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Penchant and delicious food Trigger Cholesterol added.

Penchant to eat well it can make someone's life so uncomfortable. The habit of eating foods that contain high cholesterol can increase bad cholesterol (low density lipoprotein / LDL) in blood.
Fast food made from animal meat such as burgers, fried cicken, sausage and more.

"Cholesterol is we asup of food will increase the amount of cholesterol in the body that are produced by the liver. Because of that limit food sources only 200-300 mg of cholesterol per day," said dr.Endang Darmoutomo, doctor of clinical nutrition RS.Siloam Lippo Village, Tangerang .

Foods that contain saturated fat include meat, butter, or fried foods. Meanwhile, foods that contain high cholesterol include eggs, shrimp, chicken breast, innards, sirloin steak, and much more.

He explained that cholesterol is naturally produced by the liver. "80 percent of cholesterol in the body is produced by our bodies, the rest coming from food diasup," he said in a media event education titled Bad Cholesterol Can Kill Anytime held by Pfizer in Jakarta.

Improper food processing according to him also a frequent cause of high cholesterol. "Fry cuisine, no matter what type of oil on the body will be converted into cholesterol," he said.

The recommended treatment process is boiled or steamed. Dr.Endang also suggest the importance of eating enough fiber to lower cholesterol. "Choose fiber from vegetables rather than fruit because fruit is also high in calories because if we lower the physical activity of these calories will end up stacked in the body," he said.

To keep cholesterol levels, a principle which must be known is to limit the calories that go in accordance with needs. "If we are seldom moved, limiting calories," he said.

Polar also mengasup food sources needed by the body and can not be produced by the body, such as essential fatty acids. "Omega 3 and 6 must be met from sources of food daily, while the cholesterol is made by the body," he said.

The most important thing is: our life, our quality of life and our health is an important asset that we must keep, so do terbaiklah to achieve by way of Lifestyle and Diet should we change.
Good luck.

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