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avocado leaf disease of hypertension drugs

Disease of high blood pressure becomes silent killer after causing malfunctioning of the heart, kidneys, cognitive, and stroke. Lecturer and researcher Department of Pharmacy Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences University of Indonesia, Azizahwati, diversifying antihypertensive drug dosage form of herbal capsules avocado leaves.

Azizahwati Wednesday (15 / 6), presented the Final Report of Research Grant, University of Indonesia (UI) in 2010 at UI, Depok, West Java. He researched pengapsulan avocado leaf extract (Persea americana Mill) with a team from the Department of Pharmacology Faculty of Medicine, UI, ie H Purwaningsih Erni, Endang Hanani, and Sutriyo. They obtained the UI research grants in 2010 amounted to Rp 164.8 million.

According to the Head of Sub-Directorate of Research and Industry Incubator Yasman UI, UI research grant from the Community Fund Programme taken from the operational costs of education (BOP) submitted by each student enrolled. Year 2010 is available grants for 199 research activities.

Categories of activities include initial research, graduate, seeded, and multidisciplinary. Large fund of Rp 40 million (preliminary research) to Rp 175 million (multidisciplinary research). "The principal investigator is required from the UI," said Yasman.

Yasman acknowledged, research is done largely to satisfy the curiosity of the professors or researchers, so the percentage of research results that can be applied to society and industry is still relatively small. However, the team Azizahwati prove they are fairly applied research to provide an alternative packaging and herbal medicinal products.

Antihiperlipidemia Azizahwati say, other than as antihypertensives, avocado leaf capsules has been demonstrated as antihiperlipidemia. Hyperlipidemia is a condition caused by fat content or cholesterol is too high in the blood.

For patients with hypertension, obesity is a hallmark of them. Pump power of heart and circulatory blood volume in obese patients with hypertension will be higher compared with patients who have normal weight.

For those who have hyperlipidemia, dietary fat a major cause. That coupled with a sedentary lifestyle to trigger hyperlipidemia.

Hyperlipidemia is one of the triggers of a heart attack, namely when cholesterol in the blood that precipitate as plaques in blood vessel walls to collapse and clog the blood vessels. Hypertension and hyperlipidemia highest cause of death today.

Azizahwati said the research would dikapsulkan avocado leaves are used as herbal medicinal products phytopharmaca par.

Phytopharmaca be prescribed as medicines made from synthetic chemicals. Process towards phytopharmaca must pass clinical trials in humans.

Azizahwati research is still at the preclinical stage, which is tested in mice (mice). Research results showed that ethanol extract of avocado leaves have antihiperlipidemia effect.

Mice were divided into three groups and given the extract of avocado leaves with each dose of 10 milligrams per kilogram of body weight (mg / kg), 20 mg / kg, and 40 mg / kg. Groups of mice were tested with avocado leaf extract dose of 40 mg / kg gave the best results.

Ethanol extract of avocado leaves are also known to function as an antihypertensive dose of 40 mg / kg. Ability to reduce arterial blood pressure an average of male and female mice at 58 mmHg and 54.5 mmHg.

To be suffering from hyperlipidemia, induced murine yolk or other animal fats into the body. The condition of mice obtained by hypertension induce salt.

Dryers are used for avocado leaves is Avicel PH 101 with a ratio of 1:0,75 and the addition of Aerosil 8.3 percent.

Use of Avicel PH 102 is mentioned as the best formula for having a mass density (bulk density) and flow rate are greatest. The result contains a compressibility index, water content, and destroyed the small time.


Preparation of avocado leaf extract is done by maceration with 70 percent alcohol. Maceration is soaking to remove the active compound in powdered avocado leaves. A total of 300 grams of powder avocado leaves macerated with alcohol 70 percent, until it reaches a yield of 29 percent.

Capsules avocado leaves become standardized herbal medicines are yet to be developed into phytopharmaca. Azizahwati still require further research to human clinical trials.

For ordinary people, avocado leaves can not imagine giving the benefit of lowering blood pressure and high fat content. Hypertension and high cholesterol is a threat of disease that many people whack.

Research Azizahwati managed to open the eyes of all levels of society. The wealth of nature around us is quite significant in providing health benefits.

source: compass

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