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Dangers of alcohol: Diabetes-Hypertension

Diabetes mellitus and hypertension that are not managed properly can lead to kidney disorders. In fact, the trend of more patients with kidney disorder that stems from both the disease rather than due to bladder stones.

"As many as 35 percent of patients undergoing hemodialysis (dialysis) in Dr Soetomo, derived from patients with diabetes and hypertension, the next new from kidney stone patients. In the past, patients with kidney stones has the most," said Head Installation Hemodialysis Dr Soetomo dr Pranawa SpPD-KGH.

As for pediatric patients undergoing dialysis is generally due to glomerulonephritis. This congenital disease resulting in kidney function as a blood filter is not optimal.

According to the staff of Kidney and Hypertension Division of Medicine Dr Soetomo, dr Nunuk Mardiana SpPD-KGH, kidney disorders in patients with diabetes mellitus and hypertension is not because drugs are consumed. However, blood sugar levels are often not controlled in chronic kidney damage blood vessels.

In patients with hypertension, high blood pressure risk not only disrupt the heart's blood vessels and cause strokes. High blood pressure also damages the kidney functional units called nephrons. In fact, the nephron is the smallest part of the kidney that filters out impurities in the blood.

Kidney disorders, according to dr Pranawa, can be prevented as early as possible. For that, everyone must recognize the risk factors for kidney disorders.

If there are biological relatives who suffer from hypertension, diabetes mellitus, or kidney stones, a man who feels healthy still have to check the complete urine. This is to monitor the possible leakage as early as possible mikroalbumin (protein) in urine.

Also, avoid the use of drugs belonging antinyeri nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are haphazard. In addition, drinking water is also recommended 1.5 to 2 liters per day and run a healthy lifestyle.

People who drink alcohol too much is potentially ill renal failure, because most people who drink alcohol often drink water, so that the kidneys work harder to filter incoming toxin, renal function over time will drop and drop, so when the kidneys stop working, one-one only with dialysis.
So from now on leave to drink alcohol for their quality of life for the better.

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