Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011

Humor story: Judge to hell with the Little People The Fool

Judge Acts Stupid A country is said to have a Judge that stupid, he was appointed by the King who happens to still close relatives, attempts to discuss the intention that the King is easy to control. Well, one time there ang very amusing incident occurred, so there was no punishment to the guilty. In a middle of the night, a thief climbed up the walls of the rich are stingy and stupid, when the thief stepped on the sill, the wood was already fragile.Then thieves fall fall to the ground, his legs broken and can not be run, with such circumstances the burglars to easily rounded up and presented to the judge. Once a thief in front of the judge, he asked, "you knew then why are brought before me?"
The thief had a shrewd sense to face the Judge that stupid, he also immediately responded, "I confronted the judge as to complain about a problem." "What problem?" Said Judge. "You see the judge, I had just climbed the wall of the rich man," pointing to the direction of the rich man. "At the time of stepping on the threshold of his bedroom window, broke the wood so I dropped off and broke my kaki.Maka come before, so the judge to punish the rich man, having been careless installing wood that has been fragile, so I was so wretched." Stupid judge nodded, "What is true, O rich man, you broke your window?" "Yes sir Judge," replied the rich man. "If it happened once, you will I'm the law three years in prison, if later a thief to death, I will punish thou die." For a moment the rich man tremble, but then he replied, "I sent a carpenter to install windows, so the host judge may not punish me, carpenter wrong." "Yes ... yes .. yes, that one carpenter, not a rich man." So dipanggilah carpenter's face, while the rich are released, "Am I correct that you are installing wood windows that rich people?" Carpenter nodded honest, because he was not have error. "Then, you will be my law 3 years in prison, the thief died later you too will be my law to die," said Judge stupid. But the carpenter was immediately answered, "Sorry, sir Dear Judge, I admit that when pairs of windows that are less powerful, but it's wrong not me." "Then who? "Ask the judge. "A girl in the red suit." "The reason you know what? "Asked Judge. "Well sir, the story is, when I was installing a wood window, Gone are a beautiful girl dressed in red, with its swings charming I was blown away, so my eyes fixed on the pretty girl," the story of the carpenter. Long story short, the girl in the red dress was dragged by force facing a stupid judge. "What it really says a carpenter? At the time of installing windows on the rich, you pass in front of his house with the red dress? "Ask a stupid judge. "Yes sir judge," she replied innocently. "Then, because the red shirt, you are my law," said master judge. Hearing the words of the judge, the girl dared to argue, "If it's red shirt, is certainly not me wrong, dyer bajulah wrong, why he dyed with red color." "The reason it makes sense too, the clothes dyer to me the law," the judge said later. The judge quickly ordered official, looking for clothes dyer, because he could not quibble law 3 years in prison, how he's unfortunately, not one month of the thief dead dyer world.Appropriate making clothes should be sentenced to death. Incidentally the clothes dyer very tall stature, he was dragged from the cell was taken to the gallows for the hanging rope worn around dead.So law, because of his height exceeds the gallows, for 2 hours is not dead dyer-die shirt, laporlah executioner to master judge. "Excuse me, sir been 2 hours but, clothes dyer's not dead either," said the executioner. "What why?" Said the judge. "He was very tall, while pole hangers very short". "Fool you, so it can not be overcome," the judge scolded. "Keep going, how sir? "Asked the executioner again. "If he's too high, just look for a short dyer, hang him," said the Judge stupid without thinking. That same day, the tall clothes dyer released, whereas a clothes dyer dwarf hanged, he had nothing to do with the events he itu.Kebetulan bodied dwarf, so that innocent victims because of the ignorance of the Judge's.

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