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Avoid Ulcer Pain, How to avoid relapse?

Disorders of the stomach is often caused by high levels of acid in the stomach. In addition to being late to eat or stress, which also contributed to rising levels of gastric acid is a type of food that goes into it. The problem, according to Jamie Koufman, MD, and Jordan Stern, MD, author of In Dropping Acid Reflux Diet Cookbook & The Cure, the type of food that could potentially increase the stomach acid it is widely available in our daily menu. Here are seven types of food recommended both experts Otolaryngology from New York to reduced consumption:

1. Chocolate
The content of cocoa, caffeine and other stimulants, such as theobromine, can cause increased levels of acid in the stomach. In addition, chocolate also contains fat, while fat can also affect the gastric acid.

2. Soft drinks
Containing beverages or carbonated soda is one of the main causes of disorders of the stomach. Because these types of drinks are highly acidic, coupled with the effects of carbonation that could make your stomach so bloated that can create conditions so more and more uncomfortable.

3. Fried foods
Like to eat fried foods? You should know that these foods can also affect gastric acid due to the high fat content. In addition, hobby eat fried foods are also often cause heartburn disorder, there is pain in the gut.

4. Aperitif
Consumption of beer, liquor, and wine can affect the acid reflux. There are several types of alcoholic beverages that are indeed not too acidic, but experts state that alcohol can relax the channel at the bottom of the esophagus (which relates to the stomach area), and this can cause acid reflux.

5. Dairy products are high in fat
Foods high in fat can increase stomach acid levels. Meanwhile, dairy products alone is already acidic. So, you should begin to stop eating butter or milk are high in fat if often experience stomach upset. Or at least, switch to a non-fat.

6. Fatty meat
In addition to the high fat content, beef, goat, or sheep can survive long in the stomach and increases the chances of acid reflux. Therefore, you better reduce their consumption to only once a week. Switch is also the choice of meat with no fat.

7. Caffeine
Excessive drinking coffee every day can contribute to stomach upset. For that, you should reduce the consumption of coffee, or switch to tea.

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For the sake of our health, you deserve it, good luck.

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