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How To Eliminate body odor or bad breath in Natural.

Body odor and bad breath are the issues that often affect a person's confidence. Many things affect the onset of body odor, such as diet, gender, occupation, mood, genetics and medicine.

Deodorants may be effective enough to cover the smell of bodies, but some experts think the use of deodorant too often can have negative effects. Changes in dietary patterns seem to be a viable alternative for you to reduce bad body odor.

Many natural way by changing our diet, the body odor or bad breath can be reduced or even disappear, even if you sweat a lot when you run out misalnya.Berikut this sport is that you should limit your diet to prevent body odor and bad breath:

1. Spices

Spices with a strong aroma when ingested will generally produce sulfur gas is absorbed by the blood and eliminated through the lungs and pores of the skin. This causes bad breath and body odor. Examples of these foods are garlic, onion, and curry.

2. Red Meat

It took a long time to digest red meat. When undigested food, toxins and foul-smelling gases are released that cause perspiration odor. A study published in the Chemical conclude, women judge a man who does not eat meat more fun, more interesting, and less prone to body odor than men who eat meat.

3. Alcohol & Caffeine

Although alcohol and caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate, soda, etc.) has become a habit, by limiting these drinks, your body will feel more fresh and odorless.

4. Processed Foods & Junk Food

Consumption of processed foods that are too much salt / sugar, flour, hydrogenated oils, and so forth, will tend to rot in the stomach, thus producing unwanted breath and body odor.

5. Low Carbohydrate

Cutting the carbs lead to excess intake of protein rich foods. It can help burn fat in the body. However, this process releases ketones into your bloodstream that makes your sweat smell bad.

6. Dairy Products

Dairy products are also rich in protein, which when broken down in your stomach, causing hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan stench triggers.

7. Choline

Foods rich in choline provide can make your sweat smell like fish. Some people, who can not digest these foods easily, "smells fishy." Examples of such foods are eggs, liver, fish, and nuts.

8. Fried

Fats and oils in foods that are fried and fatty foods become rancid over time, and can lead to poor digestion. It also causes bad body odor.

9. Tobacco

Cigarette smoke mingled with other elements and out through the sweat glands will cause a distinctive odor. Even after quitting smoking, the smell will stay in your body within weeks.

10. Trimethylamine

Some people have a genetic disorder known as trimethylaminuria. In this condition, the body is unable to break down amino acids, trimethylamine, which again produces fishy body odor. There are many foods that contain amino acids, such as seafood, fish oil, eggs, liver, milk, nuts, soy products, broccoli.

To prevent body odor, there are several ways you can do them, drink lots of water, consumption of foods containing fiber, fruits and low choline (apples, strawberries, oranges, grapes, tomatoes, pineapple, banana and watermelon) . There are also fresh vegetables, for those of you who like pecel catfish is no stranger to 'basil', leaves a lot of this is used to eliminate body odor in the area of ​​Central Java pecel leleJika origin of food you can change your diet, no longer need to worry about the smell agency that has been stalking you. In addition, you also no longer need to spend lots of money to buy deodorant.

The point of all that we enjoy, by looking at all the benefits and disadvantages of each combined with knowledge about the health of all our food will support toward a better quality of life.
Good luck.

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