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Want Avoided of Hypertension, Simple Only.

Why is in Indonesia, many are ill Hypertension?

Indonesia has become a habit for people to eat foods that taste savory, salty and spicy. If there are homes that do not taste food the three, going to not make recommendations as the family's favorite restaurant. As a result, restaurants competing to meet the tastes of society.

Though quite simple, if you want to avoid a hypertensive disorder, limit salt intake only 6 grams or 1 teaspoon per day.

"It's eating foods that taste savory and salty, too salty snack-salted. Without realizing it, the daily consumption of salt we finished almost two-fold excess of consumption should be 6 grams per day," said Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health, Prof. Tjandra Yoga Aditama in a seminar on "Hypertension and Early Detection" to welcome the World Hypertension Day, in Jakarta.

According to Tjandra, based Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) 2007, nearly a quarter of Indonesia's population, or 24.5 percent over the age of 10 years to consume salty foods every day, one or more times. Meanwhile, the prevalence of hypertension in Indonesia reached 31.7 percent of the population at age 18 years and over.

"Of that amount, 60 percent ended with hypertensive stroke. The remaining suffered heart problems, kidney failure and blindness," said Prof. Tjandra.

Explained, hypertension is a circulatory system disorder that causes increased blood pressure above normal values, ie, exceeding 140/90 mmHg. Riskesdas 2007 data refer to hypertension as the third cause of death after stroke and tuberculosis. "The numbers reached 6.8 percent of the proportion of causes of death in all age groups in Indonesia," he said.

Therefore, Prof. Tjandra warned, hypertension should watch out because it is a silent danger. No symptoms or signs typical for early warning for people with hypertension. In addition, he continued, many people feel healthy and energetic despite having hypertension. ''Based on the data Riskesdas 2007, most cases of hypertension in the community has not been diagnosed, "he said.

Similar presented by Prof. Dr. Jose Roesma SpPD KGH, professor of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (Faculty of medicine) about the dangers of salt for the health of blood vessels. Salt, particularly sodium ions, which enter the body will be directly absorbed into the blood vessels, so that the concentration of sodium ions in the blood will increase. Sodium ions that have the nature of water retention (retaining water), causing blood volume to be increased and it automatically causes blood pressure to rise.

"You can imagine, the blood vessel like a balloon that continues to be filled with wind, then the pressure in the balloon will become bigger and eventually burst the balloon," he said.

According to Prof. Jose, salt consumption becomes difficult to control, especially if we are accustomed to eating meals outside the home (shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.). Moreover, if the sense of taste since childhood we have been accustomed to have a high threshold of salty taste, making it difficult to accept that a little fresh food.

The source of sodium which also need to look out for is derived from flavoring food (MSG). Cultural use of MSG has reached the alarming level. Almost all housewives, food vendors, and service providers catering always use it.

"The use of MSG in Indonesia has been so freely, so the seller meatballs, chicken porridge, soup, etc., by arbitrarily adding them to a bowl without a clear dose," he said.

Hypertension can be prevented by setting a good diet and enough physical activity. In addition to controlling stress is also important that could trigger an increase in blood pressure.

"Overweight or obesity also increase the risk of hypertension attack. Therefore, keep the weight balanced. Should be accompanied by regular exercise and maintain a balanced intake of nutritious food," he added.

Symptoms of hypertension include headache, flushing, headache, bleeding from the nose of a sudden, sore neck, and others. The impact that can be caused by hypertension is kidney damage, bleeding in the cornea (the eye's retina), rupture of blood vessels in the brain, and paralysis.

"Early detection for those who have not been identified and medication adherence for those already affected by hypertension is the key to controlling hypertension," said Dr. Suhardjono explicitly.

Care and affection of our soul, it's better to make their own food or find a variety of fruit salt or neutralizing the simplest drink plenty of water and vigorous exercise for rapid salt flow out through the streaming sweat.

Want healthy, let alone, free again.
Hopefully useful.


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