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The specialty of the Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad a lot of privileges, even from her parents in sight and will be a very handsome man besar.Ayahnya Abdulloh and his face was shining there was a "special nur/light" so as footman much admired many women, to the extent that there are 200 women did not want to marry it. But after her marriage to Siti Aminah, nur a special move to the body and face his wife Siti Aminah because the body contains the seeds of the Prophet Muhammad.
During Siti Aminah contain, in each month have always dreamed of meeting with the prophets of Allah and they commanded the same thing, so that the baby would be named: Muhammad, while those who met the Prophet in a dream Siti Aminah as follows: Month One: Dreaming met with Prophet Adam Second Month: Dreaming met with Noah Third Month: Dreaming of the Prophet met with David Fourth Month: Dreaming met with Prophet Idris Fifth Month: Dreaming met with Prophet Sulayman The six months: Dreaming met with Prophet Ibrahim The seventh month: Dreaming met with the Prophet Ismail Those eight months: Dreaming met with the Prophet Joseph The nine months: Dreaming met with the Prophet Isa (Sorry if there is no order, because when listening is not directly recorded) Muhammad Prophet SAW was born on Monday, 12 Robbi'ulawal early years of the Elephant or 20 April 571 AD. At the age of the 13 Muhammad asked his uncle Abu Sham Tholib to trade in the country, somewhere mreks met a Christian priest named: Bukhairah, he saw nothing special on Muhammad, and he said to Abu Tholib, "Behold this child's brother would get position timggi, then keep it well ". At the age of 25 Prophet Muhammad went to Sham transform and the second time, with a male slave from Siti Khadijah named Maisarah (he was carrying merchandise belonging to Siti Khadijah), on the way met a Tahib (priest) named Natsuer, he also looked like nothing special Bukhairah on the Prophet Muhammad himself. At the age of 35 in Mecca the Quraysh was building the Kaaba (renovation) and was about to put the "AL Hajarul Stone" meaning a black stone in its place next to the east, and they disagree about who is most appropriate to put the sacred stone in place, because This is a very noble.THEN they agreed, the next day who that first enter from the Safa, he who has the right to decide the case itu.So incoming first is the Prophet Muhammad, then he wisely put his turban (headband ) above ground and put the rock right in the middle, then he ordered the head of each tribe held every corner of the turban and lifted into place and carried the Prophet Muhammad himself who placed exactly in the same spot. (This shows how wisely him in order to solve problems the chiefs could be involved but not offended). Since the incident he can name: AL-AMIN (one that can be trusted). Similarly, a glimpse of the many privileges the prophet Muhammad, who was appointed to the Prophet's messenger at age 7 to 40 until now have been thousands of years but is still remembered and become role models, he was the only one of the most famous person in this world until the later end times. AMIIIN.

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