Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

Early symptoms of breast cancer - Step One

Breast cancer is now a lot happening but few know or even many women are unaware of.
Here are the signs of breast cancer that you should look at me to get this info from a dokerter obstetrician.

The characteristics of breast cancer include:

1. Could hurt or not.
2. If the breasts are squeezed, it will be a milky white discharge that is odorless but nothing the pain or blood can also remove the fluid.
3. Breast skin looks like orange peel, which is shrinking with the pores of the skin rather prominent.
4. There are bumps that are always found when examining the area around the breast or underarm.

Breast cancer has the possibility of the spread around the breast so that the examination required biopsy for accurate results.

In order not mistaken, once you feel one or more signs above I sarnkan doctor promptly to ensure that early action can we take before already contracted cancer.

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