Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011

Reward Tarawih prayers the 18th nights in Ramadan

Relationship with the child's parents are like, the sun with the world, like a chorus that we often hear at a time when little "love mother (parents) to the beta as the sun (sun) which illuminates the world.
Many children today are rebellious to their parents, from the behavior of the daily lot of kids who do not want to know the job of parents, the child wants to snack and school every day while the parents worked hard for the family's needs, helping sweep or just Just like caring for her sister does not want / care, but when asked for pocket money should ada.Dari accent many aspects of a child who does not respect their parents, even considered how other people with words that are unethical at times painful.
Whereas in the Islamic religion, parents and children hudungan otang very upheld, as our parents are not enough to just provide food and education cukup.Dirumahpun we should not be tired of always guide and teach our children Islamic adab manners to children's mental always ready in the life of a world increasingly distant with religious values ​​rather than our kita.Kalau who else cares? Sekolahj most best ideas can not cope with a child who has a good moral exception ornery educated from childhood that would help.
So blessed are we, if our family complete and always help each other so as to create a family sakidah mawadah wa rohmah, so that we will achieve happiness in both this world and the hereafter ... amen.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said:
Prayer tarawih reward night of the 18th: "The angel called" O servant of Allah, "Allah has indeed willing to you and your parents."
This means that all that has been in ridhoi Allah then we will achieve happiness, subhanalloh not just us as kids but both our parents too.
Hopefully we can keep running istiqomah and solemn prayers and get a reward sperti tarawih the above ... amen.

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