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Prevent hair loss with Food

Anxious to see a pile of hair that fell every time combing? Do not panic. There are a number of nutritious food to eat each day to stay healthy scalp and prevent hair loss.

Having healthy hair, thick and shiny black, is everyone's dream. Hair treatments can be done with the shampoo, conditioner and treatment from the outside. But by eating the right foods, beautiful hair, healthy shine can be obtained.

Several types of healthy foods can prevent hair loss and maintain healthy scalp.

Eggs and chicken meat
Hair is mostly made of protein. Eating chicken, eggs, low-fat cheese, almonds, soybeans, and yogurt can encourage growth and prevent damage to or loss of hair.

Eating oats regularly not only can increase energy, but also can help maintain color and prevent hair loss.

Dried fruit and nuts - nuts
Dried fruit and nuts - nuts contain iron, sulfur, and biotin. Minerals are a source of vitamin E can improve blood circulation in the scalp, and inositol which can maintain the health of the hair root, thus preventing hair loss.

Bean sprouts
Seedling type this one contains nutrients that are essential for maintaining healthy hair known as silica. Silica is used to help the body absorb vitamins and minerals, and forming cells - the cells that make hair strong and healthy.

Spinach and broccoli contain vitamins A and C. This vitamin is needed for the body to produce sebum that serves as a natural conditioner to moisturize and strengthen hair roots.

Fresh Fruit
Melons, bananas, oranges, apples and fruits - fruits can give the body a number of other important nutrients that are good for reducing hair loss.

The content of zinc in seafood such as oysters, shrimp and oysters can help prevent hair loss and strengthen hair roots. It also helps build cells - the cells of the body to keep hormones in the absorption of vitamins that are good for hair growth.

Is a source of protein, essential fatty acids omega-3, vitamin B12 and iron are required to maintain the health of the head and reduce the dryness of the hair and scalp.

Turmeric and cumin
Spices like turmeric and cumin is a good hair food to stimulate hair growth.

Drink at least eight glasses of water per day will help provide the nutrients needed for hair, so the hair becomes stronger and healthier.

Eating a balanced menu each day, helps maintain the health and quality of life better.

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