Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

Drink grape juice it can reduce and even restore memory in the brain that have been lost. The experts also make grape juice as an alternative treatment to prevent dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

As quoted from Dailymail, psychiatric researchers from the University of Cincinnati believes that the antioxidant content found on the skin and flesh of grapes is the key. Therefore, conducted a study involving 12 people who had lost his memory.

They are divided into two groups, namely the group that got a drink grape juice and the group that received a placebo drink (pseudo / without content of wine). Over the last 3 months of study, participants were given memory tests on a regular basis to determine the ability of the brain, especially the ability to remember.

Memory test results showed a significant effect on participants who were given grape juice. "Those who drank grape juice showed a better memory tests than those who did not drink grape juice, both verbal and non verbal tests," said Dr. Robert Krikorian.

These findings are discussed in The International Polyphenols and Health Conference in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and it is recommended to help people with Alzheimer's or dementia. This study also confirms the theory that antioxidants may help reduce the deterioration of brain function.

Another experiment was performed on participants aged 75 to 80 years who already have memory disorders. As a result, grape juice is believed to reduce the memory disorders and even improve the ability to remember.

Researchers found the risk reduction of memory disorders and 76 percent for those who like to drink juice 3 times a week than those who rarely drink juice or drink only once a week.

With diligent at least 2x a week, eat or drink grape juice a healthy weight, avoid disease senile.

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