Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

Morality key to business success Rosullulloh way.

As a prophet of the end times, the role of the Prophet Muhammad is perfect, not only as a statesman, but his role as leader of the people and missionaries. The other side gets less attention is his career as a merchant (entrepreneur) He had the bitter experience of being born in a state of orphans, when his father was gone. At the age of six, on his way back from Yathrib after the visit the tomb of his father, Muhammad returned to lose a parent because it was her mother died. You can imagine in the age of six years Mohammed has been orphaned. Until the age of eight years and 2 months, he nurtured and educated by his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, a respectable time. Age after the death of his grandfather, was raised by his uncle, Abu Talib. Starting a small boy that's when Muhammad began to earn a living by herding goats themselves. At the age of 12 years, Muhammad was invited by his uncle to the Syrians to trade thousands of kilometers from the city of Makkah. The journey so far taken by a child aged 12 years without using a car or plane, as was done by people today. Coming home from the Syrians, Muhammad very often conduct business until he was well known in the Arabian Peninsula as a successful young businessman. In short, before prophethood the Prophet have laid the basic principles in conducting business transactions are fair. Honesty and openness in conducting trade transactions Messenger is a role model for a next-generation entrepreneurs. He always kept his word and deliver merchandise with quality standards in accordance with customer demand so never make the customers complain or even disappointed. Reputation as a customer who really has been embedded with a good honest. Since young, he always showed his sense of responsibility towards each transaction made. So if anyone is complaining because it was born of poor people compared with Muhammad, who was born without a father at his side. When the reason for low education, compared with Muhammad, who is not never been to school. And when the lack of capital becomes an obstacle, compared with Muhammad, who is not armed with material capital. That way there is no single reason for us to complain. Independent attitude and does not depend on others is one of attitude that should be owned by a true entrepreneur. Emotional intelligence is owned Prophet also very good at building a network. No half-hearted, business partners Prophet is the chiefs of the Quraysh, who is also a friend of his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib. Dipupuknya networks with confidence. The belief that the seed is honesty. The fruit is even worse. Merchant was a beautiful woman again successful, named Siti Khadijah, was struck by the attitude which later became his wife. There are two main principles that we need an example of business travel Holy Prophet. First, money is not the main capital in business, major capital in the venture is to build trust and be trusted (al-amin). money is not number one capital in business, the number one capital is trust. Second, competence and technical skills related to business. He is familiar with both markets and trading places on the Arabian Peninsula. He also knows the ins and outs of trading activity and the dangers of usury, so he recommends selling and abolish the system of usury. Modern principles, such as customer objectives and customer satisfaction, service excellence, competence, efficiency, transparency, fair competition and competitive it has become a personal image and business ethics of the Prophet Muhammad. Hopefully the modern businessman, can imitate him so they can be successful by flashing a commendable morals.

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