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Observe the Signs of Stress in Ourselves

Biznis-on line: Agitated and angry it is definitely signifies a person under pressure or stress. If anxiety and anger can be covered with feigned smile, there are many other stress symptoms that are difficult cover-up.

Biznis-om line:Excerpted from various sources, here are some symptoms of stress experienced physical body, not just psychological.

1. Sweat on your palms.
Try to observe the palm of your hand, if feels wet when you sweat is not exercise or engage in activities that can stimulate the sweat keluar.This is very likely to happen when you're panicked or was think something but have not found a solution.

2. Twitch
Eyelid movement during blinking occurs because the muscles around it contract. Contraction due to the release of lactic acid in muscle tissue, which normally will be issued when unused.

When the stress hit, blood flow and breathing irregularly, causing buildup of lactic acid included in the eyelid. As a result of uncontrolled eyelid contractions and there were seizures, or in layman's language is called a twitch.

3. Ears ringing
Under normal conditions, sensors in the ear hearing will send a signal to the brain through the nerves that connect the two. By the brain, these signals will be interpreted as sound.

When the stress hit, the performance of these nerves, causing impaired signals delivered to crash. Sometimes the nerves to send signals though not mengangkap sound vibrations from the outside, then there was the sound ringing.

4. Increased appetite
The brain is the part most affected when stress strikes. Nearly all brain functions impaired, not to mention the parts that regulate pleasure and happiness.

Under conditions of stress, one of the mechanisms of the body to satisfy yourself is to eat more than in relaxed conditions. Because the goal pursuit of satisfaction, sometimes increasing appetite which focused on certain foods such as chocolate or ice cream.

5. Itching
It is not known exactly why stress can increase the body's sensitivity to conditions that trigger allergic reactions. What is clear by a dermatologist, Dr Robin Russell-Jones, stress can aggravate eczema symptoms including rashes and itching.

Biznis-on line : The best solution for symptoms of stress does not continue are:

1.Search quiet place, if you try ablution Muslims prayer and prayers.Or then try meditating.

2.You love watching movies, trying to find the theme of humor, then you are guaranteed to be late to laugh, watch cartoons kinds: Jerry & Tom is also good.

3.Morning Run, you try to get up early to accompany encourage child, do not tertalu far enough around the house or along the driveway, just 15 minutes, 5 minutes kemudin putih.Lakukan drink a glass of water regularly every day, make it a habit healthy in your life.

Biznis-on line : Let's do a good habit, although a small but healthy in our everyday lives, so that the quality of life to stay awake because we have a lot to do for the sake of future survival.

Good luck.

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