Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012

In the Night Prayer reward Tarawih to-5

Every place in this world have no karomah each and reward different, especially if it is to worship, pray to Alloh.Tempat places frequented destination and afdol for houses of worship is Allah or masjid.More and more visited and used to worship a mosque is a place that many gathered karomahnya because in many pious people who were worshiping.

Where is the mosque of the most widely used by Muslims in this world and that there are only three words of Allah in this world, there are places in the Arabian Peninsula, namely: the Grand Mosque, the Mosque of Medina and the Mosque Aqso.Sesuai history of each one of us pray in the Haram reward 1 cycles = 100,000, the Mosque of Medina or Nabawi 1 cycles = 1,000 while the Mosque a rakat = 500.Maka Aqso lucky can visit there and worship there, who would not want to get a double reward, the proper course of each day to 3 mosque was never empty of visitors.

Then can we get the reward, but do not have to go there? Let us consider the following history:

Of Ali Bin Abi Talib ra he said: Rosululloh SAW asked about Fadilah (primacy) Tarawih Prayers in Ramadan on the night of the 5th, and then he said:
"Allah will give reward as those who pray in the Haram, the Mosque of Medina and the Mosque Aqso"

How you are interested in a very big reward? If we do pray Tarawih 20 cycles plus three cycles Shakat Witr prayers in reward equal to 3 places at once yaiti at the Grand Mosque, the Prophet's Mosque and the Mosque Aqso, reward stay multiplied, Alooh Mashallah ... It's a blessing in the month of Ramadan is a very coveted every Muslim in the world , and therefore let us prepare for-5 night with tarawih prayer in congregation in mosques around us may we all can achieve it ... yes Robbal amiiin alamiin.

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