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Biznis-on line: Crime via the internet will not be able to stop

Biznis-on line: Crime via the internet will not be able to stop: The world of internet and smartphone is a very fast growing area of ​​recent times. In the world of the Internet, social media with Fac...

Crime via the internet will not be able to stop

The world of internet and smartphone is a very fast growing area of ​​recent times. In the world of the Internet, social media with Facebook as a leader now suck up more than 80 percent of Internet users. That is, now, Internet users tastes have changed. Internet users now spend more time on social media to interact. They're probably still looking for news or reference, but the numbers may have greatly reduced because of the reference and news can also be obtained through social media. In the field of gadgets, smartphones in particular the progress that had the Android OS has changed the competitive landscape and churning out a vendor that had existed previously. Nokia, Apple, and RIM has now made their OS must be willing to be exceeded by Google Android. In fact, because it was too far behind, Nokia abandon their own OS and join it to Microsoft. Progress made by Facebook and Android certainly has two sides, positive and negative. Positive for Facebook, now members are more than 600 million people. Negative, the security level up even more questionable. Android Likewise, from various smartphone operating systems, it seems that Android is the OS of the most easily attacked and infiltrated by malicious programs, including the application store. To ensure that Facebook and Android least secure, we can see a report of AVG security analysis conducted recently for the first quarter of 2011. According to AVG, evil campaign (malicious campaigns) on Facebook has tripled in the last year. For Android, AVG stating that the user have increased risks associated with the nature of Android is important that open source and open-garden approach is applied, in which lets users install software on their smartphones thus opening the door for hackers to make malicious code. In addition, the fragmentation in the Android platforms (such as Donut, Eclair, and Gingerbread) also does not help make Android more secure. For Facebook, AVG provides notes that the popularity of Facebook has a price, namely Facebook subjected to internet crime. Because it could reach 600 million users, Facebook has become attractive targets for cyber criminals. This corresponds with the popularity of cyber criminals themselves, which if successful commit crimes in Facebook means to conquer the 600 million people more. In addition, the presence of a high confidence in a friend on Facebook, for example in the case of a short URL some time ago, if a friend already clicked the URL, another friend who will believe and follow the clicking so that makes it easier cyber criminals conduct cyber crimes successful. AVG showed 42 percent of malware detected on Facebook comes from third party applications. According to AVG, Facebook users are often tempted to follow some of the survey (though it's a trap) which, when followed was promised a chance to watch a particular video is that most porn videos. There is also a survey page on Facebook that contains the click jacking is not known where the "Like" it so that when users click the mouse without accidentally on the page, its wall will be filled by the messages or automatic status updates that often vulgar, so make ashamed of users or can spread to his friend who had clicked the survey page. Not only that, security at Facebook has become a very long discussion. As evidence of how weak the security of this site is at your own Facebook fan page's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, hackers compromised some time ago. In addition, also the case of a short URL, URL of a video that asks the user clicks to view pornographic videos Loohan Lindsay, and many more. This indicates that despite trying to make this site safe, cyber criminals were more intelligent and can still do the crime. To minimize disturbances on Facebook, you need to do these things. 1. Always use https, not http unusual because it is more easily infiltrated by malicious programs, hackers, malware, and the like. To change the http to https, click Account Settings, then click the Security Account, then tick both boxes are available. 2. Wear as little as possible third-party applications. Third-party applications is a major source of attacks against Facebook account. Be careful using the application, when it's finished using a particular application, immediately remove the application from the list of applications used. 3. Beware of URLs that are too good to be true. Redundant words, a fairly grandiose promises that accompanied a particular URL, usually the malware or viruses that infiltrate on Facebook. Avoid clicking on a URL like this. 4. Do not do the chat if it is not too pushy. If possible, use IM, do not chat on Facebook because the chat is also found that damage of malicious programs is on Facebook. Certainly prudence is the main user. If the user is not careful in using an account on Facebook, Facebook increased security efforts will be futile. Above there must be a science of science again, over there a smarter smart again, this time the sophistication of the future will be solved, sometimes used for good or evil depends on our moral, most importantly, HONEST BUSINESS THAT IS IN THE MAIN CAPITAL in success on the internet, not be afraid to follow progress and is always up to date so as not to lag that's a real effort to tanbah Success ... do not you think your friends ...

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Biznis-on line: Lazy Sitting activity, Disease Resources ....?

Biznis-on line: Lazy Sitting activity, Disease Resources ....?: Sedentary activities that do not routinely be extremely dangerous for health, many experiences that happen, let alone ordinary people who ac...

Lazy Sitting activity, Disease Resources ....?

Sedentary activities that do not routinely be extremely dangerous for health, many experiences that happen, let alone ordinary people who actively will feel aches, dizziness and rapid body feels heavy, it's just the direct impact.
There is a story from my friend, she has parents who are very dear to him, so that old times more fun, the parents are forbidden to go heavy activity all the facilities provided but should only be in the house keluarpun limited, because he considers it is time to enjoy the fruits of his parents work when young, had children who settled and rich enough ... it's time to work while her parents who enjoy while filling in the beautiful old days. But after a month of what is happening? His parents were sickly, medical treatment does not go away fro trudged tatih.Hampir berjalanpun even despair, eventually, in a luncheon, he met with a psychologist friend, he told him everything. What happened, instead accusing his friend if he is indirectly killing his parents in berlahan, why? What's wrong? Opposite his friend answers, "All the activities that should be done as long as people are still alive should not be banned for any reason either young or old ones, especially when youth are very active, because where prohibited health will drop drastically indirectly let alone getting older protection decreases one's ability. It is best to let parents keep their activities as long as willing and able, but must be adapted to circumstances and conditions are concerned, do not be too dangerous or terlau heavy, light but healthy, but enjoyable routine for example: keep pets, watching grandson / granddaughter but drive school still there must be a younger companion to be more secure, especially activities that are a little heavy, etc.. A month after her friend's advice into practice, the condition gradually improved and he was his parents could be more focused work. So the true experience is the best teacher. Spent a long time to sit down to work, or lay out bed time to watch television or relax, is a sign of low levels of physical activity. This habit makes the combustion energy is not more than 1.5 times the burning energy while resting. The danger, physically inactive people susceptible to diseases and decreased metabolism. Nano Oerip, Fitness Training Manager of Fitness First, said that the society we are too relaxed, not many moves, but more stress. Physically active did not cause a buildup of calories, which if left unchecked will lead to obesity. "These conditions allowed one year, until three years had felt, ultimately obesity," he told a media gathering at Fitness First Platinum Senayan City, Jakarta. Not active physically harmful to the body, even the cause of death under the age of 60 years. A number of studies mention the danger: * The longer people sit, the shorter their life expectancy. American Cancer Society, Journal of epidemiology in the United states, 94 percent of women and 48 percent of men spend time by sitting or inactive for more than six hours a day. The risk they die sooner than those who are inactive and sitting less than three hours a day. * Sitting too long make the body begins to shut down the function of the level of metabolism. Marc Hamilton, Ph.D., professor of biomedical sciences at the University of Missouri said, when the muscles (especially the large muscles to move like a leg muscle) did not move into the circulation will slow down and your body will burn fewer calories. * Sitting too long dangerous posture and spinal health. * Sitting down all day charge of the activity of enzymes that break down fat as much as 50 percent. Routine activities more healthful, as long as done properly and conveniently apply for all ages, health activities will be disrupted lazy ..... please choose the best.

Biznis-on line: Duduk Malas Beraktifitas,Sumber Penyakit....?

Biznis-on line: Duduk Malas Beraktifitas,Sumber Penyakit....?: Banyak duduk tidak melakukan aktifitas yang rutin akan sangat berbahaya buat kesehatan,banyak pengalaman yang terjadi,apalagi orang yang bi...

Biznis-on line: Brain food is cheap and rich in benefits

Biznis-on line: Brain food is cheap and rich in benefits: Healthy food not only makes the body become healthier but kenerja otakpun better. In order for the body and brain to function optimally ther...

Brain food is cheap and rich in benefits

Healthy food not only makes the body become healthier but kenerja otakpun better. In order for the body and brain to function optimally there are some healthy foods that need to be consumed. Because the brain is necessary nutrients. The brain is an important part of the human body responsible for setting the whole body and of human thought. Therefore, it needs proper nutrition and quality to keep the brain still works fine.
Foods that contain protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber, fat and phytonutrien good quality is necessary for learning outcomes and work to be optimal. For example, some of these foods: Walnuts and flaxseed Walnuts and flaxseed is a source of healthy fats that contain omega-3. Contains polyphenols which can make the brain protected from damage and stress and can maintain and enhance brain performance optimally. Flaxseed can be mashed and mixed with yogurt for breakfast. Berry Fruits that are in the berry family is a source of antioxidants and low in calories and phytonutriens. Fruit acids may protect the brain and brain cells from damage. We recommend that when hungry, snack berries are more healthy and beneficial. Chicken Eggs Chicken eggs are a source of protein and contain 12 essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body. The content of choline in eggs have a good function for the development of memory and cognitive function and memory can sharpen the brain so that a sharper memory. We recommend that you eat an egg every day, especially at breakfast. Cheap and healthy eating is the desire of all people, the heart - the heart of something cheap food look carefully, be wise if we can cook for themselves one of them to cook chicken telu a lot of benefits for us and our children more secure than its authenticity would be healthier also .


Biznis-on line: INDAHNYA BULAN SYAWAL: Hari ini Jum’at,16 September 2011 saya mendapat ilmu lagi saat kutbah Sholat Jum’at yang diadakan oleh perusahaan tempat aku berkerja di...

Biznis-on line: BEAUTIFUL Shawwal

Biznis-on line: BEAUTIFUL Shawwal: Today is Friday, 16 September 2011 I had the knowledge again when kutbah Friday prayers are held by the company where I work in Tangerang, w...


Today is Friday, 16 September 2011 I had the knowledge again when kutbah Friday prayers are held by the company where I work in Tangerang, which is filled by Uztadz Kamono that essentially looking at how delicious and wonderful month of Shawwal for us Muslims in the world namely:

"The moon of Shawwal, which means an increase, for us Muslims would still fasting month of Ramadan we feel that we just leave 16 days ago, with a month-long fasting hunger and resist its passions, pray Tarawih prayer, Qur'an menbaca and berzikir.Seharusnya still leave their mark and leave a very beautiful moment for us Muslims.

There are 4 things we do to deserve this moment soon go away, namely:

1. Fasting 6 days in the month of Shawwal.

Prophet Muhammad correctly said that diriwayat-Bukhari, Muslim: "Fasting Sebatu full moon in the month of Ramadan fasting plus 6 days in Shawwal Fasting reward, such as for one full year".

Fasting the whole month of Ramadan we are able to exert, plus 6 days in the month of Shawwal it was certainly much less merit could we do that we will get as the reward of fasting for one full year, was very fond of us left.

2. Tadarus Qur'an (Read and understand the Qur'an)

There are Muslim children who tadarus Quran once, twice or even more than that, it's really very beautiful and noble when we did in the month of Shawwal, in order that our faith has always maintained a sense of all the temptations of Satan the accursed.

3. Qiyamul Lail (prayer Circumcision at night)

It is very compact and beautifully every night during Ramadan all Muslims who continued running the Tarawih prayer with Witr Prayer together with (the congregation) or alone.

It will feel good all the more animating every Muslim faith if we continue to exert this Shawwal and so on.

4. Alms.

Surely the whole month of Ramadan fasting coupled with pay zakat, will foster a sense of our social towards other people our brothers in need, especially during the month of Ramadan is a good month for the charity because his reward will be multiplied from other months.

With charity then we will get the treasure, with the charity of our brothers will grow so really when all Muslims to run this charity in the month of Shawwal and performed in other months of the brotherhood between fellow Muslims will feel beautiful and peaceful, so there is no brother and sisters who are feeling hungry and deprived.

It was so beautiful when the above 4 things we can exert with a sense of sincerity then life in this world will feel like Paradise.Amiin.Hopefully .. yes Robbal alamin ".

Hopefully my experience can foster a sense above all our faith, and life in this world more beautiful and peaceful, both fellow Muslims and with other people.


Hari ini Jum’at,16 September 2011 saya mendapat ilmu lagi saat kutbah Sholat Jum’at yang diadakan oleh perusahaan tempat aku berkerja di daerah Tangerang,yang diisi oleh Uztadz Kamono yang intinya mencermati betapa nikmat dan indah bulan Syawal bagi kita umat Muslim di dunia yaitu :

“ Bulan Syawal yang artinya peningkatan,buat kita umat muslim tentunya masih kita rasakan Puasa bulan Ramadhan yang baru kita tinggalkan 16 hari yang lalu,dengan Puasa selama sebulan penuh merasakan lapar dan menahan segala hawa nafsu,beribadah Sholat Tarawih,menbaca Al Qur’an dan berzikir.Seharusnya masih berbekas dan meninggalkan momen yang sangat indah buat kita umat muslim.

Ada 4 hal yang patut kita lakukan agar momen tersebut segera hilang begitu saja,yaitu :

1.Puasa 6 hari di bulan Syawal.

Sabda Rosulullah SAW yang diriwayat Bukhori –Muslim : “ Puasa sebatu bulan penuh di bulan Ramadhan ditambah puasa 6 hari di bulan Syawal pahalanya seperti Puasa selama satu tahun penuh “.

Puasa satu bulan penuh di bulan Ramadhan sanggup kita tunaikan,ditambah 6 hari di bulan Syawal rasanya pasti sanggup kita kerjakan apalagi pahala yang akan kita dapatkan seperti pahala puasa selama 1 tahun penuh, sungguh sangat sayang kita tinggalkan.

2.Tadarus Qur’an ( Membaca dan memahami Al Qur’an )

Ada anak muslim yang tadarus Qur’an satu kali,dua kali atau bahkan lebih dari itu,rasanya sungguh sangat indah dan mulianya bila kita lakukan pada bulan Syawal ini,agar rasa iman kita selalu terjaga dari segala godaan setan yang terkutuk.

3.Qiyamul Lail ( Sholat Sunat di malam hari )

Sungguh sangat kompak dan indahnya setiap malam bulan Ramadhan semua umat muslim menjalan Sholat Tarawih yang diteruskan dengan Sholat Witir dengan secara bersama-sama ( jamaah) ataupun secara sendirian.

Semua itu akan terasa nikmat iman semakin menjiwai setiap muslim bila kita tunaikan terus pada bulan Syawal ini dan seterusnya.


Tentunya satu bulan penuh Puasa di bulan Ramadhan ditambah dengan membayar zakat ,akan memupuk rasa sosial kita terhadap orang lain sesama saudara kita yang kekurangan,apalagi selama bulan Ramadhan adalah bulan yang baik untuk bersedekah karena pahalanya akan dilipatgandakan dari bulan-bulan yang lain.

Dengan bersedekah maka harta kita akan bertambah,dengan sedekah saudara kita akan bertambah maka sungguh bila semua umat muslim menjalankan bersedekah di bulan Syawal ini dan dilakukan di bulan-bulan yang lain maka persaudaraan antara sesame umat muslim akan terasa indah dan damai,sehingga tidak ada saudara-saudara kita yang merasa kelaparan dan kekurangan.

Sungguh sangat indah apabila 4 hal tersebut diatas bisa kita tunaikan dengan rasa ikhlas maka hidup di dunia ini akan terasa seperti Surga.Amiin.Semoga..ya Robbal alamin”.

Semoga pengalaman saya tersebut diatas bisa memupuk rasa keimanan kita semua, dan kehidupan di dunia ini semakin indah dan damai,baik sesame muslim maupun dengan umat yang lain.

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Biznis-on line: Want to Go to Heaven? EASY AND sIMPLEL

Biznis-on line: Want to Go to Heaven? EASY AND sIMPLEL: Many things in life are easy but the reward we got was incredible, every member of a devout and faithful desperate for a happy life both in ...

Biznis-on line: Mau Masuk Surga ? MUDAH DAN sIMPLEL

Biznis-on line: Mau Masuk Surga ? MUDAH DAN sIMPLEL: Banyak hal dalam hidup ini mudah tapi pahala yang kita dapatkan sungguh luar biasa,setiap insan yang taat dan beriman sangat mendambakan keh...

Mau Masuk Surga ? MUDAH DAN sIMPLEL

Banyak hal dalam hidup ini mudah tapi pahala yang kita dapatkan sungguh luar biasa,setiap insan yang taat dan beriman sangat mendambakan kehidupan yang bahagia baik di dunia dan akhirat.
Apakah anda bisa ?

Siapapun bisa,hanya satu syarat anda harus ikhlas dan ramah kepada semua orang,baik yang anda kenal maupun yang tidak anda kenal.
Ikhlas terhadap apa yang anda lakukan maupun yang orang lain yang melakukan tentunya segala hal yang baik.

1.Sesuai Sabda Rosulullah S.A.W :

“ Kalian tidak akan masuk Surga sehingga kalian beriman.Dan kalian tidak beriman sehingga kalian saling mencintai sesamanya.
Maukah kalian aku tunjukkan sesuatu jika kalian mengerjakannya maka kalian akan saling mencintai?
Sebarluaskan salam di antara kalian ! “

2.Sabda Rosulullah yang lain :
“ Tiga golongan jika seseorang mengerjakannya,maka ia termasuk ke dalam golongan orang yang beriman sempurna yaitu :
1.Sadar terhadap dirinya sendiri
2.Menyebarluaskan salam kebaikan untuk seluruh manusia
3.Memberi sedekah ketika ia dalam keadaan butuh “.

3.Sabda Rosulullah saat ditanya,bagaimana kamu dihormati dengan lebih baik :
“ Engkau memberikan makanan kepada fakir miskin dan mengucapkan salam kepada orang kanmu kenal maupun orang yang tidak kamu kenal “.

Bagaimana mudah dan simple bukan ?

Ada hanya butuh bisa memahami dan mengetahui kebutuhan hidup anda sendiri dengan baik dan ikhlas dan penuhi secukupnya, hal yang paling penting segera lakukan,karena tanpa perbuatan tidak ada hasilnya.
Setelah itu lakukan kepada orang lain dengan ikhlas dan sungguh –sunguh
Mudah bukan ? lakukan segera biarpun hanya kecil atau sedikit,secara bertahap anda akan memahami hal tersebut.




Want to Go to Heaven? EASY AND sIMPLEL

Many things in life are easy but the reward we got was incredible, every member of a devout and faithful desperate for a happy life both in this world and the hereafter.

Can you?

Anyone can, only one condition you have sincere and friendly to everyone, whether you know or you do not know.
Sincere in what you are doing as well as others who do the course all good things.
Word of Muhammad.

1.Asked Rosulullah S.A.W:
"You will not enter Paradise so you believers.Dan you do not believe that you love each other fellows.
Will you show me something if you do then you will love each other?
Disseminate greetings of you! "

2.Asked Muhammad S.A.W others:
"Three groups if someone do it, then it belongs to the class of perfect believers are:
1.Concious against itself
2.Disseminate regards kindness to all people
3.Give alms when he was in a state of need ".

3.Muhammad S.A.W when asked, how do you respected it better:
"You gave food to the poor and say hello to someone you up and people know you do not know".

How easy and simple is not it?

There just need to understand and know the needs of your own life with good and sincere and fill to taste, the most important thing to do right away, because without action there is no result.

After that, do to others with sincerity and real-it.
Easy is not it? done immediately even if only a small or little, gradually you will understand this.