Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

Fatty foods are less hostile to human life.

Snacking habits of potato chips in front of the TV is difficult to remove. But this habit is not good for your health. In addition to making you lazy to move, chips and television can make your life reduced as much as 12 years. A study to prove it!

If you include people who often spend time in front of the TV while snacking potato chips or other fried foods, you should begin to be careful! Why? Because the results of research conducted in Britain showed that people who are less mobile or sports have a higher risk of heart disease. Moreover, it is associated with smoking, the chances of contracting cancer is much greater.

Spend more time in front of the TV and lazing on the couch is also not good. In addition to causing cancer risk, the possibility of a person's life can be reduced as much as 12 years. These researchers have conducted a survey to nearly 5000 participants aged adults in the UK in the mid-1980s.

These researchers focused on four bad habits, namely smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, supine exercise, and eating fatty foods. The researchers, including experts from Glasgow, Southampton and the University of Oslo, and then studied the health records to check how many people who died 20 years later and the cause.

A researcher named Dr. Elisabeth Kvaavik, University of Oslo concludes, "Some studies show that a person's behavior affects the health condition. Including smoking, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol consumption and lack of fruit and vegetable intake is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and death . "

Snacking in front of the television is also included in the habits that should be avoided. Not only makes you lazy, fat accumulation of snacks you eat are at risk of harm our health. Although only a packet of potato chips. In order for your quality of life awake, start to live healthier every day. Make sure the sport every day, at least 3 times a week.

Consumption of foods rich in nutrients such as fruits and vegetables fresh. Avoid foods high in fat and high bersodium. If you do this regularly, your health condition will be maintained properly.

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