Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Avoid Loss of Business with a # 3 This

Every person in this world must have a business, so have the income to build a better life and worship of Allah.
But sometimes we have often heard friends, relatives or people out there losing money in commercial business, hit by layoffs, etc., so that his life turned upside down even partially destroyed some of the household, and stress, ill.
How can we avoid the things mentioned above?
Will you show me a very noble deeds for ourselves and others can share the happiness in this world at the same time avoiding harm our efforts.

As stated in the Holy Quran Surat Al Faathir Paragraph 29.
Which means;
"Those who always read the book of Allah (Qur'an) and establish prayer and spend of what We anugerhkan fortune to them secretly and openly, they were expecting commerce that is not going to lose".

According sound paragraph 3 above, so we can practice that which we avoid the misery and loss of business we even would be multiplied is as follows:

1. Diligent reading the Qur'an every day.

Get used to always read the Qur'an after the prayer, a letter only or 10 point when the long letter, get free rutin.Mudah and rewarded as well.

2. Establish Prayer.

Establishing Prayer is our duty as Muslims, there are 5 times a day, do not let anyone try missed and on time, because the slow time of diminishing the reward of prayer so that our loss, pray on time like light like sun rays reward if delayed reward only lilin.Sungguh rays so we lose?

3. Alms secretly or openly.

Alms are deeds of Prophet Muhammad taught us all that is by giving some good fortune we have received to others who are more needy.
It's very noble at all good for ourselves and others, can be more close to the little guy and get a huge reward and treasure we would be multiplied by Allah.

Hopefully the above attributes have on us all, so avoid the loss in this world and the hereafter .. amiiin.

Hopefully useful and Allah is always with us all. Amiin

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