Jumat, 16 September 2011

Lazy Sitting activity, Disease Resources ....?

Sedentary activities that do not routinely be extremely dangerous for health, many experiences that happen, let alone ordinary people who actively will feel aches, dizziness and rapid body feels heavy, it's just the direct impact.
There is a story from my friend, she has parents who are very dear to him, so that old times more fun, the parents are forbidden to go heavy activity all the facilities provided but should only be in the house keluarpun limited, because he considers it is time to enjoy the fruits of his parents work when young, had children who settled and rich enough ... it's time to work while her parents who enjoy while filling in the beautiful old days. But after a month of what is happening? His parents were sickly, medical treatment does not go away fro trudged tatih.Hampir berjalanpun even despair, eventually, in a luncheon, he met with a psychologist friend, he told him everything. What happened, instead accusing his friend if he is indirectly killing his parents in berlahan, why? What's wrong? Opposite his friend answers, "All the activities that should be done as long as people are still alive should not be banned for any reason either young or old ones, especially when youth are very active, because where prohibited health will drop drastically indirectly let alone getting older protection decreases one's ability. It is best to let parents keep their activities as long as willing and able, but must be adapted to circumstances and conditions are concerned, do not be too dangerous or terlau heavy, light but healthy, but enjoyable routine for example: keep pets, watching grandson / granddaughter but drive school still there must be a younger companion to be more secure, especially activities that are a little heavy, etc.. A month after her friend's advice into practice, the condition gradually improved and he was his parents could be more focused work. So the true experience is the best teacher. Spent a long time to sit down to work, or lay out bed time to watch television or relax, is a sign of low levels of physical activity. This habit makes the combustion energy is not more than 1.5 times the burning energy while resting. The danger, physically inactive people susceptible to diseases and decreased metabolism. Nano Oerip, Fitness Training Manager of Fitness First, said that the society we are too relaxed, not many moves, but more stress. Physically active did not cause a buildup of calories, which if left unchecked will lead to obesity. "These conditions allowed one year, until three years had felt, ultimately obesity," he told a media gathering at Fitness First Platinum Senayan City, Jakarta. Not active physically harmful to the body, even the cause of death under the age of 60 years. A number of studies mention the danger: * The longer people sit, the shorter their life expectancy. American Cancer Society, Journal of epidemiology in the United states, 94 percent of women and 48 percent of men spend time by sitting or inactive for more than six hours a day. The risk they die sooner than those who are inactive and sitting less than three hours a day. * Sitting too long make the body begins to shut down the function of the level of metabolism. Marc Hamilton, Ph.D., professor of biomedical sciences at the University of Missouri said, when the muscles (especially the large muscles to move like a leg muscle) did not move into the circulation will slow down and your body will burn fewer calories. * Sitting too long dangerous posture and spinal health. * Sitting down all day charge of the activity of enzymes that break down fat as much as 50 percent. Routine activities more healthful, as long as done properly and conveniently apply for all ages, health activities will be disrupted lazy ..... please choose the best.

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