Minggu, 21 Agustus 2011

Reward Ramadan Tarawih Prayer in the Night-30

Reward Tarawih prayers in Ramadan on the eve of the 30th.

Pleasure of the inhabitants of heaven Allah is the ultimate goal of religious islam.Kenikmatannya truly becomes a strong incentive to always istiqomah in our deeds, guard it until the end of our lives.
Routine of worship is not a barrier, barriers that confront not become a bottleneck, remains confident and increase by Allah Paradise awaits.

From Kholifah Ali Bin Abi Talib RA, he said; Rosululloh Muhammad, Muhammad asked about the virtue or reward night to -30 Tarawih prayers in Ramadan, then Rosululloh Saw said:
"Allah Almighty says," O my servant ", eat from the fruits of paradise, take a bath of water Salsabil, and drink from the lake Kautsar, and I am your Lord and you are My servant."

Really complete our expectation, if we get a reward, let us worship exert Tarawih Prayer at night to the 30th or last night with the solemn and achieve rewards that have been mennanti ... amiiin.

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