Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

The risk of eating cheese?

Like to eat cheese? It was tasty-tasty, tasty. Especially made cake, a mixture of spaghetti, soup, or a different dessert. Almost everyone likes. However, food produced from fresh cow's milk that is processed needs to be observed effect.

Like milk, cheese also contains calcium which is good for maintaining bone and teeth growth. However, studies conducted in the Netherlands found that cheese consumption could actually increase the risk of bladder cancer.

This is related to the amount of cheese consumption over 53 g per day. According to reseachers saturated fat found in dairy products to make cancer cells work faster. In contrast to the fat instead of olive oil to give protection to the body.

The researchers compared 200 people with cancer by 386 volunteers who have no risk of tumors. This research indicates if the cheese is consumed more than 53gram each hariternyata increase the risk of bladder cancer more than 50%. Nevertheless, these results can not be believed to be the result absolutely.

Researchers in the Netherlands and Belgium still had not decided that the cheese as a dangerous threat to health. Further research is needed to legitimize their findings.

Although this has yet to be proven accurate, but it's good to start to limit your daily consumption of cheese. Preferably not more than 53 grams per day. So that its benefits still you can feel without having to worry about risks.

Maintain body condition of keeping fit is wiser than the indulgence of lust only for satisfaction sesaat.Anda want sejat or exposed to risk, you decide.

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