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Signs & Tricks to Managing Stress in a simple but Strategies

Signs of Stress

Stress is familiar with our daily life. Perhaps because the stress has been regarded as a part of everyday life, many people are not aware of the existence of stress. Moreover, signs of stress are very common.

To know someone is stressed or not, the required observation of symptoms, both physically and psychologically for two weeks.

The psychological stress appears in the form of feelings of anxiety, panic, nervous behavior, emotional instability, fast offense, lazy, frustrated, and so forth.

In addition, stress also bring physical symptoms, such as hormonal disorders, heartburn, dizziness, headache, back pain, frequent colds, difficulty concentrating, and sleep disorders.

"Excessive anxiety due to stress will stimulate certain hormones in the body that can increase heart rate and blood increased. Anxiety will also trigger the production of stomach acid," said dr.Surjo Dharmono, Sp.KJ (K), from the Department of Psychiatry Faculty of medicine / RSCM this.

Worried prolonged tension will also cause the muscles of the body. "As a result, frequent complaints of headaches, colds easily, and chronic fatigue," he added.

Not infrequently the patient who actually has a stress to move a doctor because of complaints that do not go away. Drugs taken were not potent. "In medicine it is called psychosomatic symptoms, healthy but feel sick," he said.

Approximately 20-30 percent of patients treated at the general practitioner is actually the people who have physical complaints because of the stress they just do not realize.

Frequent nightmares are also signs stes

A calm mind can make us sleep more soundly. The longer we ignore the stress, the less the quality of our sleep. In addition to difficulty sleeping, frequent nightmares also pursued a result of stress.

Sleep is a period building cells for the baby's life that is growing rapidly. During sleep the body will release growth hormone. Flowers usually sleep or dream it increasingly more positive with our sleep. Thus when we awaken the body will feel more refreshed and better mood than before bed.

But when we're hit by prolonged stress, sleep was no longer well because we would often wake. "The process of sleep will be disrupted so that the nightmares come more often," said Rosalind Cartwright, PhD, professor of psychology at Rush University Medical Center.

To save yourself from stress, do relaxation in between the bustle and make the priority issues that need settlement. Allowing myself to sleep enough each day can also keep us from fatigue and stress.

Napping can inhibit stress

Napping was not only beneficial to the children or newborns. Recent studies show that adults can also be acquiring a significant benefit of sleep a wink during the day.

According to expert assessment of Sarah Conklin of Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania United States, rested at least for 45 minutes during the day may help keep blood pressure at a lower level even though you will encounter stressful conditions.

As reported in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, the experts involved 85 students who were divided into two groups. One group was given the first chance to rest for an hour nap.

Then, all students from both groups are given a kind of quiz is designed to make the students become stressed. The goal is not to increase blood pressure.

After that, the tension of the students were measured. Results showed students who were given the opportunity to rest have lower blood pressure monitor compared to those not given the opportunity to take a nap earlier.

The researchers did not explain in detail the reasons behind the effect of napping on the blood pressure monitor. However, they predict, sleep can accelerate the recovery of heart conditions pascamomen stress.

"Our findings indicate that sleep during the day offers a good benefit cardiovascular health by accelerating the recovery of heart and blood vessels in the face of stressors," said the researcher.

According to researchers, and further in-depth studies are needed to explore the mechanism nap as what relates to the health of blood vessels and heart.

"And evaluate nap as rekuperatif and preventive measures, particularly for individuals who are at risk of heart disease and those with poor sleep quality," he added.

Afternoon Sleep with a short break, quiet & brain piliran more creative.
When we were little, nap obligations provided by the parent feels like to be tortured for us. Surprisingly, when we mature, we have to steal time for goods can close my eyes half-hour. It could sleep a little while its influence was so great to us: the body so it feels more fit afterwards.

The new study also said that soundly napping also able to boost the brain's learning capacity dramatically. Great, right?

The researchers found that napping for an hour is enough to increase the brain's ability to learn new facts within the next hour. On the other hand, the longer we hold out to literacy, the more sluggish minds.

These new findings support previous data from the same research team, that staying up all night can reduce the ability to incorporate new things almost as much as 40 percent. This is due to the closure of parts of the brain during sleep we lose time.

"Sleep is not only a way out of prolonged waking state, but-at the level of neurocognitive-this will move you out where you are before you sleep," said Matthew Walker, assistant professor of psychology at UC Berkeley, and leader of the investigation in this study. ? ?

Some of the most influential figures in the world is also known as "handyman nap." Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once claimed that he only slept four hours each night, but always take a nap in the afternoon. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton has always made time to sleep for half an hour after lunch.

The researchers say that sleep is also necessary to clarify the short-term memory of the brain and provides a space for absorbing new information. "Proverbial, email inbox in the hippocampus (part of the cerebrum) are full, and if we do not sleep and get rid of the emails that do not need it, we will not be able to receive new email," said Dr Walker.

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