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Reward Tarawih prayers the night of the 16th & 17th nights in Ramadan

Reward Fasting on the eve of the 16th

Anyone would miss heaven, every religious sangai want a life after death with a happy ending that is Surga.Dalam everyday life we ​​must always be careful in the practice and obey the commands of Allah Almighty, that we should not fall into the abyss of life is sinful.
Looking for the science of religion that we do not get lost in this life, pious charity to our brothers and sisters in need, advise each other in goodness and away from the hostility that is always preached the scholars and ustazd.
Kholifah Ali ibn Abi Talib asked the Prophet what reward Tarawih Prayer on the eve of the 16th of Ramadan?
Prophet Muhammad SAW said:
Prayer tarawih reward night of the 16th: "Allah will record for her safe from the fires of hell and into heaven."
Subhanalloh, alhamdulillah thanks hopefully we can all perform tarawih prayer in the night of the 16th fervently and we all can be rewarded as above .. amen.

Fasting reward on the night of the 17th

We are in search of the eternal nature of life after death must be confident and istiqomah as did the prophets and Rosul.Kita 25 Prophet and the Prophet knew that we often hear from our teachers or religious teacher / cleric, even many of the Prophets other than 25-prophet prophet like Prophet Khidr and others.
Like the story of Noah in the calling and preach to his people who were given a test flash floods to all his people perished except those involved with the ship even his own son come to be the victim because he could not accept his message.
The story of Moses, he had to be separated since early childhood with his parents and raised by Pharaoh's wife who after the great king later her stepfather, King Pharaoh's enemies would be little meaning since he was in circumstances of danger sendainya wrong in acting and act then his life becomes King Pharaoh taruhan.Kita know when it is a king who was very cruel and very strong, he claimed to be god who does not think it would have been killed, but Moses did not preach to his flock remained unperturbed until the end of King Pharaoh can be beaten and drowned in the sea with a rod of miracles of Allah SWT.
The story of Prophet Ibrahim, he was a prophet who is very wealthy no doubt in charity and alms to the people, in a history of every person who passes their homes despite beleiau a traveler who does not know, told to stop by and stay must be accompanied by a decent meal and return given the stock to taste, what a lovely and generous nature that has been owned beliau.Karena that Allah tested Abraham to the command that is very hard for us ordinary human standards, namely: he had orders to slaughter his son Prophet Ismail as, due to the very taqwanya Allah SWT is accomplished with the command sincere heart that until today we are familiar with the Day of Eid al-Adha or Feast of Sacrifice.
The struggle of the Prophet Muhammad until today and until whenever will become role models for us all Muslims around the world with a persistent struggle in defense of his people who become brothers and sisters for the sake of the symbols of his personality Islam.Sifat and no doubt to the extent that all their possessions tagaknya sentence at stake for the sake of Allah on earth ini.dalam everyday life he is a man who always pray at night, even his feet were so swollen that night prayer pilgrimage, although beleiau been guaranteed by Allah surely go to heaven, but in the worship of Prophet Muhammad not diminished one bit.
Kholifah Ali ibn Abi Talib asked the Prophet what reward Tarawih Prayer on the night of the 17th of Ramadan?
Prophet Muhammad SAW said:
Prayer tarawih reward night of the 17th: "Allah will give him the reward of all the Prophets".
Thank God, what a great virtue and reward of Allah given to us when we do the Tarawih prayers the night of the 17th with a solemn amen ... yes Robbal alamin.

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