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Breast Cancer or Inflammation

Breast cancer remains a scourge of its own for most women. But it was 42 percent of breast cancers could be prevented by making lifestyle changes.

A new report says the development of a potentially fatal disease each year, can be prevented if a person doing regular exercise, reducing alcohol consumption and have a better diet.

World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) recommends people to do half an hour of physical exercise every day, limiting alcohol consumption and to reduce excess weight.

"This shows that we must raise awareness about what can be done by a woman to prevent breast cancer," said Dr. Rachel Thompson, as deputy head of science WCRF, as quoted from the Telegraph.

Some evidence suggests that people who rarely do physical activity, excessive alcohol consumption and obesity can increase the risk of breast cancer.

The latest figures show there are 47,600 women with breast cancer in 2008, with a quarter of people who have died in this cancer. But WCRF estimates that about 20,000 or 42 percent of these cases could be prevented by developing a healthy lifestyle.

Recommendations that can be done to prevent cancer, including maintaining the body stay fit, to limit consumption of fatty, salty foods and foods containing sugar, eating fruit, vegetables, beans, reduce the intake of red meat and processed as well as choose a balanced diet.

"The choice of a women's lifestyle can reduce the risk of breast cancer, because there are other factors contributing as well as genetic and environmental factors," said Dr. Rachel Greig, Senior Policy Officer of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Breast inflammation, could be from pain that is not addressed seriously.

Just like other body parts, breasts also can become inflamed, mostly caused by infection. Apart from infections by bacteria because the nipple problems, inflamed breast can also be due to the use of silicone that leaked or hormonal changes.

Infection of the breast is the most common disorders in women between the ages of 18-50 years. These infections are divided into two groups namely infections in women who are breastfeeding and infection spontaneously (non-lactating).

The inflammation that occurs in normal breast tissue called mastitis which is usually very painful. Although more common in lactating women, but women who are healthy can also experience it, especially if you have diabetes, chronic disease, AIDS or immune system disorders that become more vulnerable.

Some things are known to lead to inflammation in the breast, as quoted by WebMD and mayoclinic, namely:

1. Bacterial infections
Usually comes from the mouth of the baby or the nipple into the milk ducts due to small cracks in the skin of the nipple and breed. Usually caused by streptococcal bacteria and cause inflammation in the area.

2. Leakage of silicone gel
If the rupture of silicone gel or damaged there will be a leakage that causes inflammation of the fibrous capsule which is accompanied by the onset of pain and discomfort.

3. Hormonal changes
This condition can cause the milk ducts become blocked by dead skin cells that make breast more susceptible to bacterial infections. Usually this infection get treatment with antibiotics.

4. The presence of chronic inflammation in the ducts under the nipple before.

Symptoms of inflammatory breast are: pain, breast redness,
breasts feel hagat, swelling, fever or increased body temperature, chills, fatigue, sometimes accompanied by a small lump in the breast.

If the pain is shown continuously, accompanied by discharge from the nipple and the lack of improvement within 48-72 hours, then immediately consult in order to immediately get treatment.

If treated promptly, the majority of infections in the breast can recover quickly and do not cause serious complications. But if it can not be treated with antibiotics, surgery is sometimes necessary to use small incisions to remove the cause of the infection until it is completely clean to avoid further infection.

Always consult with your doctor so as not ill to continue and change to a healthier lifestyle (see above).

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