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Ageless Skin Natural Way

Ageless Skin Natural Way

Many anti-aging products are vying to offer the advantages of each product. However, do not need expensive to eliminate wrinkles that appears on your beautiful face.

Using sunscreen and retinoids can indeed slow the aging skin. But there are some natural ways to overcome them. Besides being easily performed in everyday life, it is also more secure. Here are eight natural ways to prevent aging, as quoted from Lifestime.

1. Stop Smoking
Who does not know the impact of smoking on health? According to Fredric Brandt, a dermatologist from New York City, not just cancer, smoking also can destroy collagen and elastin and reduces levels of estrogen, which is needed to maintain skin firmness.

2. Many of Drinking Water
"The more water you drink, the moisture will be maintained and protected from wrinkles," says Moctclair, a dermatologist in New Jersey. Drink water and fruit juices, and avoid carbonated beverages and coffee because it can lead to skin dryness.

3. Enough Sleep
"When you fall asleep, the skin also break to repair themselves, but sagging skin and swelling around the eyes due to lack of sleep can make wrinkles look worse," said Great Neck, dermatologist Jeanette Graf, New York.

Sleep at least eight hours a day. Note also the quality of sleep, if you feel refreshed when you wake up in the next morning, you get enough sleep and good quality.

4. Maintain Ideal Body Weight
Not surprisingly, the wrong diet is not good for your skin. "The skin loses elasticity over time," said Waldorf.

The more volatile your weight, the more difficult for the skin to get back into shape. Ideal body weight should not thin or slender, as long as da height adjustable with your daily activities.

5. Keeping Diet
"The skin receives nutrients not only from creams and treatments, but also from food," said Waldorf.

The more balanced your diet, the more your skin young. To keep skin healthy, eat salmon, dark green vegetables (like broccoli and spinach), almonds and drank lots of green tea contains antioxidants. Avoid eating refined sugar and alcohol as it can cause aging of the skin.

6. Sport
Exercise increases blood flow to the skin and can brighten the skin to look healthy. Exercise for 30 minutes, four or five days a week because it can bring big changes to your skin.

7. Calm and Relax
Body and mind have a strong relationship. Conversely, stress can cause skin cells to age more quickly and directly affects the skin. Then do something to make you relax and avoid stress. Inhaling aromatherapy, vacation or listening to music are some examples.

8. Shampooing cold shower or bath.
The body consists of almost 85% water, by contact with water we could enjoy the sensation of coolness, try to close your eyes and you feel one with cold water, just 10 minutes, you will be more fres after soaking.

Pretty simple and natural, good luck.

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