Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011

Reward Ramadan Tarawih Prayer in the Night-22

Natural disasters that occurred in Aceh in the form of tsunami December 26, 2006, it was very devastating impact of the extraordinary, thousands of people died, houses were destroyed in ruins are left everywhere, as well as the tsunami that occurred in Japan several months then, even served until the leaking of nuclear radiation occurs, so this is very mengelisahkan we as human beings, how terrible the effects both short and long term, so much mengunsi to safer areas, people who have a lot of activity in the area around him paralyzed, the largest automobile manufacturer in asia Cars Toyota from Japan and even takes nearly 3 months to recover produksinya.Betapa enormity of a natural disaster menhendaki Kalua God.
Natural disaster is the will of Allah, to awaken mankind in this world, there are even more powerful and is sure to happen, namely: Doomsday (END TIMES). All human beings must have either already dead or still alive, but if we had had lunch for life in the Hereafter insha Alooh then we will be safe, except when not having enough stock then this is a catastrophe.

From Kholifah Ali Bin Abi Talib RA, he said; Rosululloh Muhammad, Muhammad asked about the virtue or reward night to -22 Tarawih prayers in Ramadan, then Rosululloh Saw said:
"On the Day of Judgement, he will be safe from all forms of anxiety and restlessness."

Thank God, I hope we can perform the Tarawih prayers at night to 22 with a solemn heart and Iklhas, in hopes of getting the reward. Amiiin.

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