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Drinking alcohol can a young age, kidney failure pain.

Biznis-on line :Calcium is a mineral that has a very important role in the body. Once the importance of calcium, so if not consumed in sufficient doses, the body functions can be disrupted.

In addition to its main function to build and maintain strong bones and teeth, calcium is also useful to help regulate heartbeat, muscle growth, helps the transmission of impulses, as well as maintain the absorption of nutrients to the bones and teeth.

According to Ilyas dr.Elida, Sp.RM, calcium requirement of adults at least 1,000 milligrams per day. Needs kaslium increased in pregnant and lactating women and elderly people, which is equal to 1200 mg / day.

Biznis-on line :Based on the results of research in Indonesia, from various kinds of food consumed by a new calcium adequacy are met as much as 250 mg. To cover up his shortcomings, are advised to consume milk.

Calcium can also be obtained from foods that are consumed daily. For example in fish, cheese, and green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli. In addition, cultivated get enough direct sunlight to enable the provitamin D under the skin into vitamin D which is essential for bone health.

But Elida stressed the importance of attention to the need to avoid excessive calcium. "Since calcium is taken to the bone before he passed kidney first, then absorbed by the kidneys, only brought to the bones. But the kidney also has limitations. So if you've exceeded can not then be abandoned diginjal absorbed, eventually become kidney stones," he explained.

Biznis-on line : So be careful a lot to offer multivitamins and milk which contains high calcium, should be avoided as better eating and drinking are natural (vegetable and whole milk) except on the advice of a doctor who had a check in the laboratory requires a high amount of calcium.
Remember all that exceed the limit then the kidney will work harder to filter out the excess calcium or other minerals, it became one of the causes of kidney disease, including people who liked to drink alcohol at a young age.
Experience a must dialysis 2x a week saying, "I like to drink alcohol when young and rarely drink water, I am now 30 years old and only have one child aged 10 years, but my health depends on dialysis at the hospital," he said regret of his life story.

Biznis-on line : It's very ironic, because without dialysis every food and beverage are included in the body can not be filtered by the kidneys that have been sick, so the body becomes weak, lethargic and susceptible to disease because many toxins in the body that are not filtered by the kidneys.
So in fact the purpose of dialysis is; to remove toxins in the blood because it is not filtered by the kidneys.
All of it depends on person's immune system, but with a pattern of healthy living and a menu that we could all avoid.

So stop drinking alcohol or up to you, life is a lot of choices like healthy or sick, you own the set.

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