Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

ageless diligently walking

Want to look younger than actual age is cheaper and healthier? Walk alone. This happens because the foot, the cells of our body will get enough oxygen and the production of collagen is more active. This is beneficial for the skin because the humidity is always awake.

Thus the conclusion of research conducted by Kerrie L Moreau, PhD, a researcher from the University of Colorado. "Sports, such as walking or jogging, can facilitate the circulation of oxygen and blood circulation. With a smooth blood, nutrients throughout the skin tissue is not impeded. Smoothness of oxygen and nutrients are two requirements that are important in the process of collagen production," said Moreau.

In the study, proved that the blood vessels 60-year-old woman turned out to be just as healthy women from age 28 years younger since we routinely walk for 40 minutes every day.

Special note of Moreau, the volunteers involved pascamenopouse study were women who were undergoing hormone therapy. For women who are not in therapy, the habit of walking is proven to make blood vessels more elastic than 35 percent of young women who never exercised.

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