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Natural way back Stamina

Lack of body fluids or dehydration can cause a series of complaints, such as decreased stamina, loss of concentration, dizziness or nausea. The people who actively exercise included in the group susceptible to dehydration.

Some causes of dehydration in people who are actively exercising is the lack of fluid intake, excessive sweat, and drinking only when thirsty.

"On those who are classified as active, dehydration can cause lethargy, joint pain and muscle aches. If excess liquid is already more than 8 percent, that person can have hallucinations even fainted," said Emilia Achmadi, a nutritionist from the same mind in the event of health discussion titled Fulfill Personal Needs for Active Hydration held by Nestle Pure Life in Jakarta some time ago.

Those who exercise also can lose body fluids because of the intensity of exercise, temperature, and altitude. Therefore, Emilia recommend that we monitor the body's hydration needs during sports activities.

American College of Sports Medicine recommends some ways to prevent dehydration, among others consume about half a liter of water 2-3 hours before exercising, then drink again about 250 ml of about 10-20 minutes before exercise, drink 250 ml and again during exercise.

Emilia does not recommend the consumption of sports drinks to replace fluids lost during exercise. "Not recommended, unless you are the athletes who exercise with high intensity for more than 2 hours, such as athletes or athlete marathon bike," he explained.

Similarly, isotonic drinks. If you are not in a hurry to replace lost fluids, such as in patients with diarrhea, Emily suggested that we should make your own isotonic drinks.

"Isotonic means the same concentration of body fluids. Examples of isotonic drinks are the ORS. We can make your own drink by mixing 900 ml of water, plus 50 g sugar, 1.5 grams of salt and lemon slices," said the woman whose days are consumed beverage This natural isotonic.

So thirsty, you should be drinking, if not over time the body can be tired. "If you can drink before thirst because thirst is a signal that the body is already dehydrated," he said.

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