Sabtu, 11 Juni 2011

Younger Tips & slim Elizabeth Hurley

In the age that is no longer young, Elizabeth Hurley still look slim even though metabolism is already declining. Apparently the woman who he was already headed in this four secrets to stay healthy. Here is a habit that makes Hurley still slim compared to other women her age, as quoted from the telegraph.

Small Sports
There are no shortcuts to be slim. You must consider what is consumed. Hurley walked every day with his dog and tried to run, although in fact he hated running. He also like pilates and yoga, but not done routinely.

Being active is probably one of the other secrets owned by Hurley. He can stand in a long time.

To train your abdominals and lower body, Hurley has his own way. Before the bath, she did little exercise while waiting for water in the bath tub filled.

Organic Food
Hurley said very often experience stress that can make a more rapid aging. To overcome this, he tried to sleep enough and follow a healthy diet program.

Hurley have their own organic food buying ingredients at the market and health food stores. He only eats a few foods that have been processed previously. He also ate a snack bar as a snack between meals big.

Breathe fresh air
Spending time outdoors makes you feel fresh. Hurley like to live outside the city and happy to see her son, Damian, grown on plantations rather than in London full of pollution.

Who would have thought a former lover Hugh Grant is like gardening? It can even run a tractor.

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