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Beware of AIDS symptoms

Fungal infections and white patches in the mouth accompanied by the smell is one of the clinical symptoms in people living with HIV / AIDS.

Dr. Fonny J Silfanus as Deputy Secretary of the National AIDS Commission (NAC), said at the beginning of the year infected with HIV generally will not experience physical symptoms, like healthy people. It will last for approximately 5-10 years. But after 10 years, these symptoms will begin to develop and emerge.

"Well if there are symptoms of a disease like any fungus in the mouth, body weight began to fall, diarrhea, pneumonia. That which we call a collection of symptoms in people who are HIV positive, that's what we call AIDS," he continued.

Fonny asserted, even if the diagnosis of AIDS can be done by looking at clinical symptoms, but tested for HIV through laboratory tests remains to be done so that more accurate diagnosis.

"It remains to be confirmed with an HIV test. A blood test, checked no HIV antibodies or not? If there are antibodies means the exact diagnosis was AIDS. So baseball may only clinical, surely must be a laboratory," he concluded.

In the book Mayo Clinic Family Health Guide exposed, signs and symptoms of HIV and AIDS varies considerably, depending on the phase of infection. At the early stage of infection, people with HIV usually have no symptoms. In fact, these symptoms may not appear until 8-9 years.

However, in these conditions, the virus will continue to grow and multiply and destroy immune cells. Until at last, started to show few symptoms or signs of infection and chronic symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, diarrhea, weight loss, fever, cough and short breath.

In the advanced stage of infection or the late phase of HIV that usually occurs around 10-11 years after infection, signs and symptoms that appear more serious. Among the symptoms of yeast infection or white patches in the mouth, blurred vision, weight loss, and swollen lymph nodes until more than three months.

At the final level of infection in his official definition referred to as AIDS, sufferers also may experience opportunistic infections such as Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP). Normally healthy people can survive against this lung infection, but in people with weak immune systems, the number of organisms could be so much in the lungs causing breathing difficulties.

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