Jumat, 16 September 2011


Today is Friday, 16 September 2011 I had the knowledge again when kutbah Friday prayers are held by the company where I work in Tangerang, which is filled by Uztadz Kamono that essentially looking at how delicious and wonderful month of Shawwal for us Muslims in the world namely:

"The moon of Shawwal, which means an increase, for us Muslims would still fasting month of Ramadan we feel that we just leave 16 days ago, with a month-long fasting hunger and resist its passions, pray Tarawih prayer, Qur'an menbaca and berzikir.Seharusnya still leave their mark and leave a very beautiful moment for us Muslims.

There are 4 things we do to deserve this moment soon go away, namely:

1. Fasting 6 days in the month of Shawwal.

Prophet Muhammad correctly said that diriwayat-Bukhari, Muslim: "Fasting Sebatu full moon in the month of Ramadan fasting plus 6 days in Shawwal Fasting reward, such as for one full year".

Fasting the whole month of Ramadan we are able to exert, plus 6 days in the month of Shawwal it was certainly much less merit could we do that we will get as the reward of fasting for one full year, was very fond of us left.

2. Tadarus Qur'an (Read and understand the Qur'an)

There are Muslim children who tadarus Quran once, twice or even more than that, it's really very beautiful and noble when we did in the month of Shawwal, in order that our faith has always maintained a sense of all the temptations of Satan the accursed.

3. Qiyamul Lail (prayer Circumcision at night)

It is very compact and beautifully every night during Ramadan all Muslims who continued running the Tarawih prayer with Witr Prayer together with (the congregation) or alone.

It will feel good all the more animating every Muslim faith if we continue to exert this Shawwal and so on.

4. Alms.

Surely the whole month of Ramadan fasting coupled with pay zakat, will foster a sense of our social towards other people our brothers in need, especially during the month of Ramadan is a good month for the charity because his reward will be multiplied from other months.

With charity then we will get the treasure, with the charity of our brothers will grow so really when all Muslims to run this charity in the month of Shawwal and performed in other months of the brotherhood between fellow Muslims will feel beautiful and peaceful, so there is no brother and sisters who are feeling hungry and deprived.

It was so beautiful when the above 4 things we can exert with a sense of sincerity then life in this world will feel like Paradise.Amiin.Hopefully .. yes Robbal alamin ".

Hopefully my experience can foster a sense above all our faith, and life in this world more beautiful and peaceful, both fellow Muslims and with other people.

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