Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011

Reward Ramadan Tarawih Prayer in the Night-23

Pahala Tarawih prayers in Ramadan on the night of 23.

A house becomes the size of the world, because with a house can represent who the person is different tersebut.Sebuah simple house with a mansion, so anyone who has a nice house we can definitely conclude that the JV has been successful regardless of material we do not know whether in building a house in a way that direction or not.
But we as Muslims, must trust and believe everything that is gained by not kosher then one day Allah will certainly be taken in ways that we do not know, can be a pain, or other calamity.

From Kholifah Ali Bin Abi Talib RA, he said; Rosululloh Muhammad, Muhammad asked about the virtue or reward night to -23 Tarawih prayers in Ramadan, then Rosululloh Saw said:
"Allah will build him a house in Paradise."

It was incredible reward for us above those Muslims who can perform the Tarawih prayers in the night of 23 Ramadan, so we do not have to worry about though has no home in this world, but it would be better and perfect if we get a house in Paradise .
Stay optimistic and solemn fasting and prayer in order to get a reward tarawih .Amiiin.

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