Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Take advantage of residual waste to drink tea, more natural and ... GO GREEN

Tea is often served to accompany a relaxing time. This drink is also known for its benefits to help those who are in weight loss programs. However, did you know that tea still has many other uses? Consider a few:
1. Cleaning the carpet Sprinkle with green tea leaves that have been used on carpet. Let soak for 10 minutes, then vacuum is an area rug. Types of Persian and oriental rugs can also be cleaned using a soft leaf green tea. In this type of carpet, sprinkle the tea leaves that are almost dry, then gently brush the surface of the carpet. 2. Polished wood floors Black tea can help and give color to polished hardwood floors. Clean the floor as usual, then rub gently tea has been brewed to the floor. Do not use too much water on the hardwood floor like this. After that let it dry itself. 3. Polishing wooden furniture Tea is also useful in cleaning and polishing of varnished wood furniture. Dip a soft cloth into a little tea has brewed for wiping furniture such as desks, chairs, and others. 4. Clean mirrors and windows Tea powerful way to remove stubborn stains such as stamp our hands on the window and make it shiny again. Simply rub a damp tea bags on the glass, or spray steeping tea through a spray bottle to clean it. 5. Clean stains in toilet Many say that the tea leaves to remove dirt that is difficult to clean at the base of the toilet. Try to put tea leaves into the toilet for several hours, then flush the toilet with water. After that brush a dirty toilet basin basis. 6. Protect from sunlight To restore skin sunburn, attach a wet tea bag on the burned area. 7. Soothe tired eyes The bag is wet and warm tea can reduce swelling and relieve pain around the eyes are tired. 8. Relieve bleeding gums For children who just lost his teeth, try to stick a wet tea bag and cooled in the area of ​​the teeth that date. This can reduce the bleeding and relieve pain. 9. Light dry hair Brewed tea can be a natural conditioner for use on dry hair. Rinse your hair with fresh tea, and let your hair dry for a while. Then rinse again with water. 10. Reduce acne Bored with acne treatments that did not improve? Try to clean your face with green tea to reduce acne. Follow the ancient way to cool the tea steeping overnight, and then use the marinade is to wash your face in the morning. 11. Smoothly meat People used to wrap meat in papaya leaves to soften the meat. This time, try hard to soak meat in marinade of black tea to make it more tender. 12. Helping the growth of ornamental plants Occasionally, use brewed tea for watering house plants. Spread the tea leaves that have been abandoned around the rose bush, then add fertilizer and water. Tannic acid in tea and other nutrients will nourish plants. Put some tea bags that have been unused in the bottom of the pot can also help retain water in the soil, and add nutrients. Benefits can be obtained if we diligently experimenting, sometimes prank but sweet fruit, so why do not we do, like the example above. Let us save the world with real actions, although small, but if every man you do the results were quite amazing. ... Life .... GO GREEN, let's start from now

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