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Cervical rear-facing, hard Pregnant?

Any normal woman would want to have children of their own, but sometimes there are natural barriers, especially when a woman in a doctor's verdict based on the results of the examination that he had a womb menhadap backwards so that the chances of getting pregnant are very small.

The meaning of the cervix is ​​facing rearward or in medical language is called retroflexi (retroflexed uterus) is the cervix overlooking the anal canal. While normally, the womb of a woman facing forward, parallel to the vagina or called anteflexi (anteflexed uterus).

You need not worry because the case facing the rear as the uterus was found in 25 percent of women in the world. And, this is a congenital factors or had since birth that is so.

Once the cervix is ​​facing the rear will be regarded as one of the problems of pregnancy in women. However, now such an assumption is becoming obsolete. Because, basically, a woman with a uterus that overlooks the rear can still get pregnant. And to get pregnant too, the condition of the uterus with congenital factor does not need to be repaired. Nor is recommended massage to fix it. So, you need not feel discouraged or afraid can not have kids.

In order to quickly get pregnant there is a technical / specialized positions that you need to apply. If women with a normal uterus, an effort that can be done so quickly happens conception is the missionary position (man on top) and after sex women only need to lift both feet. So in your case, it is recommended when having sex use a technique / position of the rear penetration (eg doggy style) and then lift your feet higher than the body for 15-30 minutes to allow sperm to enter it properly.

To find out more detail how to solve your problem, I suggest you to go back to consult further with the gynecologist and obstetrician.
If the first doctor in explaining less communicative, please find another doctor who could give a more satisfactory explanation. Hopefully these answers can help your problem.

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