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Keep Your Heart, Avoid Illness Hepatitis.

Biznis-on line: The liver is the organ that is essential for all life guarded and cared for, because it is so vital to our survival in the present and the future starts today depan.Jadi guard your heart.

Biznis-on line: Many of the diseases associated with liver, one of which is hepatitis.
Liver cancer risk of people with viral hepatitis B and C can be a hundred-fold higher than those without the virus. Risk can be reduced, for example by checking the presence of viral hepatitis B and C in the body.

"People who are not infected with hepatitis B and C liver cancer less likely," said Dr. Yu-Meng Tan MBBS, FRCS, heart surgeon from Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore, on the health of the dialog "Various Abnormalities of Liver Disease" in Jakarta.

Checking viral hepatitis B and C can only be done with blood tests in the laboratory. If there is a viral infection in the body, Yu-Meng judge was obliged to check the health of the liver by ultrasonography (USG) and blood checks at least six months. "It's for the early detection of liver cancer or other serious disorders. If there is suspicion, can be performed magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), "he said.

Early detection is important because severe liver disorders, such as liver cancer and liver-hardening is generally only known after the liver function below about 30 percent. That's when people start complaining, like the weight down, fatigue, decreased appetite, and digestion deteriorates.

In cases of liver cancer associated with hepatitis B infection, for example, someone may appear to grow up healthy. Infection can be a cancer or cirrhosis 20-30 years later.

Although infection did not develop severe, the person carrying the virus can remain infectious to others. "People affected by liver cancer usually do not feel pain because the organ is located on the inside, in contrast to breast and colon tumors," he said.

If you have severe liver impairment, usually skin and eyes turn yellow, fluid-filled belly bulge, and the liver was not functioning. For the heart that is not functioning, alternative liver transplant. However, besides being very expensive, not easy to find the right donor.

In the body, liver function stores vitamins, sugars, fats, and minerals to be processed into energy.

Bisznis-on line: Maintaining is better than cure, take a risk early is a good start in our lives.

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