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Biznis-on line: Keep your heart to stay Healthy and Fresh

Biznis-on line: Keep your heart to stay Healthy and Fresh: Keeping the Heart, To stay Healthy and Fresh Keep your heart to stay Healthy and Fresh The liver plays a very vital, keeping the heart s...

Keep your heart to stay Healthy and Fresh

Keeping the Heart, To stay Healthy and Fresh Keep your heart to stay Healthy and Fresh The liver plays a very vital, keeping the heart similar to Maintain Quality of Life, with a good Quality of Life and Health, Life More Exciting, Ibadahpun the Quiet & Comfortable.
Liver or liver plays an important role in neutralizing toxins or detoxify the body. To maintain liver function, there is always a good idea to choose healthy foods, especially those that are helping clean toxic. Author of Natural Prescr i ptions for Common ailments, Dr.. Carolyn Dean, said that bitter foods like spinach and mustard greens are very good to wash the liver. Bitter herbs that help stimulate the flow of bile in the liver. Also recommended increase intake of fruits, legumes, and omega-3 fatty acids to help metabolize fats and reduce the production of triglycerides. Not hard to get this liver friendly foods:

1. Onions (white and onions). Contain sulfur which helps sweep various toxic substances such as chemical drugs, alcohol, pesticides, and other environmental pollutants.

 2. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts. Its content of vitamin K is important for the detoxification process.

 3. Artichoke. These vegetables contain acids that can protect caffeoylquinat well as regenerate the liver. Artichoke also increase bile production. In one study, 30 minutes after eating artichoke increases bile flow to 100 percent.

 4. Legumes such as beans, peas, soybeans, contain the amino acid arginine is needed in the detoxification of ammonia, the waste product of protein digestion.

 5. Bran, oat bran, or brown rice, as well as pears and apples. This water soluble fiber helps the liver remove cholesterol and bile when you eat greasy foods.

 6. Turmeric. Cooking contains curcumin which has traditionally been used as a remedy for liver disorders. Two recent studies in rats exposed to mercury, suggesting turmeric can protect the liver from chemical toxins that attack. Yellow dye curcumin is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

 7.Protein foods from tofu, fish, and organic chicken will maintain growth and prevent the formation of tissue in the fatty liver.

 8. Food sources of antioxidants. Studies conducted at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Tuffs University found that most antioxidant-rich fruits are blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, oranges, melons, apples, pears, plums, and grape fruit. Apples also contain pectin that is able to bind and remove heavy metals from the body.

 9. Foods rich in folate, flavonoids, magnesium, iron, sulfate, selenium, vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12, C, and E, to ward off free radicals and helps purge toxins damaging body tissues.

 10.Lemon.Drink about 2 liters of water per hari.Combine by drinking warm water laced with lemon juice so get up early to help clean the liver. Also stimulates production of bile and stomach wash.

 - It also needs attention:

 a. Cook the vegetables by steaming or pan-fried.

 b. Avoid saturated fats and trans fats.

 c. Do not over-consume alcohol, to avoid the occurrence of fatty liver.

 d. Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, antibiotics, muscle relaxant, antidepressants, caffeine, cigarette toxins, etc. because it can overload the liver and injured liver.

 e. Consumption of excessive vitamin A supplements can overload the liver.

 f. Be careful taking herbs such as kava and komfre, because if not by the rules can interfere with liver function.

 Want to stay Healthy, Keep Your Heart, Body-Field Healthy Heart

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Biznis-on line: Take advantage of residual waste to drink tea, mor...

Biznis-on line: Take advantage of residual waste to drink tea, mor...: Tea is often served to accompany a relaxing time. This drink is also known for its benefits to help those who are in weight loss programs. H...

Take advantage of residual waste to drink tea, more natural and ... GO GREEN

Tea is often served to accompany a relaxing time. This drink is also known for its benefits to help those who are in weight loss programs. However, did you know that tea still has many other uses? Consider a few:
1. Cleaning the carpet Sprinkle with green tea leaves that have been used on carpet. Let soak for 10 minutes, then vacuum is an area rug. Types of Persian and oriental rugs can also be cleaned using a soft leaf green tea. In this type of carpet, sprinkle the tea leaves that are almost dry, then gently brush the surface of the carpet. 2. Polished wood floors Black tea can help and give color to polished hardwood floors. Clean the floor as usual, then rub gently tea has been brewed to the floor. Do not use too much water on the hardwood floor like this. After that let it dry itself. 3. Polishing wooden furniture Tea is also useful in cleaning and polishing of varnished wood furniture. Dip a soft cloth into a little tea has brewed for wiping furniture such as desks, chairs, and others. 4. Clean mirrors and windows Tea powerful way to remove stubborn stains such as stamp our hands on the window and make it shiny again. Simply rub a damp tea bags on the glass, or spray steeping tea through a spray bottle to clean it. 5. Clean stains in toilet Many say that the tea leaves to remove dirt that is difficult to clean at the base of the toilet. Try to put tea leaves into the toilet for several hours, then flush the toilet with water. After that brush a dirty toilet basin basis. 6. Protect from sunlight To restore skin sunburn, attach a wet tea bag on the burned area. 7. Soothe tired eyes The bag is wet and warm tea can reduce swelling and relieve pain around the eyes are tired. 8. Relieve bleeding gums For children who just lost his teeth, try to stick a wet tea bag and cooled in the area of ​​the teeth that date. This can reduce the bleeding and relieve pain. 9. Light dry hair Brewed tea can be a natural conditioner for use on dry hair. Rinse your hair with fresh tea, and let your hair dry for a while. Then rinse again with water. 10. Reduce acne Bored with acne treatments that did not improve? Try to clean your face with green tea to reduce acne. Follow the ancient way to cool the tea steeping overnight, and then use the marinade is to wash your face in the morning. 11. Smoothly meat People used to wrap meat in papaya leaves to soften the meat. This time, try hard to soak meat in marinade of black tea to make it more tender. 12. Helping the growth of ornamental plants Occasionally, use brewed tea for watering house plants. Spread the tea leaves that have been abandoned around the rose bush, then add fertilizer and water. Tannic acid in tea and other nutrients will nourish plants. Put some tea bags that have been unused in the bottom of the pot can also help retain water in the soil, and add nutrients. Benefits can be obtained if we diligently experimenting, sometimes prank but sweet fruit, so why do not we do, like the example above. Let us save the world with real actions, although small, but if every man you do the results were quite amazing. ... Life .... GO GREEN, let's start from now

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Biznis-on line: Cholesterol go down, better quality of Life, Eating Vegetables now.

Biznis-on line: Cholesterol go down, better quality of Life, Eating Vegetables now.

Biznis-on line: Cholesterol go down, better quality of Life, Eatin...

Biznis-on line: Cholesterol go down, better quality of Life, Eatin...: You belong to a fan of vegetables? There is good news for you. Vegetables rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Calories and low in carbohyd...

Cholesterol go down, better quality of Life, Eating Vegetables now.

You belong to a fan of vegetables? There is good news for you. Vegetables rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Calories and low in carbohydrates that could actually help lower blood cholesterol levels.
Vegetables in Indonesia is cheap and varied, this will be the most healthful alternative to make life more healthy, WHY? Jamna We know now that many prepared foods tend to raise cholesterol, which contains a lot of animal flesh is delicious eaten in times when such a meeting or a meeting with the customer supplier.jadi pengin stay healthy tone and exists, eat your vegetables. Vegetables tend to taste bland, making a lot of people do not like. Whereas vegetables rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals are very powerful for the body. In addition to maintaining digestive health due to the high fiber content, eating lots of vegetables can also lower cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is a major trigger factor for heart disease. Therefore, excess cholesterol in the bloodstream can form plaque in artery walls. This plaque would make the artery more and thicker, harder and less flexible. Consequently obstructed blood flow to the heart that trigger heart attacks. Researchers from the University of Toronto, Canada recently, said plant-based diet and whole grains can prevent and help reduce high cholesterol levels in the blood. In this study, the researchers enrolled 400 volunteers and divided them into three groups. They are fed grain-based plants and biian for 6 months, to find evidence that cholesterol can be lowered with the help of a diet based on vegetables and grains. The first group ate a diet with foods low in fat, the second group a diet of vegetables, and a third group with a vegetable diet focuses on whole grains. The result, the first group experienced a decrease in the level of low density lipoprotein, or a decrease in bad cholesterol (LDL), as much as 8 milligrams per deciliter. While the second and third group who ate more vegetables and grains decreased cholesterol as much as 24-26 milligrams per deciliter. Therefore, a diet based on vegetables, legumes, and whole grains have a natural fat content. That way, those who eat natural fats could regularly and prevents blood flow and helps to lower high cholesterol levels. Not only that, eat plenty of vegetables also could preserve and improve heart health and prevent constipation. Nothing is difficult, if we want to try, to make healthy is very simple, let's raise vegetables to eat more natural and definitely GO GREEN IN THE WORLD ..... GO ... GO ... GO

Biznis-on line: Kolesterol mau turun,Hidup lebih berkualitas,Makan...

Biznis-on line: Kolesterol mau turun,Hidup lebih berkualitas,Makan...: Anda termasuk penggemar sayuran? Ada kabar baik buat Anda. Sayuran kaya akan serat, vitamin dan mineral. Kalori dan karbohidratnya yang ...

Kolesterol mau turun,Hidup lebih berkualitas,Makan Sayur-mayur sekarang.

Anda termasuk penggemar sayuran? Ada kabar baik buat Anda. Sayuran kaya akan serat, vitamin dan mineral. Kalori dan karbohidratnya yang rendah ternyata bisa membantu menurunkan kadar kolestrol darah. Di Indonesia sayur mayur termasuk murah dan beragam,ini akan menjadi alternatif yang paling menyehatkan buat hidup lebih sehat,KENAPA? Kita tahu jamna sekarang banyak makanan siap saji yang cenderung meningkatkan kolesterol,banyak mengandung daging hewani yang sangat nikmat disantap disaat-saat pertemua semacam Meeting dengan customer atau supplier.jadi nada pengin tetap sehat dan eksis,makanlah sayur mayur. Rasa sayuran yang cenderung hambar, membuat banyak orang tidak suka. Padahal sayur kaya kandungan vitamin, serat dan mineral yang sangat dahsyat buat tubuh. Selain memelihara kesehatan pencernaan karena kandungan seratnya yang tinggi, banyak makan sayur juga bisa menurunkan kadar kolestrol.
Kolestrol tinggi merupakan faktor pemicu utama penyakit jantung. Sebab, kolesterol berlebih dalam aliran darah bisa membentuk plak di dinding arteri. Plak ini akan membuat arteri semakin tebal, keras dan kurang fleksibel. Akibatnya aliran darah ke jantung terhambat yang memicu serangan jantung. Para peneliti dari Universitas Toronto Kanada baru-baru ini, menyatakan diet berbasis tanaman dan biji-bijian bisa mencegah serta membantu menurunkan kadar kolestrol tinggi dalam darah. Dalam studi ini, para peneliti melibatkan sebanyak 400 orang relawan dan membaginya menjadi 3 kelompok. Mereka diberi makanan berbasis tanaman serta biji-biian selama 6 bulan, untuk menemukan bukti bahwa kolesterol dapat diturunkan dengan bantuan diet berbasis sayuran dan biji-bijian. Kelompok pertama menjalani diet dengan makan makanan rendah lemak, kelompok kedua menjalani diet sayuran, dan kelompok ketiga menjalani diet sayuran dengan berfokus pada biji-bijian. Hasilnya, kelompok pertama mengalami penurunan pada tingkat lipoprotein densitas rendah, atau menurunnya kolesterol jahat (LDL), sebanyak 8 miligram per desiliter. Sedangkan kelompok kedua dan ketiga yang banyak makan sayur serta biji-bijian mengalami penurunan kolesterol sebanyak 24 - 26 miligram per desiliter. Sebab, diet berbasis sayuran, kacang-kacangan, maupun biji-bijian memiliki kandungan lemak alami. Dengan begitu, mereka yang makan lemak alami secara teratur bisa melancarkan aliran darah dan mencegah serta membantu menurunkan tingkat kolestrol tinggi. Tidak hanya itu, banyak makan sayur juga bisa memelihara serta meningkatkan kesehatan jantung serta mencegah terjadinya sembelit. Tidak ada yang sulit,kalau kita mau mencoba,untuk membuat sehat sangatlah sederhana,mari kita tingkatkan makan sayur mayur yang lebih alami dan yang pasti GO GREEN IN THE WORLD.....GO...GO...GO

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Keep your blood pressure, avoid old age so as not to senile

Your blood pressure should be maintained so that old age is not senile. The decline in cognitive abilities in the elderly (seniors) are often regarded as normal. In fact, declining cognitive abilities characterized by many forget is an early symptom of senility or dementia. Dementia is a severe and progressive intellectual decline that interferes with social functioning, employment, and a person's daily activities. Recent hypothesis states, dementia has been linked to high blood pressure (over 140/90) in the elderly. Research that was held the researchers from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the United States, by scanning the brains of patients with hypertension found a scar formation in the brain which would later lead to dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Scarring can be formed since the middle age, years before the occurrence of memory disorders in the elderly. "How to prevent cognitive decline in older adults the main thing is to control blood pressure," said Dr. Walter Koroshet, Deputy Director of the National Institutes of Health, USA. Age is the biggest factor of the emergence of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Scientists have long noticed that heart disease risk factors (hypertension, obesity, diabetes) the cause of dementia. However, they still have not found a direct link. Now the researchers found that most patients with dementia had one or two risk factors. And, factors that will weaken the arterial hypertension is believed to accelerate the process of Alzheimer's disease. The hypothesis the researchers is the increase in high blood pressure will damage the tiny blood vessels that feed the brain marrow (white matter) and interfere with the signal. In fact, the brain marrow function like a telephone network in the nervous system so that each brain cell is able to communicate with one another. When the connection is interrupted, of course, will happen pikun.Jadi keep your blood pressure so that the elderly keep fit. Old age we have to prepare early, or from now or not at all, certainly when we do not want our children to succeed in the future but we can not enjoy or at least we can feel that what we fight for is not in vain . SO DO NOT REGRET LATER, when we CAN, DO NOT TOO LATE to pack Welcoming future BETTER AND healthy.

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Biznis-on line: Humor story: Judge to hell with the Little People ...

Biznis-on line: Humor story: Judge to hell with the Little People ...: Judge Acts Stupid A country is said to have a Judge that stupid, he was appointed by the King who happens to still close relatives, attempt...

Humor story: Judge to hell with the Little People The Fool

Judge Acts Stupid A country is said to have a Judge that stupid, he was appointed by the King who happens to still close relatives, attempts to discuss the intention that the King is easy to control. Well, one time there ang very amusing incident occurred, so there was no punishment to the guilty. In a middle of the night, a thief climbed up the walls of the rich are stingy and stupid, when the thief stepped on the sill, the wood was already fragile.Then thieves fall fall to the ground, his legs broken and can not be run, with such circumstances the burglars to easily rounded up and presented to the judge. Once a thief in front of the judge, he asked, "you knew then why are brought before me?"
The thief had a shrewd sense to face the Judge that stupid, he also immediately responded, "I confronted the judge as to complain about a problem." "What problem?" Said Judge. "You see the judge, I had just climbed the wall of the rich man," pointing to the direction of the rich man. "At the time of stepping on the threshold of his bedroom window, broke the wood so I dropped off and broke my kaki.Maka come before, so the judge to punish the rich man, having been careless installing wood that has been fragile, so I was so wretched." Stupid judge nodded, "What is true, O rich man, you broke your window?" "Yes sir Judge," replied the rich man. "If it happened once, you will I'm the law three years in prison, if later a thief to death, I will punish thou die." For a moment the rich man tremble, but then he replied, "I sent a carpenter to install windows, so the host judge may not punish me, carpenter wrong." "Yes ... yes .. yes, that one carpenter, not a rich man." So dipanggilah carpenter's face, while the rich are released, "Am I correct that you are installing wood windows that rich people?" Carpenter nodded honest, because he was not have error. "Then, you will be my law 3 years in prison, the thief died later you too will be my law to die," said Judge stupid. But the carpenter was immediately answered, "Sorry, sir Dear Judge, I admit that when pairs of windows that are less powerful, but it's wrong not me." "Then who? "Ask the judge. "A girl in the red suit." "The reason you know what? "Asked Judge. "Well sir, the story is, when I was installing a wood window, Gone are a beautiful girl dressed in red, with its swings charming I was blown away, so my eyes fixed on the pretty girl," the story of the carpenter. Long story short, the girl in the red dress was dragged by force facing a stupid judge. "What it really says a carpenter? At the time of installing windows on the rich, you pass in front of his house with the red dress? "Ask a stupid judge. "Yes sir judge," she replied innocently. "Then, because the red shirt, you are my law," said master judge. Hearing the words of the judge, the girl dared to argue, "If it's red shirt, is certainly not me wrong, dyer bajulah wrong, why he dyed with red color." "The reason it makes sense too, the clothes dyer to me the law," the judge said later. The judge quickly ordered official, looking for clothes dyer, because he could not quibble law 3 years in prison, how he's unfortunately, not one month of the thief dead dyer world.Appropriate making clothes should be sentenced to death. Incidentally the clothes dyer very tall stature, he was dragged from the cell was taken to the gallows for the hanging rope worn around dead.So law, because of his height exceeds the gallows, for 2 hours is not dead dyer-die shirt, laporlah executioner to master judge. "Excuse me, sir been 2 hours but, clothes dyer's not dead either," said the executioner. "What why?" Said the judge. "He was very tall, while pole hangers very short". "Fool you, so it can not be overcome," the judge scolded. "Keep going, how sir? "Asked the executioner again. "If he's too high, just look for a short dyer, hang him," said the Judge stupid without thinking. That same day, the tall clothes dyer released, whereas a clothes dyer dwarf hanged, he had nothing to do with the events he itu.Kebetulan bodied dwarf, so that innocent victims because of the ignorance of the Judge's.

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Biznis-on line: The specialty of the Prophet Muhammad

Biznis-on line: The specialty of the Prophet Muhammad: Prophet Muhammad a lot of privileges, even from her parents in sight and will be a very handsome man besar.Ayahnya Abdulloh and his face wa...

The specialty of the Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad a lot of privileges, even from her parents in sight and will be a very handsome man besar.Ayahnya Abdulloh and his face was shining there was a "special nur/light" so as footman much admired many women, to the extent that there are 200 women did not want to marry it. But after her marriage to Siti Aminah, nur a special move to the body and face his wife Siti Aminah because the body contains the seeds of the Prophet Muhammad.
During Siti Aminah contain, in each month have always dreamed of meeting with the prophets of Allah and they commanded the same thing, so that the baby would be named: Muhammad, while those who met the Prophet in a dream Siti Aminah as follows: Month One: Dreaming met with Prophet Adam Second Month: Dreaming met with Noah Third Month: Dreaming of the Prophet met with David Fourth Month: Dreaming met with Prophet Idris Fifth Month: Dreaming met with Prophet Sulayman The six months: Dreaming met with Prophet Ibrahim The seventh month: Dreaming met with the Prophet Ismail Those eight months: Dreaming met with the Prophet Joseph The nine months: Dreaming met with the Prophet Isa (Sorry if there is no order, because when listening is not directly recorded) Muhammad Prophet SAW was born on Monday, 12 Robbi'ulawal early years of the Elephant or 20 April 571 AD. At the age of the 13 Muhammad asked his uncle Abu Sham Tholib to trade in the country, somewhere mreks met a Christian priest named: Bukhairah, he saw nothing special on Muhammad, and he said to Abu Tholib, "Behold this child's brother would get position timggi, then keep it well ". At the age of 25 Prophet Muhammad went to Sham transform and the second time, with a male slave from Siti Khadijah named Maisarah (he was carrying merchandise belonging to Siti Khadijah), on the way met a Tahib (priest) named Natsuer, he also looked like nothing special Bukhairah on the Prophet Muhammad himself. At the age of 35 in Mecca the Quraysh was building the Kaaba (renovation) and was about to put the "AL Hajarul Stone" meaning a black stone in its place next to the east, and they disagree about who is most appropriate to put the sacred stone in place, because This is a very noble.THEN they agreed, the next day who that first enter from the Safa, he who has the right to decide the case itu.So incoming first is the Prophet Muhammad, then he wisely put his turban (headband ) above ground and put the rock right in the middle, then he ordered the head of each tribe held every corner of the turban and lifted into place and carried the Prophet Muhammad himself who placed exactly in the same spot. (This shows how wisely him in order to solve problems the chiefs could be involved but not offended). Since the incident he can name: AL-AMIN (one that can be trusted). Similarly, a glimpse of the many privileges the prophet Muhammad, who was appointed to the Prophet's messenger at age 7 to 40 until now have been thousands of years but is still remembered and become role models, he was the only one of the most famous person in this world until the later end times. AMIIIN.

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Biznis-on line: Tips: Prevent Acne on face

Biznis-on line: Tips: Prevent Acne on face: Acne will be excruciating anymore because it often appears at puberty which he said most people is the most beautiful, masa2 courtship. how ...

Tips: Prevent Acne on face

Acne will be excruciating anymore because it often appears at puberty which he said most people is the most beautiful, masa2 courtship. how we could have a boyfriend if your face is a nest of acne? It must be difficult is not it? Here are tips that will make your acne disappear and will not bother you anymore penmpilan:
1. Washing your face two times a day Washing your face two times a day will help remove the oil on the surface of our skin. If we are rarely cleaned, then the acne-causing bacteria will thrive in our faces. But remember .. do not wash face excessively especially facial scrub because it actually will increase oil production sobaceous which can cause skin problems on the face. Wash your face 2 times a day with mild soap. 2. Customize your cosmetics with your skin type If your skin is oily then use cosmetics for oily skin, if you use cosmetics that do not suit your skin type .. acne will soon come to your facial skin. So be careful in choosing cosmetics. 3. as much as possible avoid oily cosmetics. we face will naturally produce oil, even though dry skin. So as much as possible to avoid excessive use of cosmetics because oil and dust will be the media that causes acne bacteria to settle on our faces. 4. Dry your face with a clean towel after washing your face or shower, because the bacteria are also like a moist and warm. 5. Drinking water Nearly 70% of our skin consists of water, with drinking water at least 2 liters a day, then our skin will always fit and healthy. 6. use a skin moisturizer Using a moisturizer will help to nourish our skin, especially from dry skin and pecah2. However moisturizer here does not mean that greasy moisturizer .. it's a lot of cosmetic products that are water. 7. always make sure your skin is clean before bed. Always wash your face before bed to regenerate the skin well. 8. Frequently eat vegetables and fruit. sayur2an contain many vitamins that nourish our skin. Expand eat vegetables or fruits, especially those containing vitamin E. With healthy skin, then acne would be difficult to grow and develop. 9. Adequate sleep and regular. The skin is also just like us, need a break. So get used to sleeping enough and regularly. Because when we sleep, the skin will regenerate and dangerous racun2 so that when we wake up the next day we will kebali fresh skin. Perform routine every day, usually oily skin acne potentially higher, less oily food and frequently washing your face with facial soap to control it. GOOD TRY

Biznis-on line: Mute your anger? Overcome by eating the fruit.

Biznis-on line: Mute your anger? Overcome by eating the fruit.: Every person must have some anger, some even explode controlled.People not that hungry always irritable. Hungry stomach starts growling, exp...

Mute your anger? Overcome by eating the fruit.

Every person must have some anger, some even explode controlled.People not that hungry always irritable. Hungry stomach starts growling, experience a sense of weakness and fatigue. Anger is an emotional state caused by a complaint or an affliction. Angered by another person or because there is an event that causes emotional instability.
The hunger was sparked anger. This is because when people are left hungry for long periods, then the blood sugar levels in her body deeply troubled. As a result, the supply of glucose (sugar) that reaches the brain is reduced. Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia is what will make one's anger rises, so easily offended and angry. Low blood sugar can also be accompanied by anxiety, fatigue and headaches. When low levels of serotonin in the body can also make people irritable and angry. Serotonin is a hormone that controls mood, appetite and sleep, is also a hormone that makes people feel happy and eliminate negative emotions. Here are some foods that can relieve anger: 1. Banana Bananas can help increase serotonin levels in the body, it is because bananas are a source triptofan.Pisang as one breakfast food to prevent hunger and lethargy before lunch. 2. Almonds Almonds contain amino acids tryptophan, an amino acid has the highest level. When eating almonds, tryptophan enters the brain quickly and serotonin levels increase, so they can keep anger. 3. Cheese Cheese is a rich source of protein, essential amino acid tryptophan and carbohydrates. Thus, cheese helps improve mood and relieve crankiness and irritability. 4. Sweet orange juice A glass of sweet oranges can also be a shock to anger. Sugar in the lemon juice mixture to make the limits of patience more loosely than they should, making it useful for controlling temperament and other negative emotions. Basically a sweet fruit chilled and fresh try, you can simply reduce anger. If you happen to have a higher narah properties, prepare from now on because this is very important, the age of growing old much-needed emotional health. There is a saying "quick-tempered old man," we ought to ponder this because by maintaining the anger is exhausting and emotionally we are, the better we reduce, or eliminate if possible. May be useful and good luck to live healthier.

Biznis-on line: Morality key to business success Rosullulloh way.

Biznis-on line: Morality key to business success Rosullulloh way.: As a prophet of the end times, the role of the Prophet Muhammad is perfect, not only as a statesman, but his role as leader of the people an...

Morality key to business success Rosullulloh way.

As a prophet of the end times, the role of the Prophet Muhammad is perfect, not only as a statesman, but his role as leader of the people and missionaries. The other side gets less attention is his career as a merchant (entrepreneur) He had the bitter experience of being born in a state of orphans, when his father was gone. At the age of six, on his way back from Yathrib after the visit the tomb of his father, Muhammad returned to lose a parent because it was her mother died. You can imagine in the age of six years Mohammed has been orphaned. Until the age of eight years and 2 months, he nurtured and educated by his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, a respectable time. Age after the death of his grandfather, was raised by his uncle, Abu Talib. Starting a small boy that's when Muhammad began to earn a living by herding goats themselves. At the age of 12 years, Muhammad was invited by his uncle to the Syrians to trade thousands of kilometers from the city of Makkah. The journey so far taken by a child aged 12 years without using a car or plane, as was done by people today. Coming home from the Syrians, Muhammad very often conduct business until he was well known in the Arabian Peninsula as a successful young businessman. In short, before prophethood the Prophet have laid the basic principles in conducting business transactions are fair. Honesty and openness in conducting trade transactions Messenger is a role model for a next-generation entrepreneurs. He always kept his word and deliver merchandise with quality standards in accordance with customer demand so never make the customers complain or even disappointed. Reputation as a customer who really has been embedded with a good honest. Since young, he always showed his sense of responsibility towards each transaction made. So if anyone is complaining because it was born of poor people compared with Muhammad, who was born without a father at his side. When the reason for low education, compared with Muhammad, who is not never been to school. And when the lack of capital becomes an obstacle, compared with Muhammad, who is not armed with material capital. That way there is no single reason for us to complain. Independent attitude and does not depend on others is one of attitude that should be owned by a true entrepreneur. Emotional intelligence is owned Prophet also very good at building a network. No half-hearted, business partners Prophet is the chiefs of the Quraysh, who is also a friend of his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib. Dipupuknya networks with confidence. The belief that the seed is honesty. The fruit is even worse. Merchant was a beautiful woman again successful, named Siti Khadijah, was struck by the attitude which later became his wife. There are two main principles that we need an example of business travel Holy Prophet. First, money is not the main capital in business, major capital in the venture is to build trust and be trusted (al-amin). money is not number one capital in business, the number one capital is trust. Second, competence and technical skills related to business. He is familiar with both markets and trading places on the Arabian Peninsula. He also knows the ins and outs of trading activity and the dangers of usury, so he recommends selling and abolish the system of usury. Modern principles, such as customer objectives and customer satisfaction, service excellence, competence, efficiency, transparency, fair competition and competitive it has become a personal image and business ethics of the Prophet Muhammad. Hopefully the modern businessman, can imitate him so they can be successful by flashing a commendable morals.