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Story: The Bird of Paradise Paradise

Story: The Bird of Paradise Paradise

Sahibul saga / source of the story was narrated in the Book of Tajul Muluk, tells of a bird who holds birds of paradise. The origin stems from heaven. According to most people that wise old saying comes from heaven and paradise always coterminous with the trustee. Having a head like a golden yellow. With four wings are gone unmatched. Will be seen very clearly if fully winged existence. Something very real difference is the two antennae or tails 'areil' long tail in the back. Anyone who saw it must have been stunned and amazed by the beauty and subtlety birds of paradise.

People very rarely have the birds of paradise. This kerana this bird is not of this earth. General know that unlicensed Bird of Paradise is only owned by the relatives of the palace alone. Historians, most relatives have Malay palace birds of paradise. The majority of the peniaga who met said he brought great good luck.

Age Previously stated again in a book of old Malay, if birds of paradise down to earth would be an end of his life. In other words, birds of paradise will die if planted on foot to the earth. But the more complicated magic, birds of paradise does not disappear like other dead animals. This is because he is said to only eat dew heaven as food. Instead he issued a scent or aroma that is difficult to spoken. Bird of paradise died in various circumstances. Some die in a state of flight, there is a death in a state of rest and there is a death in sleep.

However, Malay Antique been run in a neat study to accept the nature of truth about these birds of paradise. Following studies carried science, this bird is more popular among the population of the archipelago with a call Bird of Paradise. For the Chinese community as well, this bird as a bird called the Phoenix that many associated with the relatives of the Maharaja's palace in China. For the population of Europe, this bird is more famous for its call 'Bird of Paradise'.

In fact, the origin of these birds failed to find or be found until now. There is no evidence to suggest that birds came from this universe. But one more fact that needs to be accepted, birds of paradise down to earth just in IRIAN JAYA (now Papua), Indonesia alone. But one truth is complicated but this bird is only down a course in seven years. And he fell to die. Anyone who stumbles across it is one of luck. Accordingly, most birds of paradise that you see may be older than 10 years, 100 years or so. Most have several generations who inherited this bird.

It has been stated in the book of birds of paradise that unlicensed Tajul Muluk has various advantages. The entire body until the contents of his stomach, including the mystery of his fur has properties. Most are used for treatment. However crowded the hunt for 'good luck'. Birds of paradise are used as 'Luck'. Good luck to yourself or commerce. If someone has a bird of paradise feathers is enough to serve as Luck. According to the history of the people who use it as a Magic encountered states, birds of paradise feathers this is the greatest fortune. Only people who have it are aware of this excess. But certainly birds of paradise rather than just any bird. Full of uniqueness, mystery, magic, good luck.

How not proud to be an Indonesia that have a bird just as it was.
Bird of Paradise must be maintained and preserved!

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