Jumat, 03 Juni 2011

Quail Egg is the Best

Biznis-on Line: Fortunately for us the people of Indonesia. Quail eggs can be obtained easily with relatively inexpensive prices. In Western Europe and North America, quail eggs are considered a luxury food. In fact, the tiny eggs that have a myriad number of benefits.

Biznis-on line: With a weight of 10 grams to 12 grams, one quail egg contains many elements needed for a healthy body. Nutritional value of quail eggs three to four times higher than chicken eggs, which weighs 50 to 70 grams per item.

Biznis-on line: Quail eggs contain 13 percent protein, chicken egg only 11 percent. In addition, quail eggs contain 140 mu-g of vitamin B1, compared with 50 mu-g in chicken eggs. The content of vitamins A and B2 quail eggs twice a chicken egg.

Biznis-on line: Quail eggs have iron and potassium is five times more than chicken eggs. Because the compound, quail egg into the category of dietary food.

Biznis-on line: Good quail eggs have no bad cholesterol (LDL) and very rich with good cholesterol (HDL). Unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs do not cause allergies. In fact, quail eggs could help overcome the symptoms of allergies. They have a protein called ovomucoid, which is used for the production of allergy medications.

Biznis-on line: Quail eggs can be eaten raw. Of course, after the eggs are washed in hot water. No need to worry about the presence of Salmonella as quail body temperature higher than the chicken so that Salmonella can not live.

Biznis-on line: In an article from Gout Pain sites, it is mentioned that patients with uric acid was not forbidden to eat eggs, including quail eggs. That's because the egg contains elements of a low-purine. However, the amount of consumption should be limited. For chicken eggs, only three eggs per week, adjusted for the consumption of quail eggs. Dangerous for people with uric acid is itself quail.

Biznis-on line: It is a good habit to eat 3-5 quail eggs every morning. It is useful to boost immunity and improve metabolism. After 3-4 months of regularly eat quail eggs, the body will feel always energetic.

Biznis-on line: the conclusion to eat quail eggs more for health benefits, so let's try a good habit for the sake of a better quality of life, especially our children.

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