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Slim Tips, How To Eva Mendes

Slim Tips, How To Eva Mendes

Supermodel Eva Mendes (37) says, posing with wearing underwear and bikinis, in a photo shoot or a fashion show, giving him motivation to stay slim in a way not to touch junk food.

"My job requires me often undergo photo shoot by wearing underwear and bikinis. That's what prompted me to reject the cookies chocolate-chip," he said.

Although now he is very conscious to eat healthy foods and drinks and plenty of exercise, Mendes said that he had not gone through all that. To the British magazine InStyle, she said, when he did not care about a healthy lifestyle. "I do not care about sports or what I ate until I was 20-something years and then I started really seriously do," said Mendes.

He claimed to begin to lead a healthy lifestyle do not feel well after. "When I was feeling unwell, so I started eating healthy foods, exercise, and change, of never having water to drink 3 liters of water every day. All that I never did when I was a kid. Since I do it, I really believe in the philosophy of beauty begins from within and it changed my life, "he said again.

The main key is to stay slim and healthy:


1.Healthy diet.

Not all are tasty and interesting look at the healthy side effect, you will realize like Eva Mendes just time and a strong desire to prove).

2.Sport regularly.

Sport regularly, though only briefly each day, do not be postponed, while we can do this activity, eg walking, to get to the office, shopping, playing to the home tetangga.Healthy it easy and cheap to live you decide.

Worship or pray.

Praying is a means of thanking God for all the blessings we have received during this, the mind or spiritual health by continuing to worship the Lord (in other words such as: MEDITATION).

Anyone would be, you are set.


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