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Sunscreen has been synonymous with swimming activity or vacation to the beach. In fact, this sun protection products should be worn every day you get out of the house and exposed to the sun.

In fact, there are many facts about sunscreen is not yet known. Some of the things below is an example.

1. Many sunscreen products that only protect the skin from UVB rays, unless the labels carefully written also has UVA protection (SPF only indicates protection from UVB).

You need to know, all the activities you do outside the room would be vulnerable to exposure to sunlight, humidity, pollution, and dust. Minimal, if you will only be exposed to the sun when out of the car and walked into the office, you still have to use a sunscreen cream. Therefore, a closed room will only hold UVB radiation, while UVA will still go even though we are in the room. Likewise if the weather is cloudy, because it only comes from the dark clouds, while the sun still penetrate.

2. Health experts say, sunscreen should be re-applied every 2 hours. A study found that people who waited up to 2.5 hours to reapply sunscreen, it is likely to burn skin can be five times greater.

3. Sunscreen products generally will have expired after about a year, especially if the product is exposed to heat in the car or a bag that has not you wear. Its active ingredient can be damaged, so it can not give the desired protection.

When outdated sunscreen products usually show characteristic: too thick or too watery, creamy or gelnya crystallized, but it also looks like there are two layers in the cream.

4. You also need to be more careful in choosing a sunscreen product. Choose cream with high SPF, at least SPF30. For hiking activities or activities in other places that exposure to sun rays are very strong, select the SPF50. Sunscreen with SPF 70 or 90 does not really enhance the protection of the skin, and your skin is exposed to chemicals even two or three times more.

If you have sensitive skin, you better apply the SPF is lower in more often. Therefore, you may experience irritation or redness of the skin if using a higher SPF, according to Annet King, the head of The International Dermal Institute.

5. Every time your skin is peeling, the risk of developing skin cancer will increase. If you ever sunburned skin up to five times in your life, risk of melanoma has doubled, said King.

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