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Sprout helps the physical growth and intelligence of the brain.

Seedling or young shoots emerging from the planted seeds, proved to be a "warehouse" of nutrients, the nutritional value is much many times over than fruit or leaves. The results showed that infants given routine of sprouted nuts material experiencing physical growth and better intelligence.

"The emergence of shoots activate enzymes contained in whole grains, all of them simultaneously providing the best nutrition to help the growth of shoots. That's why sprouts can be called as a storehouse of nutrients," said food expert who is also Professor of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), FG Winarno in a discussion on "Security and Sustainability of Food for Children" organized Magazine Bobo, in Jakarta, Wednesday.

Explained, seeds or nuts that dikecambahkan Acang the levels of protein and vitamins increased many times over. Every single sprout cells, capable of six trillion per second reaction. From the study, rats were given seedling, extraordinary growth.

Nutrient content in the seedling stage, according to Prof. Winarno, somewhat surprising. Dikecambahkan nuts, vitamin A, B and C it increases ranging from 2.5 to 300%. "The mystery of this nature escapes our attention. But sprouts are ready to digest the body and provides all the necessary nutritional needs of living things," said Prof. Winarno, who also serves as the Rector of the University Christian (Unika) Atmajaya it.

The result of the study, added Prof. Winarno, an important difficulty known to parents whose children eat. Including the PKK or field officers of integrated service posts (Posyandu) that every time always bothered to make a nutritious snack for toddlers around family environment. Consumption of sprouts - can be dried and used as additional powdered food, can boost nutrition.

"Quite simply soak soak the mung bean, peanut, soybean, sesame, red bean and other legume species to grow tunasnya. Durian seeds, avocado, jackfruit also have the same nutritional content if dikecambahkan. For toddlers who are not likely to eat more vegetables , sprouts of various grains can be dried and powdered. So every appetite, the book is living sprouts added just to the child's porridge, "he said.

However, acknowledged Prof. Winarno, consumption of raw sprouts fresh and better than sprouts that have been dibubuk. For adults, it is better to consume sprouts fresh, but for the children is best to eat sprouts powder. "It's just practicality. Gizinya still pretty good even though germination has been drained," said Prof. Winarno adding sprouts drying process can be done with natural light.

Greatness sprouts, acknowledged Prof. Winarno, because the process of seed germination is a complex series of material changes in morphology, physiology and biochemistry. Protein, starch and lipids after altered by the enzymes used as building blocks of growth in these areas points to fuel growth and respiration.

"During the germination process leads to changes in nutritional value contained in the seed. Changes in nutritional value can be used to improve the nutritional value," he said.

A study of seed germination lamtoro (petai China) showed increased nonprotein nitrogen and protein nitrogen content decreased. The composition of amino acids decreased the germination time of 48 hours and significantly increased concentrations of cysteine, and histidine asparat acid on germination of 72 hours long. At 72 hours long germination soluble protein, the highest concentration of soluble protein.

Asked what the best time to consume the bean that turns into a seedling, Prof. Winarno said, there are no definite boundaries. As long as these seeds have grown shoots 5 cm long, can be consumed. "Do not tungguh until the roots become rotten. Provided that looks fresh, sprouts can be eaten," he said.

He warned, better seedling consumption in a state of fresh and raw. Due to improper cooking process can reduce and even eliminate the nutrients contained in sprouts.

"The heat change the composition of foods. Food that has been heated loses all power of his life, and they are very necessary enzyme is destroyed. Digestive system must work harder and longer to be able to process cooked food, in order to obtain nutrients and energy from him," he said.

Added, once cooked, food can lose up to 85 percent of nutritional value. The raw food enthusiasts might call "food is Dead". "For indeed we are what we eat, consume energy that is dead from the dead food makes our bodies feel heavy and weak," he asserted.

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