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Want sexy, young, well kept and longevity: Sports alone

Do not underestimate the benefits of exercise to enhance sexual arousal know. Exercise done regularly will improve your mood, create more smoldering passion, and thus burn more calories so you are confident when showing off your body in front of the couple.

If the above reasons are still not making you intend to exercise, may be "sports section" worth a try because it can make you act more "hot" when in bed.

"Sports section will make us more attuned to the body with a sensual way, so we feel more accepting and interested in sex," said Marianne Brandon, PhD, clinical psychologist and sex therapist from the U.S..

Here is how to burn calories by way of "sexy":
Salsa & Pole Dance

1. Salsa Dance

Do not hesitate to go down to the dance floor and dance salsa. Performing salsa dance for 30 minutes is enough to burn 200 calories. Nothing wrong to invite couples to practice together. Sensual movements in this dance will certainly make you and your partner can not wait for night time.

2. "Pole dancing"

Dancing on the pole (pole dancing) is now not only for the erotic dancers. In the center-pole dance fitness center has been modified into one of the variants aerobics. Although his movements a bit erotic, actual movements in the pole dancing is very effective to strengthen muscles. Pole dancing is also often recommended Brandon to female patients who are experiencing decreased libido.

3. Belly dance

The main message that can be drawn from the dances from the Middle East this is your body love what it is. You do not need to lean to the waist like a guitar to look sexy while doing belly dancing. Anyone can belly dance. Besides making you feel sexy, belly dancing in one hour will make the 300 calories burned.

4. "Hula hoop"

This sport is not just for kids. In addition to wiggle your hips with a hula hoop, you can also combine with other movements. Do it regularly, not just the waist circumference will be reduced, this activity will also make us feel more fun. "It will make us look better body image. In the end we will be more interested in sexual activity," said Brandon.

5. Zumba Dance

Zumba actually means "move quickly". Dances from Colombia this is becoming a trend in America Serkat. This sport combines aerobic movements are agile and dynamic with a sexy Latin dance and hip-hop dance movement.

6. Bollywood dance

Dances are inspired by Bollywood, India, is very effective to make us more energy and feeling sexy. Plus the ability to burn calories to 200 calories in 30 minutes. Moreover, most Indian dance tells about the beauty of falling in love or lost love. You can also perform this dance at home by looking at videos or VCDs of Bollywood gymnastics.

7. "Naked Yoga"

Practicing yoga without clothes (naked yoga) is actually almost the same as regular yoga, but that did not use any piece of clothing. The perpetrators of this yoga without clothes they claimed to feel more relaxed, calm, and perform the movement better. They also said the body better able to appreciate what it is.

According to Brandon, all yoga poses, done with fashion or not, beneficial to open the hips, thighs, and pelvis and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. If done regularly, this exercise will produce a deeper orgasm.

You should try this, because exercise can also make a youthful, prevent illness and length umur.Jadi why do not you start now?

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