Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

IDENTIFY hemorrhoids, CAUSE &; AVOID

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoid or haemorhoid no longer be defined simply varicose veins that occur in the anal region, but the concept is the reduction of bearing the anus (anal cushion) due to various reasons. Anal cushin consists mucosa, intestinal smooth muscle tissue, loose connective tissue and vascular tissue.

The cause of hemorrhoid, among others, interruption of blood flow back from the anal cushion, for example there is a pregnancy, tumors, severe straining, and often such difficult defecation, hard stools, diets that tend to heat such as spicy, pepper and other content.

To prevent this, do some efforts such as drinking should be much, much eating fruits and vegetables, avoid foods that make us hard dirt like cheese.

Among these fruits, apples (especially the green) and orange (acid), which should be avoided. But among all the efforts to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoid, drink lots of fluids is the best effort, cheap and easy. Because by drinking a lot, we will tend to soft stool, if there are foods that should be avoided by drinking lots will be neutralized so that its concentration will be reduced.

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