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Breathing techniques to Overcome an Illness

Biznis-on line : In one day humans breathe approximately 20,000 times, so there's not much time to pay attention to technique. By mastering certain techniques in drawing and 4 exhale this disease can be overcome without having to take medication.

"Breathing with the correct technique is believed to help the digestive system and can prove to calm the mind and relieve pain. Conversely, the wrong technique can cause a person irritable, prone to panic and depression," said Dr. David Lewis, a neurologist from Sussex University.

Quoted from Dailymail, Dr. Lewis explained several breathing techniques to cope with complaints following mild.

1. Painful
Biznis-on line :Deep breathing techniques through to activate the parasympathetic nervous stomach, so as to relieve pain and tension. Simply done 2 times a day, each for 2-3 minutes.

You do this by lying on his back, one hand on the chest and one in the abdomen. Breathe deep using abdominal, count to 5 while imagining the increasingly inflated balloon, and release slowly in the same count.

The hand is placed on the chest and abdomen to make sure his breath is done through the abdomen, not chest.

2. Nervous
Biznis-on line :Rhythmic breathing techniques can relieve the anxiety that is characterized by a rapid respiratory rate or also called breathlessly. The point is to slow the respiratory rhythm and where possible to give pause between each breath and when to let go.

This technique can be performed by lying in bed, with one hand on the chest and one in the abdomen just below the ribs, then breathe through your nose as much as 12-20 times per minute. Make sure your hands are in the stomach is often moving, as a sign that the breathing occurs in the abdomen rather than chest.

3. Asthma
Biznis-on line : a.Tidak doubt, breathing technique is one powerful way to control asthma. Some of the techniques of yoga exercises for asthma sufferers also describe breathing techniques with the most dominant portion.

When releasing a breath, do it through the mouth by putting pressure on the back of the throat like the exhaled steam to clean the glasses. Then inhale through the nose, do deep to strong sounds.

Biznis-on line : b.Teknik diaphragmatic breathing is done by draw deep breaths through the nose. If the breathing is normal that swelled his chest, the respiratory diaphragm is the abdomen swelled chest and shoulders while the position has not changed.

When exhaling, the air exhaled slowly through your mouth rather clenched like he was blowing out candles. For the unusual, this technique is a little heavy if done while standing thus advised to exercise in a sitting position first.

"For people with asthma, respiratory diaphragm is preferred because it can take more oxygen," said Dr. Anita Ratnawati, SpKFR (K), physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, an expert in gymnastics asthma from Friendship Hospital in talk show You Can Control Your Asthma in Persahabatan , Rawamangu

4. Weak lethargic
Biznis-on line :Lack of oxygen supply to muscles and brain are the cause of symptoms of weak lethargic when tired and sleepy. Besides need to take a deep breath of oxygen as much as possible, the diaphragm must also be stimulated to be more active pumping of breath.

You do this by closing one nostril, then inhale slowly for 3 seconds. Open nostrils closed, then close the hole which was originally only open and forcefully exhale as if blowing out candles. Make sure the lungs lose blow for 3 seconds.

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