber considerable influence why spinach is very good for our digestion. Thus, diseases such as constipation, heart disease, stroke, and problems concerning blood pressure and blood vessels can be overcome. However, in addition to its benefits, spinach still have limitations. The weakness lies in spinach during the processing process. We should not cook spinach with an aluminum pan. Aluminum can react with lead poisoning due to iron contained in spinach.

More than that, we also should not eat spinach if the vegetable is past than five hours after cooking. And like other vegetables, spinach is also not good if cooked too long on the fire because it causes a lot of wasted nutrients.

And the most important thing to note is that those who suffer from gout and rheumatism. They should not be mengasup vegetables of this type because it can cause intense pain and excessive uric acid relapse. This occurs because the purine content of substances in spinach is very high. Purine is then converted into uric acid in the body.

Various Potions Spinach

In addition to vegetable made clear, we can use for medicinal uses spinach. Here are some spinach herb taken from various sources, one of Indonesia's Atlas of Plant Medicine Part 2.

Constipation, Sore Gums, Peptic
Ingredients: - a bunch of spinach - a spoonful of honey
How I Clean spinach and cut its roots first. Enter in the juicer. After that drink the juice of half a liter a day. Do it for a few days

How II After being washed and cut, minced spinach until smooth. Add a half cup of boiled water and one tablespoon of honey. After it is squeezed and filtered. Drink three times a day, each time half a cup.

Skin Care Home, Head, and Hair
Ingredients: - a handful of turmeric - a bunch of spinach leaves
How I Spinach cleaned, a new blend. After that squeeze and take the water. Take turmeric after cleaning. Cut into small pieces and put into blender. Add water as needed. Squeeze the juice of turmeric and leave the water. Mix the turmeric and spinach juice. Add a little warm water. Use to wash your face or shampoo.
II How to Enter a bunch of spinach that had been cleaned to the jucier. Use spinach juice to scrub all parts of your face around the corners of the eyes, forehead, lips and chin. Do this treatment for five minutes when I wake in the morning and at night before bed. If necessary rinse with cold water.

Bronchitis, anemia, fever, Whitish, Lever Disorders
Materials - a bunch of spinach - a spoonful of honey
Directions: Enter the spinach in a blender with a little boiled water added. Squeeze the spinach and add honey blenderan into it. Drink once a day, one glass.

Stung by a bee, caterpillar Feather, Centipede
Ingredients: - a handful of spinach
How to Make a paste of spinach and crushed body parts that hurt or itch. Can also equipped with a spinach juice and drink one cup once a day.

Indeed, the Great God has provided for us Spinach vegetable who want to try and remain friendly with nature.

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Biznis-on line: Olahraga Keras Dan Pola makan yang Salah Berpotens...

Biznis-on line: Olahraga Keras Dan Pola makan yang Salah Berpotens...: "Olahraga Keras Dan Pola makan yang Salah Berpotensi Sakit jantung. Kebiasaan anak muda sekarang gemar dengan Rekreasi atau olahraga kera..."

Biznis-on line: Jangan kau panggil Namaku,Panggil aku >>>Cantik

Biznis-on line: Jangan kau panggil Namaku,Panggil aku >>>Cantik: "Panggil aku 'Cantik' Semua wanita senang dipanggil cantik.Tak perduli anak-anak,remaja,ibu- ibu bahkan nenek.Tak perduli pula.. berasal ..."

Biznis-on line: Konsumsi Alkohol & Produk Hewani bisa Sakit Asam U...

Biznis-on line: Konsumsi Alkohol & Produk Hewani bisa Sakit Asam U...: "Asam urat (gout) yang menyebabkan rasa ngilu di persendian terjadi karena timbunan kristal urat. Salah satu pemicu asam urat adalah makana..."

Biznis-on line: Consumption of Alcohol & Animal Products can Pain ...

Biznis-on line: Consumption of Alcohol & Animal Products can Pain ...: "Uric acid (gout), which cause intense pain in the joints due to accumulation of uric crystals. One of the triggers of uric acid is a food ..."

Consumption of Alcohol & Animal Products can Pain Uric Acid

Uric acid (gout), which cause intense pain in the joints due to accumulation of uric crystals. One of the triggers of uric acid is a food that contains high levels of purines, such as organ meats, vegetables, nuts, and animal products.

Alcohol also contain purine. In addition, alcohol will trigger discharge thus increasing the levels of uric acid in the blood. Alcohol can also trigger certain enzymes in the liver that breaks down proteins and produce more uric acid.

However, the actual disease of uric acid are classified into two categories, namely gout primary and secondary gout. In primary gout, 99 percent of its cause remains unknown, allegedly due to a combination of genetic and hormonal factors that interfere with metabolism.

Secondary gout caused by increasing the production of uric acid due to dietary factors that contain high levels of purines.

Generally attacked uric acid were men. This is because the female hormone estrogen has helped disposal of uric acid through the urine. During a woman to have the hormone estrogen, acid disposal uratnya participate controlled. When entering the age of menopause, did women exposed to uric acid.

Normal uric acid levels in men ranged from 3.5 to 7 mg / dl and in women from 2.6 to 6 mg / dl. Uric acid levels above normal is called hiperrurisemia.

Several studies have shown a link between coffee consumption and uric acid levels are low. However, researchers still continue to conduct a study on this subject.

Vitamin C is also effective to reduce uric acid levels in the blood. Those who are at high risk are advised to consume the fruit source of vitamin C.

To reduce risk of uric acid, from now reduce the above mentioned foods and start eating foods that can reduce the pain of uric acid, who knows has no seeds sick uric acid, so it can cope with early before they become serious.
Essentially all of the food when consumed in excess will be no side effects, could be a particular disease, so it's better to eat a balanced, hopefully we grow old because makanan.Amiiin avoid the disease.

Konsumsi Alkohol & Produk Hewani bisa Sakit Asam Urat

Asam urat (gout) yang menyebabkan rasa ngilu di persendian terjadi karena timbunan kristal urat. Salah satu pemicu asam urat adalah makanan yang mengandung kadar purin tinggi, seperti jeroan, sayur, kacang-kacangan, dan produk hewani.

Alkohol juga mengandung purin. Selain itu, alkohol akan memicu pengeluaran cairan sehingga meningkatkan kadar asam urat di dalam darah. Alkohol juga bisa memicu enzim tertentu di dalam liver yang memecah protein dan menghasilkan lebih banyak asam urat.

Akan tetapi, sebenarnya penyakit asam urat digolongkan menjadi dua, yaitu penyakit gout primer dan penyakit gout sekunder. Pada penyakit gout primer, 99 persen penyebabnya belum diketahui, diduga karena kombinasi faktor genetik dan hormonal yang mengganggu metabolisme.

Penyakit gout sekunder disebabkan peningkatkan produksi asam urat akibat faktor makanan yang mengandung kadar purin tinggi.

Umumnya yang terserang asam urat adalah kaum pria. Hal ini karena perempuan mempunyai hormon estrogen yang ikut membantu pembuangan asam urat lewat urine. Selama seorang perempuan memiliki hormon estrogen, pembuangan asam uratnya ikut terkontrol. Ketika memasuki usia menopause, barulah perempuan terkena asam urat.

Kadar asam urat yang normal pada pria berkisar 3,5-7 mg/dl dan pada perempuan 2,6-6 mg/dl. Kadar asam urat di atas normal disebut hiperrurisemia.

Beberapa penelitian menunjukkan kaitan antara konsumsi kopi dan kadar asam urat yang rendah. Namun, para peneliti masih terus melakukan kajian mengenai hal ini.

Vitamin C juga efektif untuk mengurangi kadar asam urat dalam darah. Mereka yang berisiko tinggi disarankan mengonsumsi buah sumber vitamin C.

Agar terhindar dari asam urat,mulai dari sekarang kurangi makanan yang tersebut diatas,dan mulai makan makanan yang bisa mengurangi sakit asam urat,siapa tahu sudah ada bibit sakit asam urat,jadi bisa menanggulangi lebih dini sebelum menjadi parah.
Intinya semua makanan bila dikonsumsi secara berlebihan akan ada efek sampingnya,bisa menjadi penyakit tertentu,jadi lebih baik makan seimbang,mudah-mudahan sampai tua kita terhindar dari penyakit karena makanan.Amiiin.

Biznis-on line: Tips Langsing,Cara EVA MENDES

Biznis-on line: Tips Langsing,Cara EVA MENDES: "Tips Langsing,Cara EVA MENDES Supermodel Eva Mendes (37) mengatakan, berpose dengan mengenakan pakaian dalam dan bikini, dalam pemotretan..."

Biznis-on line: Slim Tips, How To Eva Mendes

Biznis-on line: Slim Tips, How To Eva Mendes: "Slim Tips, How To Eva Mendes Supermodel Eva Mendes (37) says, posing with wearing underwear and bikinis, in a photo shoot or a fashion sh..."

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Biznis-on line: Biznis-on line: Slim Tips, How To Eva Mendes

Biznis-on line: Biznis-on line: Slim Tips, How To Eva Mendes: "Biznis-on line: Slim Tips, How To Eva Mendes : 'Slim Tips, How To Eva Mendes Supermodel Eva Mendes (37) says, posing with wearing underwea..."

Biznis-on line: Optimalkan SEO Google untuk Menambah Pengunjung We...

Biznis-on line: Optimalkan SEO Google untuk Menambah Pengunjung We...: "SEO singkatan dari Search Engine Optimization, sebuah teknik yang kita buat website mudah ditemukan melalui mesin pencari seperti Google. ..."

Biznis-on line: Natural way back Stamina

Biznis-on line: Natural way back Stamina: "Lack of body fluids or dehydration can cause a series of complaints, such as decreased stamina, loss of concentration, dizziness or nausea. ..."

Biznis-on line: Beware of AIDS symptoms

Biznis-on line: Beware of AIDS symptoms: "Fungal infections and white patches in the mouth accompanied by the smell is one of the clinical symptoms in people living with HIV / AIDS. ..."

Turism in Kota Tua Batavia

Biznis-on line: Beware of AIDS symptoms

Biznis-on line: Beware of AIDS symptoms: "Fungal infections and white patches in the mouth accompanied by the smell is one of the clinical symptoms in people living with HIV / AIDS. ..."

Biznis-on line: Sprout helps the physical growth and intelligence ...

Biznis-on line: Sprout helps the physical growth and intelligence ...: "Seedling or young shoots emerging from the planted seeds, proved to be a 'warehouse' of nutrients, the nutritional value is much many times ..."

Biznis-on line: Natural ways: Avoid Heart Disease

Biznis-on line: Natural ways: Avoid Heart Disease: "eart disease is the most sadistic killer. Every year, tens of millions of people worldwide die from this disease and there are millions of p..."

Hindari Rugi dalam Usaha/Bekerja dengan 3 Hal

Setiap orang di dunia ini pasti mempunyai usaha,sehingga punya penghasilan untuk membangun kehidupan yang lebih baik dan beribadah kepada Alloh.
Tetapi terkadang kita sering mendengar teman,saudara atau orang di luar sana merugi dalam usaha perniagaan,terkena PHK dan lain-lain,sehingga kehidupannya berubah total bahkan sebagian ada yang hancur rumah tangganya,dan stres,sakit.
Bagaimana agar kita bisa terhindar dari hal-hal tersebut diatas?
Maukah anda saya tunjukkan amalan yang amat mulia buat diri kita sendiri dan orang lain dapat ikut merasakan kebahagiaan didunia ini sekaligus menghindari kerugian usaha kita.

Seperti yang yang tercantum di dalam Kitab Suci Al Qur'an Surat Al Faathir Ayat 29.
Yang artinya ;
" Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang selalu membaca kitab Alloh (Al Qur'an) dan mendirikan Shalat dan menafkahkan sebagian rejeki yang Kami anugerhkan kepada mereka dengan diam-diam dan terang-terangan,mereka itu mengharapkan perniagaan yang tidak akan merugi ".

Sesuai bunyi ayat diatas maka 3 amalan yang yang bisa menghindari kita dari kesengsaraan dan kerugian usaha bahkan kita akan dilipatgandakan yaitu sbb :

1. Rajin membaca Al Qur'an setiap hari.

Biasakan selalu membaca Kitab Al Qur'an setelah selesai shalat, 1 surat saja atau 10 ayat bila suratnya panjang,usahakan rutin.Mudah dan gratis mendapat pahala pula.

2. Mendirikan Shalat.

Mendirikan Shalat adalah kewajiban kita sebagai umat muslim,dalam sehari ada 5 kali,jangan sampai ada yang terlewatkan dan usahakan tepat waktu,karena semakin melambatkan waktu shalat pahala semakin berkurang sehingga rugi kita,ibarat shalat tepat waktu pahalanya sinar terang seperti matahari kalau terlambat pahalanya hanya sinar lilin.Sungguh amat merugi kita ?

3. Sedekah dengan diam-diam atau terang-terangan.

Sedekah adalah amalan yang diajarkan Nabi Muhammad SAW kepada kita semua yaitu dengan cara memberikan sebagian rejeki yang telah kita terima untuk orang lain yang lebih membutuhkan.
Ini amat mulia sekali baik untuk diri kita maupun orang lain,bisa lebih mendekatkan diri dengan orang kecil dan mendapat pahala yang amat besar serta harta kita akan dilipatgandakan oleh Alloh.

Mudah-mudahan sifat-sifat seperti diatas ada pada diri kita semua,sehingga terhindar dari kerugian di dunia maupun akhirat..amiiin.

Semoga bermanfaat dan Alloh selalu bersama kita semua. Amiin

Avoid Loss of Business with a # 3 This

Every person in this world must have a business, so have the income to build a better life and worship of Allah.
But sometimes we have often heard friends, relatives or people out there losing money in commercial business, hit by layoffs, etc., so that his life turned upside down even partially destroyed some of the household, and stress, ill.
How can we avoid the things mentioned above?
Will you show me a very noble deeds for ourselves and others can share the happiness in this world at the same time avoiding harm our efforts.

As stated in the Holy Quran Surat Al Faathir Paragraph 29.
Which means;
"Those who always read the book of Allah (Qur'an) and establish prayer and spend of what We anugerhkan fortune to them secretly and openly, they were expecting commerce that is not going to lose".

According sound paragraph 3 above, so we can practice that which we avoid the misery and loss of business we even would be multiplied is as follows:

1. Diligent reading the Qur'an every day.

Get used to always read the Qur'an after the prayer, a letter only or 10 point when the long letter, get free rutin.Mudah and rewarded as well.

2. Establish Prayer.

Establishing Prayer is our duty as Muslims, there are 5 times a day, do not let anyone try missed and on time, because the slow time of diminishing the reward of prayer so that our loss, pray on time like light like sun rays reward if delayed reward only lilin.Sungguh rays so we lose?

3. Alms secretly or openly.

Alms are deeds of Prophet Muhammad taught us all that is by giving some good fortune we have received to others who are more needy.
It's very noble at all good for ourselves and others, can be more close to the little guy and get a huge reward and treasure we would be multiplied by Allah.

Hopefully the above attributes have on us all, so avoid the loss in this world and the hereafter .. amiiin.

Hopefully useful and Allah is always with us all. Amiin

Beware of AIDS symptoms

Fungal infections and white patches in the mouth accompanied by the smell is one of the clinical symptoms in people living with HIV / AIDS.

Dr. Fonny J Silfanus as Deputy Secretary of the National AIDS Commission (NAC), said at the beginning of the year infected with HIV generally will not experience physical symptoms, like healthy people. It will last for approximately 5-10 years. But after 10 years, these symptoms will begin to develop and emerge.

"Well if there are symptoms of a disease like any fungus in the mouth, body weight began to fall, diarrhea, pneumonia. That which we call a collection of symptoms in people who are HIV positive, that's what we call AIDS," he continued.

Fonny asserted, even if the diagnosis of AIDS can be done by looking at clinical symptoms, but tested for HIV through laboratory tests remains to be done so that more accurate diagnosis.

"It remains to be confirmed with an HIV test. A blood test, checked no HIV antibodies or not? If there are antibodies means the exact diagnosis was AIDS. So baseball may only clinical, surely must be a laboratory," he concluded.

In the book Mayo Clinic Family Health Guide exposed, signs and symptoms of HIV and AIDS varies considerably, depending on the phase of infection. At the early stage of infection, people with HIV usually have no symptoms. In fact, these symptoms may not appear until 8-9 years.

However, in these conditions, the virus will continue to grow and multiply and destroy immune cells. Until at last, started to show few symptoms or signs of infection and chronic symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, diarrhea, weight loss, fever, cough and short breath.

In the advanced stage of infection or the late phase of HIV that usually occurs around 10-11 years after infection, signs and symptoms that appear more serious. Among the symptoms of yeast infection or white patches in the mouth, blurred vision, weight loss, and swollen lymph nodes until more than three months.

At the final level of infection in his official definition referred to as AIDS, sufferers also may experience opportunistic infections such as Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP). Normally healthy people can survive against this lung infection, but in people with weak immune systems, the number of organisms could be so much in the lungs causing breathing difficulties.

Sprout helps the physical growth and intelligence of the brain.

Seedling or young shoots emerging from the planted seeds, proved to be a "warehouse" of nutrients, the nutritional value is much many times over than fruit or leaves. The results showed that infants given routine of sprouted nuts material experiencing physical growth and better intelligence.

"The emergence of shoots activate enzymes contained in whole grains, all of them simultaneously providing the best nutrition to help the growth of shoots. That's why sprouts can be called as a storehouse of nutrients," said food expert who is also Professor of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), FG Winarno in a discussion on "Security and Sustainability of Food for Children" organized Magazine Bobo, in Jakarta, Wednesday.

Explained, seeds or nuts that dikecambahkan Acang the levels of protein and vitamins increased many times over. Every single sprout cells, capable of six trillion per second reaction. From the study, rats were given seedling, extraordinary growth.

Nutrient content in the seedling stage, according to Prof. Winarno, somewhat surprising. Dikecambahkan nuts, vitamin A, B and C it increases ranging from 2.5 to 300%. "The mystery of this nature escapes our attention. But sprouts are ready to digest the body and provides all the necessary nutritional needs of living things," said Prof. Winarno, who also serves as the Rector of the University Christian (Unika) Atmajaya it.

The result of the study, added Prof. Winarno, an important difficulty known to parents whose children eat. Including the PKK or field officers of integrated service posts (Posyandu) that every time always bothered to make a nutritious snack for toddlers around family environment. Consumption of sprouts - can be dried and used as additional powdered food, can boost nutrition.

"Quite simply soak soak the mung bean, peanut, soybean, sesame, red bean and other legume species to grow tunasnya. Durian seeds, avocado, jackfruit also have the same nutritional content if dikecambahkan. For toddlers who are not likely to eat more vegetables , sprouts of various grains can be dried and powdered. So every appetite, the book is living sprouts added just to the child's porridge, "he said.

However, acknowledged Prof. Winarno, consumption of raw sprouts fresh and better than sprouts that have been dibubuk. For adults, it is better to consume sprouts fresh, but for the children is best to eat sprouts powder. "It's just practicality. Gizinya still pretty good even though germination has been drained," said Prof. Winarno adding sprouts drying process can be done with natural light.

Greatness sprouts, acknowledged Prof. Winarno, because the process of seed germination is a complex series of material changes in morphology, physiology and biochemistry. Protein, starch and lipids after altered by the enzymes used as building blocks of growth in these areas points to fuel growth and respiration.

"During the germination process leads to changes in nutritional value contained in the seed. Changes in nutritional value can be used to improve the nutritional value," he said.

A study of seed germination lamtoro (petai China) showed increased nonprotein nitrogen and protein nitrogen content decreased. The composition of amino acids decreased the germination time of 48 hours and significantly increased concentrations of cysteine, and histidine asparat acid on germination of 72 hours long. At 72 hours long germination soluble protein, the highest concentration of soluble protein.

Asked what the best time to consume the bean that turns into a seedling, Prof. Winarno said, there are no definite boundaries. As long as these seeds have grown shoots 5 cm long, can be consumed. "Do not tungguh until the roots become rotten. Provided that looks fresh, sprouts can be eaten," he said.

He warned, better seedling consumption in a state of fresh and raw. Due to improper cooking process can reduce and even eliminate the nutrients contained in sprouts.

"The heat change the composition of foods. Food that has been heated loses all power of his life, and they are very necessary enzyme is destroyed. Digestive system must work harder and longer to be able to process cooked food, in order to obtain nutrients and energy from him," he said.

Added, once cooked, food can lose up to 85 percent of nutritional value. The raw food enthusiasts might call "food is Dead". "For indeed we are what we eat, consume energy that is dead from the dead food makes our bodies feel heavy and weak," he asserted.

Natural ways: Avoid Heart Disease

Heart disease is the most sadistic killer. Every year, tens of millions of people worldwide die from this disease and there are millions of people convicted as new carriers. Unfortunately, most people do not know that heart disease is preventable through diet and natural settings.

Changes in diet can reduce the risk of heart attack up to 81 percent.

The experts from Europe who joined in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) in recent years to study the pattern and nutrient intake in 10 European countries. The research also develop ways or strategies to reduce risk of heart and blood vessel disease.

According to researcher and author of Your dietitian Healthy Weight Loss Plan, John Phillip, the results of various research shows that heart disease can be formed since the beginning of one's life and later developed into a deadly threat when they grow up. The good news is the risk of heart disease can be controlled and avoided by making simple changes in lifestyle and diet person.

EPIC Research published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine suggests that a change in diet can reduce the risk of heart attack up to 81 percent. By setting the right diet, the risk of inflammation can be reduced and blood pressure under control.

The experts stressed four important factors that one can do in order to avoid the risk of heart disease:

1. Reduce foods containing refined carbohydrates, sugar, and grains.

Processed foods have now become the main menu every day. In fact, these foods contain simple carbohydrates that easily processed into glucose, causing blood sugar increase in a short time. This is the trigger of insulin resistance and cause a thickening of the endothelial lining of coronary vessels. It is recommended to gradually reduce your intake of types of bread, pasta, rice, sugary foods, and all foods made from wheat or corn.

2. Limit the Omega-6 vegetable oils.

Vegetable oil or vegetable oil is relatively stable at room temperature and used in nearly all the roasting and processing of food to add flavor and make it more durable. According to experts, excessive consumption of vegetable oil can also trigger the release of chemicals that increase oxidative stress and trigger damage to the vascular system. But avoid the use of vegetable oils for cooking and limit eating fried foods.

3. Do not forget the Omega-3 fatty acids

Modern diets are almost never incorporate healthy foods that contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which in fact never been part of human diet for centuries. According to experts, the ideal ratio between fatty acid content of Omega-6 and Omega-3 in the 1:1 diet.

The experts also agree that most people in Europe today mengasup diet with a ratio of 20:1. As a result, this phenomenon causes an imbalance and trigger a systemic inflammation. Advice from the experts, enter the types of fish, like tuna, salmon, and sardines, nuts, and grains to balance the ratio of your fat intake or by taking supplements of fish oil.

4. Avoid oxidative stress

Akitivitas normal body such as breathing, eating, and moving can generate free radicals that damage the genetic structure and cause bad cholesterol (LDL) oxidation. We can not prevent this process fully. However, we can mute it by way of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries of the species, and certain supplements to reduce the effects of free radicals on heart health and other organs.

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Biznis-on line: SUNSCREEN

Biznis-on line: SUNSCREEN: "Sunscreen has been synonymous with swimming activity or vacation to the beach. In fact, this sun protection products should be worn every da..."


Sunscreen has been synonymous with swimming activity or vacation to the beach. In fact, this sun protection products should be worn every day you get out of the house and exposed to the sun.

In fact, there are many facts about sunscreen is not yet known. Some of the things below is an example.

1. Many sunscreen products that only protect the skin from UVB rays, unless the labels carefully written also has UVA protection (SPF only indicates protection from UVB).

You need to know, all the activities you do outside the room would be vulnerable to exposure to sunlight, humidity, pollution, and dust. Minimal, if you will only be exposed to the sun when out of the car and walked into the office, you still have to use a sunscreen cream. Therefore, a closed room will only hold UVB radiation, while UVA will still go even though we are in the room. Likewise if the weather is cloudy, because it only comes from the dark clouds, while the sun still penetrate.

2. Health experts say, sunscreen should be re-applied every 2 hours. A study found that people who waited up to 2.5 hours to reapply sunscreen, it is likely to burn skin can be five times greater.

3. Sunscreen products generally will have expired after about a year, especially if the product is exposed to heat in the car or a bag that has not you wear. Its active ingredient can be damaged, so it can not give the desired protection.

When outdated sunscreen products usually show characteristic: too thick or too watery, creamy or gelnya crystallized, but it also looks like there are two layers in the cream.

4. You also need to be more careful in choosing a sunscreen product. Choose cream with high SPF, at least SPF30. For hiking activities or activities in other places that exposure to sun rays are very strong, select the SPF50. Sunscreen with SPF 70 or 90 does not really enhance the protection of the skin, and your skin is exposed to chemicals even two or three times more.

If you have sensitive skin, you better apply the SPF is lower in more often. Therefore, you may experience irritation or redness of the skin if using a higher SPF, according to Annet King, the head of The International Dermal Institute.

5. Every time your skin is peeling, the risk of developing skin cancer will increase. If you ever sunburned skin up to five times in your life, risk of melanoma has doubled, said King.

Biznis-on line: Tips Langsing,Cara EVA MENDES

Biznis-on line: Tips Langsing,Cara EVA MENDES: "Tips Langsing,Cara EVA MENDES Supermodel Eva Mendes (37) mengatakan, berpose dengan mengenakan pakaian dalam dan bikini, dalam pemotretan ..."

Biznis-on line: Slim Tips, How To Eva Mendes

Biznis-on line: Slim Tips, How To Eva Mendes: "Slim Tips, How To Eva Mendes Supermodel Eva Mendes (37) says, posing with wearing underwear and bikinis, in a photo shoot or a fashion sho..."

Tips Langsing,Cara EVA MENDES

Tips Langsing,Cara EVA MENDES

Supermodel Eva Mendes (37) mengatakan, berpose dengan mengenakan pakaian dalam dan bikini, dalam pemotretan atau peragaan fashion, memberinya motivasi untuk tetap langsing dengan cara tak menyentuh junk food.

"Pekerjaan saya menuntut saya sering menjalani pemotretan dengan mengenakan pakaian dalam dan bikini. Itu yang mendorong saya untuk menolak kue-kue chocolate-chip," ucapnya.

Meskipun sekarang ia sangat sadar untuk menyantap makanan dan minuman sehat serta banyak berolahraga, Mendes mengungapkan bahwa dulu ia tak menjalani semua itu. Kepada majalah Inggris, InStyle, ia mengaku, ketika itu ia tak peduli soal pola hidup sehat. "Saya tidak peduli soal berolahraga atau apa yang saya makan sampai saya berusia 20-an tahun dan kemudian saya mulai betul-betul serius melakukannya," tutur Mendes.

Ia mengaku mulai menjalani pola hidup sehat sesudah merasa tak sehat. "Ketika itu saya merasa tidak sehat, jadi saya mulai menyantap makanan yang sehat, berolahraga, dan berubah, dari tak pernah minum air putih hingga minum air putih 3 liter setiap hari. Semua itu tidak pernah saya lakukan ketika masih kanak-kanak. Sejak saya melakukannya, saya betul-betul memercayai filosofi kecantikan dimulai dari dalam dan itu mengubah hidup saya," tuturnya lagi.

Kunci utama tetap langsing dan sehat adalah :


Pola makan sehat.

Tidak semua yang enak dan menarik itu menyehatkan lihatlah efek sampingnya,anda akan menyadari seperti Eva Mendes hanya waktu dan keinginan yang kuat akan membuktikan).

Olahraga rutin.

Olahraga secara rutin,biar hanya sebentar setiap hari,jangan ditunda,sambil beraktifitas kita bisa melakukannya,contohnya : jalan kaki,untuk menuju kantor,belanja,main ke rumah tetangga.Sehat itu mudah dan murah tinggal anda yang memutuskan.

Beribadah atau berdoa.

Berdoa adalah sarana bersyukur kepada Tuhan atas segala nikmat yang telah kita dapatkan selama ini,batin atau rohani yang sehat dengan tetap beribadah kepada Tuhan ( kata lain seperti : MEDITASI ).

Semua orang pasti bisa,anda yang menentukan.

Slim Tips, How To Eva Mendes

Slim Tips, How To Eva Mendes

Supermodel Eva Mendes (37) says, posing with wearing underwear and bikinis, in a photo shoot or a fashion show, giving him motivation to stay slim in a way not to touch junk food.

"My job requires me often undergo photo shoot by wearing underwear and bikinis. That's what prompted me to reject the cookies chocolate-chip," he said.

Although now he is very conscious to eat healthy foods and drinks and plenty of exercise, Mendes said that he had not gone through all that. To the British magazine InStyle, she said, when he did not care about a healthy lifestyle. "I do not care about sports or what I ate until I was 20-something years and then I started really seriously do," said Mendes.

He claimed to begin to lead a healthy lifestyle do not feel well after. "When I was feeling unwell, so I started eating healthy foods, exercise, and change, of never having water to drink 3 liters of water every day. All that I never did when I was a kid. Since I do it, I really believe in the philosophy of beauty begins from within and it changed my life, "he said again.

The main key is to stay slim and healthy:


1.Healthy diet.

Not all are tasty and interesting look at the healthy side effect, you will realize like Eva Mendes just time and a strong desire to prove).

2.Sport regularly.

Sport regularly, though only briefly each day, do not be postponed, while we can do this activity, eg walking, to get to the office, shopping, playing to the home tetangga.Healthy it easy and cheap to live you decide.

Worship or pray.

Praying is a means of thanking God for all the blessings we have received during this, the mind or spiritual health by continuing to worship the Lord (in other words such as: MEDITATION).

Anyone would be, you are set.

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Biznis-on line: Ageless Skin Natural Way

Biznis-on line: Ageless Skin Natural Way: "Ageless Skin Natural Way Many anti-aging products are vying to offer the advantages of each product. However, do not need expensive to eli..."

Biznis-on line: Kulit Awet Muda dengan Cara Alami

Biznis-on line: Kulit Awet Muda dengan Cara Alami: "Kulit Awet Muda dengan Cara Alami Banyak produk anti-aging yang berlomba-lomba menawarkan keunggulan masing-masing produknya. Namun, tidak..."

Ageless Skin Natural Way

Ageless Skin Natural Way

Many anti-aging products are vying to offer the advantages of each product. However, do not need expensive to eliminate wrinkles that appears on your beautiful face.

Using sunscreen and retinoids can indeed slow the aging skin. But there are some natural ways to overcome them. Besides being easily performed in everyday life, it is also more secure. Here are eight natural ways to prevent aging, as quoted from Lifestime.

1. Stop Smoking
Who does not know the impact of smoking on health? According to Fredric Brandt, a dermatologist from New York City, not just cancer, smoking also can destroy collagen and elastin and reduces levels of estrogen, which is needed to maintain skin firmness.

2. Many of Drinking Water
"The more water you drink, the moisture will be maintained and protected from wrinkles," says Moctclair, a dermatologist in New Jersey. Drink water and fruit juices, and avoid carbonated beverages and coffee because it can lead to skin dryness.

3. Enough Sleep
"When you fall asleep, the skin also break to repair themselves, but sagging skin and swelling around the eyes due to lack of sleep can make wrinkles look worse," said Great Neck, dermatologist Jeanette Graf, New York.

Sleep at least eight hours a day. Note also the quality of sleep, if you feel refreshed when you wake up in the next morning, you get enough sleep and good quality.

4. Maintain Ideal Body Weight
Not surprisingly, the wrong diet is not good for your skin. "The skin loses elasticity over time," said Waldorf.

The more volatile your weight, the more difficult for the skin to get back into shape. Ideal body weight should not thin or slender, as long as da height adjustable with your daily activities.

5. Keeping Diet
"The skin receives nutrients not only from creams and treatments, but also from food," said Waldorf.

The more balanced your diet, the more your skin young. To keep skin healthy, eat salmon, dark green vegetables (like broccoli and spinach), almonds and drank lots of green tea contains antioxidants. Avoid eating refined sugar and alcohol as it can cause aging of the skin.

6. Sport
Exercise increases blood flow to the skin and can brighten the skin to look healthy. Exercise for 30 minutes, four or five days a week because it can bring big changes to your skin.

7. Calm and Relax
Body and mind have a strong relationship. Conversely, stress can cause skin cells to age more quickly and directly affects the skin. Then do something to make you relax and avoid stress. Inhaling aromatherapy, vacation or listening to music are some examples.

8. Shampooing cold shower or bath.
The body consists of almost 85% water, by contact with water we could enjoy the sensation of coolness, try to close your eyes and you feel one with cold water, just 10 minutes, you will be more fres after soaking.

Pretty simple and natural, good luck.

Kulit Awet Muda dengan Cara Alami

Kulit Awet Muda dengan Cara Alami

Banyak produk anti-aging yang berlomba-lomba menawarkan keunggulan masing-masing produknya. Namun, tidak perlu biaya mahal untuk menghilangkan kerutan yang muncul pada wajah cantik Anda.

Menggunakan tabir surya dan retinoid memang dapat memperlambat penuaan kulit. Namun ada beberapa cara alami untuk mengatasinya. Selain mudah dilakukan dalam keseharian, cara ini juga lebih aman. Berikut ini delapan cara alami mencegah penuaan, seperti dikutip dari Lifestime.

1. Berhenti Merokok
Siapa yang tidak tahu dampak rokok pada kesehatan? Menurut Fredric Brandt, seorang ahli dermatologi dari New York City, tidak hanya kanker, rokok juga dapat menghancurkan kolagen dan elastin dan mengurangi tingkat estrogen, yang diperlukan untuk menjaga kekencangan kulit.

2. Banyak Minum Air
“Semakin banyak air yang Anda minum maka kelembaban kulit akan terjaga dan terhindar dari kerutan”, ucap Moctclair, dokter kulit di New Jersey. Minumlah air putih dan jus buah, dan hindari minuman soda dan kopi karena justru bisa memicu kekeringan kulit.
Banyak minum air juga mencegah berbagai penyakit baca juga di

3. Tidur Cukup
“Saat Anda tertidur, kulit juga ikut istirahat untuk memperbaiki dirinya sendiri, tetapi kulit kendur dan bengkak di sekitar mata akibat kurang tidur dapat membuat keriput terlihat lebih buruk," ucap Great Neck, dokter kulit Jeanette Graf, New York.

Tidurlah minimal delapan jam sehari. Perhatikan juga kualitas tidur, jika Anda merasa segar saat bangun di keesokan paginya, berarti Anda mendapatkan tidur yang cukup dan berkualitas baik.

4. Pertahankan Berat Badan Ideal
Tidak mengherankan, diet yang salah tidak baik untuk kulit Anda. "Kulit kehilangan elastisitas dari waktu ke waktu," kata Waldorf.

Semakin berubah-ubah berat badan Anda, semakin sulit bagi kulit untuk kembali ke bentuk semula. Berat badan ideal tidak harus kurus atau ramping, asalkan disesuaikan dengan tinggi badan da aktivitas harian Anda.

5. Menjaga Pola Makan
"Kulit menerima nutrisi tidak hanya dari krim dan perawatan, tetapi juga dari makanan," ujar Waldorf.

Semakin seimbang diet Anda, maka akan semakin muda kulit Anda. Untuk menjaga kulit tetap sehat, makanlah ikan salmon, sayuran hijau tua (seperti brokoli dan bayam), almond dan minum banyak teh hijau yang mengandung antioksidan. Hindari mengonsumsi gula halus dan minuman keras karena dapat menyebabkan penuaan pada kulit.

6. Berolahraga
Olahraga meningkatkan aliran darah ke kulit dan dapat mencerahkan kulit agar tampak sehat. Berolahragalah selama 30 menit, empat atau lima hari seminggu karena dapat membawa perubahan besar pada kulit Anda.

7. Tenang dan Santai
Tubuh dan pikiran memiliki hubungan yang kuat. Sebaliknya, stres dapat menyebabkan sel kulit menua lebih cepat dan langsung berdampak pada kulit. Maka lakukanlah sesuatu yang dapat membuat Anda santai dan terhindar dari stres. Menghirup aromaterapi, liburan atau mendengarkan musik adalah beberapa contohnya.

8. mandi Keramas atau berendam dingin.
Tubuh hampir 85% terdiri dari air,dengan kontak dengan air kita bisa menikmati sensasi kesejukannya,coba pejamkan mata & rasakan anda menyatu dengan air dingin,cukup 10 menit saja,anda akan lebih fres setelah berendam.

Cukup sederhana dan alami,selamat mencoba.

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Biznis-on line: Manfaat Ganja untuk Kesehatan ?

Biznis-on line: Manfaat Ganja untuk Kesehatan ?: "Ganja selama ini dikenal sebagai bahan terlarang dan masuk kategori narkotika kelas I di hukum Indonesia. Namun, belakangan ganja diklaim me..."

Biznis-on line: Benefits of marijuana

Biznis-on line: Benefits of marijuana: "Cannabis is known as a material enter the category of narcotic addicts and the first class in Indonesian law. However, later claimed marijua..."

Manfaat Ganja untuk Kesehatan ?

Ganja selama ini dikenal sebagai bahan terlarang dan masuk kategori narkotika kelas I di hukum Indonesia. Namun, belakangan ganja diklaim memiliki banyak manfaat terutama bagi kesehatan.What bilang ?

Sebuah penelitian terbaru yang dilakukan tim dari University of Alberta menunjukkan bahwa daun ganja ternyata mengandung bahan aktif yang dapat menambah nafsu makan para pasien kanker.

"Bahan aktif dalam ganja yang disebut delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), dapat meningkatkan selera makan dan kemampuan pengecapan pada pasien kanker stadium lanjut," jelas peneliti.

Sebelumnya, ganja telah dikenal dapat mengurangi gejala mual pada pasien kanker, sehingga menggunakan THC juga dapat berfungsi sebagai perangsang selera makan.

Hasil penelitian menunjukkan 37 persen dari kanker pasien yang mengambil 2,5 miligram senyawa dalam bentuk pil THC 2 atau 3 kali sehari selama 18 hari, melaporkan peningkatan selera makan, dibandingkan dengan 30 persen pasien yang mengambil plasebo (obat kosong).

Dan 64 persen pasien yang mengambil THC melaporkan nafsu makan meningkatkan dibandingkan dengan 50 persen pasien yang mengambil plasebo.

"Ganja memiliki reputasi yang buruk bagi orang sehat, tetapi studi menunjukkan bahwa ganja juga memiliki efek yang baik bagi pasien kanker," jelas peneliti Wendy Wismer, seorang ilmuwan makanan di University of Alberta di Kanada.

Wismer mengatakan, pasien kanker yang dapat menikmati makanan dan tidak merasa lapar adalah perbaikan yang besar untuk meningkatkan kualitas hidupnya.

"Pasien kanker stadium lanjut sering mengalami wasting syndrome, dimana tubuh membakar kalori lebih cepat ketimbang orang yang tidak menderita kanker. Tapi di sisi lain, pasien kanker sering kehilangan nafsu makannya," jelas Wismer.

Menurut Wismer, studi ini dapat menunjukkan bahwa THC dapat membantu mengatasi wasting syndrome. "Selanjutnya, temuan ini harus diuji dalam penelitian yang lebih besar dengan lebih banyak pasien," kata Wismer.

Sembuhkan Epilepsi

Selain bermanfaat untuk penambah nafsu makan bagi penderita kanker, ganja juga diklaim dapat menyembuhkan penyakit epilepsi. Para ilmuwan dari Inggris telah membuktikan bahwa tanaman ini bisa mengobati penyakit epilepsi dan saat ini para ilmuan sedang menyiapkan uji klinis pada manusia.

Dr Ben Whalley, peneliti obat-obatan dari University of Reading baru-baru ini membuktikan beberapa senyawa dalam tanaman ganja efektif meredakan lecutan-lecutan elektrik yang terjadi di otak. Lecutan-lecutan itu merupakan pemicu kejang pada penderita epilepsi.

Senyawa yang dimaksud di antaramnya adalah cannabidiol, salah satu kandungan ganja yang membuat pemakainya bisa mabuk. Dalam mengobati epilepsi, cannabidiol dibantu oleh senyawa lain dalam tanaman ganja yang namanya masih cukup asing yakni GWP42006.

Uji praklinis pada binatang telah menunjukkan, kedua senyawa sangat efektif dan aman untuk meredakan lecutan-lecutan listrik pemicu kejang. Untuk mengetahui dosis terapi yang sesuai untuk manusia, dalam waktu dekat Dr Whalley dan timnya akan melakukan uji klinis.

Apabila berhasil, maka hasil penelitian ini akan sedikit mengubah citra ganja yang selama ini buruk. Dari yang semula identik dengan kriminal dan penyalahgunaan menjadi tanaman yang bermanfaat bagi perkembangan ilmu farmasi dan kedokteran.

“Dahulu pada era 60-an dan 70-an ganja identik sekali dengan penyalahgunaan sehingga jarang dilihat potensinya bagi keperluan medis,” ungkap Dr Whelley seperti dikutip dari Telegraph.

Manfaat ganja dalam bidang medis sebenarnya sudah banyak diteliti dalam beberapa dekade terakhir. Sebagian di antaranya juga membuktikan bahwa tanaman tersebut berkhasiat sebagai obat, antara lain mengatasi nyeri pada penderita multiple schlerosis maupun kanker.

Benefits of marijuana

Cannabis is known as a material enter the category of narcotic addicts and the first class in Indonesian law. However, later claimed marijuana has many benefits, especially for kesehatan.What say?

A recent study by a team from the University of Alberta shows that cannabis leaf turned out to contain active ingredients that can increase appetite of cancer patients.

"The active ingredient in marijuana called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), can increase appetite and taste ability in patients with advanced cancer," explained the researchers.

Previously, marijuana has been known to reduce symptoms of nausea in cancer patients, so the use of THC also can function as an appetite stimulant.

Results showed 37 percent of cancer patients who took 2.5 milligrams of the compound in pill form of THC 2 or 3 times a day for 18 days, reported an increase in appetite, compared with 30 percent of patients who took placebo (empty medicine).

And 64 percent of patients who took THC reported appetite increases as compared with 50 percent of patients who took placebo.

"Cannabis has a bad reputation for healthy people, but studies show that marijuana also has a good effect for cancer patients," says researcher Wendy Wismer, a food scientist at the University of Alberta in Canada.

Wismer said that cancer patients can enjoy a meal and not feel hungry is a big improvement to improve quality of life.

"Patients with advanced cancer often suffer from wasting syndrome, in which the body burns calories more quickly than people who do not suffer from cancer. But on the other hand, cancer patients often lose their appetite," said Wismer.

According to Wismer, this study may indicate that THC can help overcome wasting syndrome. "Furthermore, these findings should be tested in larger studies with more patients," said Wismer.

Epilepsy Cure

Useful addition to appetite enhancer for patients with cancer, cannabis is also claimed to cure epilepsy. Scientists from the United Kingdom have found that this plant could treat epilepsy and now scientists are preparing clinical trials in humans.

Dr Ben Whalley, drugs researchers from the University of Reading recently proved some compounds in cannabis plants to effectively relieve the electric prod prod-occur in the brain. Prod-prod it is the trigger seizures in people with epilepsy.

The compound is referred to in antaramnya cannabidiol, one of the cannabis content that users create can be drunk. In treating epilepsy, cannabidiol is assisted by another compound in cannabis plants whose names are still foreign enough that GWP42006.

Preclinical Tests on animals have shown, both compounds are very effective and safe to relieve electric prod prod-trigger seizures. To determine the appropriate therapeutic dose for humans, in the near Dr Whalley and his team will conduct clinical trials.

If successful, the results of this study will slightly change the image of marijuana that had been bad. Than originally synonymous with crime and abuse into plants that are beneficial to the development of pharmaceutical science and medicine.

"Previously, in the era of the '60s and '70s marijuana once synonymous with the abuse that is rarely seen its potential for medical purposes," said Dr Whelley as quoted by the Telegraph.

Benefits of marijuana in the medical field is already much studied in recent decades. Some of them also proved that the plant is efficacious as a medicine, among others overcome the pain in patients with multiple schlerosis and cancer.

Biznis-on line: Kenapa kaum ibu lebih cepat bangun pagi ?

Biznis-on line: Kenapa kaum ibu lebih cepat bangun pagi ?: "Dalam setiap keluarga, ibu atau anak perempuan biasanya lebih dulu bangun pagi ketimbang ayah atau anak laki-laki. Mengapa demikian? Ada b..."

Biznis-on line: Why mothers more quickly get up early?

Biznis-on line: Why mothers more quickly get up early?: "In each family, usually the mother or daughter woke up earlier than his father or son. Why is that? There are many differences between the..."

Kenapa kaum ibu lebih cepat bangun pagi ?

Dalam setiap keluarga, ibu atau anak perempuan biasanya lebih dulu bangun pagi ketimbang ayah atau anak laki-laki. Mengapa demikian?

Ada banyak perbedaan antara tubuh laki-laki dan perempuan. Dan penelitian terbaru menemukan bahwa perempuan cenderung memiliki siklus tidur yang lebih pendek ketimbang laki-laki.

Hal inilah yang membuat perempuan biasanya tidur lebih awal dan bangun di pagi hari pun lebih awal. Hal ini pula yang menyebabkan lebih banyak perempuan yang mengalami insomnia dan depresi musiman.

"Hal ini memiliki implikasi seberapa mudah mereka (perempuan) bisa tertidur dan seberapa baik (kualitas) mereka bisa tidur. Ini bisa mengubah dan mempengaruhi adanya perbedaan antara individu untuk pergi ke tempat tidur dan bangun di pagi hari," jelas peneliti Jeanne Duffy dari Harvard Medical School, seperti dilansir Livescience.

Para peneliti menemukan bahwa rata-rata dalam 24 jam siklus tidur-bangun perempuan (disebut ritme sirkadian) sekitar enam menit lebih pendek dibandingkan laki-laki, tetapi dalam realitas tidur dan bangun sebenarnya ini sama artinya dengan bangun pagi sekitar 30 menit lebih awal.

"Penemuan ini bisa saja hubungannya dengan perbedaan tingkat estrogen," kata Duffy.

Hal ini bisa berarti bahwa tingkat hormon dapat mengubah ritme sirkadian, meskipun bukti pada perempuan pra dan pasca-menopause menunjukkan bahwa siklus tidur terkait dengan paparan hormon selama pengembangan (hormon), bukan karena tingkat dewasaan.

"Mencari tahu apa yang mengontrol jam biologis kita adalah salah satu pertanyaan yang paling penting dalam penelitian kronologi manusia sekarang," jelas Alfred Lewy, Oregon Health and Science University di Portland, yang tidak terlibat dalam penelitian ini.

Dalam penelitian ini, tim peneliti yang dipimpin oleh Duffy dan penasehat Charles Czeisler, mempelajari siklus tidur dari 52 perempuan dan 105 laki-laki selama dua sampai enam minggu di laboratorium.

Mereka meneliti dua indikator ritme sirkadian, yaitu inti suhu tubuh partisipan dan tingkat hormon melatonin (yang memainkan peran dalam pengaturan siklus tidur-bangun). Sementara itu, partisipan mengikuti jadwal ekstrem (setelah siklus tidur, kegiatan tersebar 20 atau 28 jam sehari, bukan 24 jam normal) di ruangan remang-remang.

Lingkungan tersebut memungkinkan peneliti untuk mengukur irama sirkadian alami dari individu, yang biasanya reset setiap hari oleh paparan cahaya alami.

Tanpa isyarat luar, tubuh kembali pada siklus alami yang kadang-kadang lebih panjang atau pendek dari 24 jam.

Hasilnya, dalam studi ini sekitar 35 persen perempuan memiliki ritme sirkadian lebih pendek dari 24 jam, dibandingkan dengan 14 persen laki-laki.

Perbedaan ini penting bagi orang dengan depresi musiman, yang dirawat dengan terapi cahaya untuk me-reset irama sirkadian. Jika memiliki siklus yang lebih pendek dari 24 jam, orang perlu cahaya malam untuk melakukan sinkronisasi atas, dan jika itu lebih dari 24 jam, orang membutuhkan terang di pagi hari.

Penelitian ini telah dipublikasikan secara online pada 2 Mei dalam jurnal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.