Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

Solution: the pain of tense & tired after wearing earphones?

After using the earphones for hours or within a period of time usually a person will feel pain in his ears. This could be due senses of hearing experience fatigue (listener fatigue).

Researchers from the University of Colorado recently to explain the phenomenon of 'listener fatigue' which occurs when someone is listening to music or voice through the earphones for a long time.

Biznis-on line : Researchers said that when someone is listening to sound through the earphone volume level to be significantly higher in the closed ear canal than the ear canal open. This condition makes the eardrum must work extra hard to manage that volume, and involve many muscles around it.

But ironically this loud volume that will sound much smoother than they really are so that someone will try to increase the volume becomes larger. This condition can make the eardrum becomes more tense that triggered experiencing fatigue and pain.

Biznis-on line : Solutions that can be done to prevent listener fatigue is to provide a layer of such a lens on the tip of the earbud to dampen the pressure waves that can protect the eardrum.

"The result can protect hearing when the muscles are fully used," said lead researcher Stephen Ambrose of the University of Colorado, as quoted from Menshealth.com.

Another way that can be used try to not cover the ears too tightly when using earphones so slightly open can reduce the stress on the eardrum.

Also in 2006, researchers from the University of Colorado found that listening to music at full volume of the earphones for over 5 minutes a day can increase the risk of hearing loss.

Do not dismiss your ear, the ear also needs a break.

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