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Ageless Want & Stay Healthy through the Old?

Biznis-on line:Increasing age was not preventable, but we still could slow the effects of aging on the body. Nature already provide it in abundance, our lives are willing mengasupnya or not.

There are many factors that cause the symptoms of aging, factors other than reduced growth hormone, aging effects also arise because of pollution, stress, sunlight, smoking, alcohol, lack of rest, and diet malnutrition.

In addition to looking at the skin, for example, the skin looks dull and wrinkles begin to arise, the effects of aging can also be easily hurt, decreased concentration, or frequent fatigue.

According to clinical nutritionist from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Dr Inge Permadhi, SpGK, premature aging may be preventable by improving our diet. "The key is to eat a balanced composition of nutrients," he said in Nutritalk event.

He calls the vegetables and fruits as food that can help us to stay young. "Basically, by eating a source of antioxidants, namely vegetables and fruits," he said.

Is a free radical-fighting antioxidants, molecules that can cause cell damage and are associated with chronic inflammatory diseases.

In addition, he also suggested that we should reduce the intake of fat, especially saturated fat. "Fat is a source of excess free radicals. We are encouraged to take fats 30 percent of total calories, but remember, the source must be healthy, not fat from fried foods," he said.

Currently there is one available a variety of supplements that claim to be an antioxidant. However, Dr Inge recommend us sufficient antioxidants from food sources, namely natural food.

"Supplements are directly absorbed by the body, but the body has no mechanism to reject it if the substance or vitamin that is needed is enough. The effect is toxic or excess. In contrast to natural sources, namely vegetable and fruit, if excess, will automatically be disposed of the body," he said.


Vitamin supplements not only provides nutritional needs, but also avoid the signs of aging. Several types of nutrients, like calcium and vitamin D, is useful for maintaining health, but also makes us stay young. What supplements are recommended to maximize health and keep us young?

Vitamin D
You can reduce your risk of colon cancer, breast and esophagus by 50 percent when you get enough vitamin D. Similarly, according to Michael F. Holick, MD, PhD, professor at Boston University School of Medicine.

Vitamin D inhibits the growth of cancer cells and activate the immune system to fight infection. The best sources of vitamin D are egg yolks, fish, and fortified foods, like milk and cereal. Exposure to sunlight is also good to increase levels of vitamin D in the body.

This mineral is essential for maintaining bone strength and is required for muscle and nerve function. Lack of calcium will cause bone destruction occurs faster than construction. In addition to bone, studies have shown calcium supplementation can reduce the risk of colon cancer polyp formation.

Studies show magnesium deficiency is more common in elderly people than young people. This occurs because of growing older, the body's ability to absorb magnesium from food is reduced. In addition, drugs such as antibiotics and diuretics also affect the same. In addition to preventing diabetes, magnesium also can lower blood pressure.

Vitamin B
Several studies have shown, stroke and heart disease could be prevented if we get enough vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid. Adequate levels of vitamin B can also prevent us from typical diseases of parents, namely dementia.


If you do not want to look old quickly, avoid the following four bad habits: smoking, drinking alcohol too much, less mobile, and unhealthy diet. The combination of the four bad habits that will make you look 12 years older than actual age.

Conclusions are made based on analysis of 5,000 people a track record against England for 20 years. In general, 314 people have four bad habits. Among them, 91 people or 29 percent died during the study period. Compare with a group of people who do not have four bad habits, only 32 who died or about 8 percent.

Unhealthy habits that include, among others, are smoking, drinking alcohol more than three cups per day, less than two hours exercise each week, and rarely eat fruit and vegetables.

"To be in the healthy category, you do not have to be extreme. If your lifestyle can be changed, especially when the four bad habits that are abandoned, the result will be very good," said Elisabeth Kvaavik from the University of Oslo.

The results, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine reinforced previous research linking various healthy lifestyle with a length of one's age.

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