Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011

Reward Ramadan Tarawih Prayer in the Night-21

Pahala Ramadan Tarawih Prayer in the Night-21

Every human being must have the desire for a decent house and complete with its contents, so the whole family can come to feel good and comfort of a home for the survival of the world ini.Tidak all can fulfill his desire to build a house, even to the many parents who msih rumah.Maka contract is fitting thankful when we already have a house, even a simple but can protect the whole family in it.
Now if we look around the house, so many are vying to build a home with no small amount of funding, even for a modest house just needs funding 10 ~ 20 million dollars, let alone a mansion complete with its contents can be hundreds of millions or billions rupiah.

From Kholifah Ali Bin Abi Talib RA, he said; Rosululloh Muhammad, Muhammad asked about the virtue or reward night to -21 Tarawih prayers in Ramadan, then Rosululloh Saw said:
"Allah will build him a house in Paradise made of light."

Shubhanalloh, holy almighty Allah who has bestowed rizikinya to his people for those who want to try, how in the world do not we build a house to cost not less, but with tarawih prayer at night to 21 in the month of Ramadan Allah will build us a house made of light in this very special surga.Sudah definitely not a luxury anymore more than what most luxurious in the world, let alone be woken by Allah in heaven, all is definitely there and guaranteed.
Hopefully we can run tarawih prayers at night, and get the reward that Allah has promised ... amen yes Robbal alamin.

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